SNIPER 101 Part 49 - Primer Pockets & Case Trimming

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MrVideoyoulike: Perfecta cases have there primer holes off center as well.

jesse reece: Thanks for doing all of these videos! you've helped me, and I'm sure many others, a lot! Very detailed and well explained. We novices appreciate it.

Kyle Slemmer: Do you ever measure your chamber length for long range loads? Or do you just go with what the reloading book says?

J Phone: rick flair! blows in primer hole sylin' profilin' *blows in primer hole

ralph hainsworth: I don't know if anyone mentioned, but I never do any Case work without safety glasses. Blowing on the tool and in the primer pocket, you are taking a chance of stuff in your eyes

Philippe FRATER: Very helpfull for me, i've just got my brand new Browning X-Bolt SFT 243 with a GRS Stock and as i'm going to reload my stuff myself, thanks a lot again for the enormous pack of infos you're giving on your channel. Best regards from France Rex, you're the best!!! Phil.

SuperFrasman: Excellent video. Many thanks.

badlandskid: A flash hole reaming tool works for removing polishing media. Looks like a little screw driver with a small drill bit on the end.

Dean Hudson: Ever thought about cleaning before case prep? Keeping dirt out of the dies would be more important. Just saying... Great vid though...

T C: Well put together. Thanks.

TheCharillz23: lee is great! I broke my challenger press, and yes i lube my cases. After reloading nearly 1k rounds it cracked at the bottom. They had me send it back for replacement and let my use the price they were going for toward another press.... now i have the breachlock press nice and sturdy!

JrFreak300: I just bought a Ruger Precision in 6.5 Creedmoor. The 6.5 is fairly pricey right now. About how much would it cost me to reload my 6.5s? I'm talking press, dies, scale, tumbler, etc. Good quality stuff too.

How much per round to reload? Looks like 6.5 is around $1.00-1.25 per round right now.

Kirk Boswell: There are others who like to clean after prep. While not as much of an issue nowadays as it was in the past, prepping before cleaning could lead to scratched up die bodies. For myself, as an old timer, I'll continue to clean before prepping, and follow with a short clean after prep to remove any lube residue and any carbon from the primer pocket that remains.
So, nothing wrong with your approach, but there are reasons to clean first.

Charles Moeller: Fabulous instruction in ALL your videos, and as a new inductee to shooting, I'm eating out of Rex's hand!  Good tasty stuff!

theodore thompson: If you're worried about primer pockets why don't you used a primer pocket uniformer? Then a primer pocket deburrer from the inside. I miss the old timers at the gun shop that was open down the street from me. Good video though sir...

DonziGT230: Most rifles have a lot of extra space for longer than spec necks. After measuring mine and finding how much space there is I may never have to trim again.

Jeremy Arnold: Very informative video thanks for taking time to share.

Mike Prall: Question, what is the best way to remove military primer crimp? Seems to be a number of products with different results. Swage vs cutting etc

AmadeuS Jodel: Again, I'm brand new to the world of rifles since my state doesn't allow it, but it would seem that the use of ultrasonic cleaning would be far superior to that of a solid medium. Aside from initial and maintenance costs, would that not be the case? Are there advantages to using solid medium that I'm missing? Please advise.

Davey SickBoy: Hey Rex, im a big fan. Learned a lot from you, and love your in depth tutorials. Didnt read the comments, so maybe this is being repreated, but what i use for case trimming is the "Little Crow, Worlds finest trimmer" I have one for each caliber i reload for, and it is pretty exact to the hundreth, and is FAST. But, im sure you already know about them. Cheers!!!
SNIPER 101 Part 49 - Primer Pockets & Case Trimming 5 out of 5

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MrVideoyoulike: Perfecta cases have there primer holes off center as well.
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SNIPER 101 Part 49 - Primer Pockets & Case Trimming