SNIPER 101 Part 49 - Primer Pockets & Case Trimming

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DonziGT230: Most rifles have a lot of extra space for longer than spec necks. After measuring mine and finding how much space there is I may never have to trim again.

Jeremy Arnold: Very informative video thanks for taking time to share.

Mike Prall: Question, what is the best way to remove military primer crimp? Seems to be a number of products with different results. Swage vs cutting etc

AmadeuS Jodel: Again, I'm brand new to the world of rifles since my state doesn't allow it, but it would seem that the use of ultrasonic cleaning would be far superior to that of a solid medium. Aside from initial and maintenance costs, would that not be the case? Are there advantages to using solid medium that I'm missing? Please advise.

Davey SickBoy: Hey Rex, im a big fan. Learned a lot from you, and love your in depth tutorials. Didnt read the comments, so maybe this is being repreated, but what i use for case trimming is the "Little Crow, Worlds finest trimmer" I have one for each caliber i reload for, and it is pretty exact to the hundreth, and is FAST. But, im sure you already know about them. Cheers!!!

Jon Micallef: Great production! Subscribed!

John Boyd: U need a case prep station Rex.

Jon H: I like your videos.
Are you a trained sniper?
I would share your channel more but I'm reticent because just about everyone uses sniper

SavageHmr: I am really surprised to see him using lee products I thought lee was just for poor reloaders like me.I was expecting to see rcbs products when i looked at this video.I do see you miss match products like me I have a lee single press and rcbs tools too lol.the lee deburring tool sucks it wears out to quickly.

Jonathan Nwaoha: Bro do you have a website so I can order your rounds? At first I was very skeptical but after watching the whole video, you seem to know the principles of reloading. I recent bought reloaded rounds and they trimmed it too low. Let me know if you selling .45, 5.56, .308 and I will get some from you. Best video tutorial I've seen so far on YouTube.

TOBORE8THMAN: Good info.  I like. 

I cut down 5.56 NATO (Lake City brass) & reform for 300 AAC.  I've found that I need to swag the primer pockets in order to properly seat primers.   RCBS primer pocket swager tool #9481 works great for this.  Also, I'd recommend a case gauge for your caliber of choice.  Finally, RCBS makes an excellent chamfer and deburring tool.  It's a bit expensive but it's worth every penny and you'll enjoy it more than your Lee tool.

Finally, I like the walnut media because I can rinse it clean and dry it (sun bake). I personally like to rinse/soak my brass in a mild cleaning solution and rinse with warm water. Sun bake until dry. Removes lube residue and dust from tumbling...and other debris.

Enigma Cipher: He still uses a Lee single stage, I have used the same press for years though I have just about worn mine out after many years of heavy use.

Troy Brown: i want to shoot with you, man.

Digitalmanne: What about the deburring the inside flash hole?  Depending on the brass, 1 in 4 or  1 in 10 have flashing around the flash hole.

ChristianLudwig: What is TNC soft seating? With my rifle I really doubt I need to turn necks. So far my shots are touching hols and prety much grouping horizonal like was mentioned.  So far I am doing real well. I hit this Coyote that was running full speed out to 246 yards. Best shot I ever made as I am learning to lead. Man that .243  62 grain Barnes Varmint Grenade was fast! I was using the lightest powder load as well. I don't need it moving faster it would seem. I like washing my brass before and after I do case work. Seems nicer for the die surfaces?

Mark Wilson: Thank you for taking the time.

varanidguy: I like to decap, polish, resize, trim. The tumbler does a really good job of cleaning primer pockets for you and I'm all for doing less manually. I haven't had a problem with having metal shavings inside my cases, I just tap 'em on the bench after all the trimming, chamfering, and deburring.

GeneralG1810: Man get a thumlers tumbler it cleans primer pocket, inside the case and outside the case. they are freaking awesome best way to clean your brass

urbanmerc1: Why do you trim that way vs trimming to the datum point on the shoulder. I would think trimming to an overall length would be less consistent. Thanks Rex great video series keep em coming brother. 

batmandeltaforce: If you want consistency you don't reload to begin with.
SNIPER 101 Part 49 - Primer Pockets & Case Trimming 5 out of 5

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SNIPER 101 Part 49 - Primer Pockets & Case Trimming