SNIPER 101 Part 49 - Primer Pockets & Case Trimming

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TOBORE8THMAN: Good info.  I like. 

I cut down 5.56 NATO (Lake City brass) & reform for 300 AAC.  I've found that I need to swag the primer pockets in order to properly seat primers.   RCBS primer pocket swager tool #9481 works great for this.  Also, I'd recommend a case gauge for your caliber of choice.  Finally, RCBS makes an excellent chamfer and deburring tool.  It's a bit expensive but it's worth every penny and you'll enjoy it more than your Lee tool.

Finally, I like the walnut media because I can rinse it clean and dry it (sun bake). I personally like to rinse/soak my brass in a mild cleaning solution and rinse with warm water. Sun bake until dry. Removes lube residue and dust from tumbling...and other debris.

Enigma Cipher: He still uses a Lee single stage, I have used the same press for years though I have just about worn mine out after many years of heavy use.

Troy Brown: i want to shoot with you, man.

Digitalmanne: What about the deburring the inside flash hole?  Depending on the brass, 1 in 4 or  1 in 10 have flashing around the flash hole.

ChristianLudwig: What is TNC soft seating? With my rifle I really doubt I need to turn necks. So far my shots are touching hols and prety much grouping horizonal like was mentioned.  So far I am doing real well. I hit this Coyote that was running full speed out to 246 yards. Best shot I ever made as I am learning to lead. Man that .243  62 grain Barnes Varmint Grenade was fast! I was using the lightest powder load as well. I don't need it moving faster it would seem. I like washing my brass before and after I do case work. Seems nicer for the die surfaces?

Mark Wilson: Thank you for taking the time.

varanidguy: I like to decap, polish, resize, trim. The tumbler does a really good job of cleaning primer pockets for you and I'm all for doing less manually. I haven't had a problem with having metal shavings inside my cases, I just tap 'em on the bench after all the trimming, chamfering, and deburring.

GeneralG1810: Man get a thumlers tumbler it cleans primer pocket, inside the case and outside the case. they are freaking awesome best way to clean your brass

urbanmerc1: Why do you trim that way vs trimming to the datum point on the shoulder. I would think trimming to an overall length would be less consistent. Thanks Rex great video series keep em coming brother. 

batmandeltaforce: If you want consistency you don't reload to begin with.

tigersire: Hey buddy. Get your stuff in the proper specs.

Jonno2summit: I tumble my brass twice. First tumble is the first step just to save wear-and-tear on my dies - just an hour. Then I de-prime/resize. For range brass I run the heads lightly over a metal file to take down the high spots and make my brass of various mfg more uniform, then I run a primer pocket reamer in there. Often the reamer will take out more material on one side. That is when I know I've just made my primer pockets more linear/straight with the centerline of the casing. For those who tumble in organic media like corn or walnut, you can dribble some Hoppes #9 in there, and Brasso brass polish to clean and polish. Having compressed air on hand to blow out casings with high pressure really helps to make things clean.

PaleHearse: Only thing that might also bear mentioning (not an expert here..just a process engineer who's interested in reloading) is that the reason those cases get stretched is that the material is moved up the case.  Removing the excess length repeatedly will also mean that that material came from lower down the neck.  Measuring the case thickness at the neck will also be important to make sure it's not too thin. 
You should probably do this when you measure the case to make sure you don't get all the way to the end after polishing and find the case won't pass.

Bill Lynch: I do the samething as villanor78 best media ever. Some water lemi shine and done. And I use little crows finest trimmer as well for all my calibers. *\- .0010 trim length 

Villamor78: To make my reloading life easier, I use a stainless steel tumbler. Cases becomes spotless clean inside and out. It also deburs and chamfers the primer pocket and neck. The Little Crow Gunworks trimmer is also a great tool for trimming. Plug it to a power drill and you trim hundreds of cases in an hour with consistent results.

TheCharillz23: thanks so much rex. I love you videos. for everyone out there check out the steel media works great. made my own tumbler for 40 bucks and cleans better than any media i've come across.  also i buy box ammo for brass shoot it and reload it. mainly because i dont get shoot more than 300 more than 3 times a year=(

Marc Bolger: What's your take on "Neck Turning" I need to learn this and I am also wondering if it is something we really need to do? When it is usually needed etc..  There is no end to what I don't know.  I have read almost half of this book titled "Metallic cartridge Hand Loading" by Mic McPherson. In this book I learned to polish my neck after I have chamfered and de-burred to remove the rough edge of the cutting tool used by lacing fine steel wool around the brush. Run that through it a bit to make it smooth like glass for seating my bullet. I also wash my brass with a sonic washer before I de-cap and neck size and after. I guess I do it before so when I run my die through my brass it seems cleaner on my die's machine surface being a bit less friction and smoother sizing press action.   "?"

Rudy Mendoza: Where's your safety glasses?

SA Bjork: Great vid, Consistency is important. I found that Ultra Sonic cleaning get the primer pockets, and case internals, very clean without the manual labor. And secondly, you can also chuck the Lee cutter/trimmer into a drill press and vise the locking shell holder into a drill vise where you are spinning the cutter and not the case. This works for large volumes and saves your fingers from blisters and cramps. Good work.

Ted Bundy: Awesome.  Thanks for this video.  Very useful information.  You do sound like Uncle Ted!
SNIPER 101 Part 49 - Primer Pockets & Case Trimming 5 out of 5

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SNIPER 101 Part 49 - Primer Pockets & Case Trimming