FNX-45 Tactical Review And Shooting With RMR

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Joshua: What's with that grip? Get higher up on the back and maybe it won't flip around like a fish out of water.

occultprophecies: How much did the "reemer" cost you?

Vise Diesel (MrRedFox13): sh*t 1050.00

Chris Vargas: WTF is a reemmer?

crayzmoe: Nice gun but for 1500 is a little too much. I'm the type that if I had 1500 and I go to a gun store my.mind will tell me forget the pistol get a good AR 15 for that price.... I once went to a gunshop to buy a eotech sight for 500. Instead I bought a glock lol. 

TheMetalGuy852: my p64 has a deroosterer/safety

zintar1: its called a RMR not a remmer

wunder8962: I have the same gun with the adjustable LED RMR.....I have mine mounted on a plate that was provided.  Why didn't you use the plate?  Do your sights co-witness?

Aaron Powell: Its called a suppressor, not a silencer.

Raymond Shay: Good video, informative. Thanks for posting this.

mitch: I just picked up one of these for $600 

touofthehighplains: I couldn't agree more awesome gun. The trigger was definitely a learning curve. Before I couldn't hit the broadside of a barn. 

Zachary Washington: Not trying to troll, but


Great vid though!

Mr H&K 91: Are you stupid? Anybody could carry it 

Josh Huff: Go Rams

BACobain: lol @ 7:03 "Cause it's awesome!"  Agreed 

Meli loves Sol: He must shoot a lot of 9mm.. every round he leaves his boots. Also 1000$ is average right now...

TrueMofo: Why dry fire when it has a diroosterer? 

Take Detour: Perfect home defense Gun with a suppressor. 

Jon Jarvis: I like that gun
FNX-45 tactical review and shooting with RMR 5 out of 5

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FNX-45 tactical review and shooting with RMR