DIY Pond Filter

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002 - Homemade Pond Biological Filter
002 - Homemade Pond Biological Filter
DIY Aquarium Bucket Filter. Fish Tank/Pond Canister Filter. Home Made Bioball Tower filter.
DIY Aquarium Bucket Filter. Fish Tank/Pond Canister Filter. Home Made Bioball Tower filter.
DIY Pond Filter
DIY Pond Filter
DIY Submerged/Underwater Biological and Mechanical Pond Filter
DIY Submerged/Underwater Biological and Mechanical Pond Filter

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spencer f: egad...what an eyesore.

gary cannon: Just plane ugly...

Trebor Lebaz Vapes: hi koi and sturgeon keeper for past 35 yrs.One thing i notice you have no Aeration
system installed.Think your really see a difference with that installed.

Heidi Martin: On your pump that is in the pond, how do you keep that from clogging?  This is the problem I have, pump in the water keeps clogging and no water flow.

Rafael caceres: Great video just a quick question the UV light what does do and does it have be on all the time 

David Rickards: I wanted to hear what you were saying but all I heard was some music playing the entire time you were talking. Very distracting!

Carol Scott: I dont understand how the water is getting from the stock tank to the pond-I see the water coming into the tank but dont see pipe going from tank to the pond

Prepper Angel: Please no music. It's hard to hear you. :)

techtiptricks: those 40 watt pondmaster uv clarifiers are the best on the market

Mike March: I have rebuilt my filter using gravel.  Here is that video:  DIY Gravel FIlter

Mike March: Here is a video of my Kio Pond.... underwater with the fish.

Koi Pond Underwater

Mike March: I just did a small upgrade to this filter system.  I am trying a gravel filter now.  My mother is STILL using this system on her 3,200 gallon pond and it is working great!  I will put up a video of the new layout soon.

rockydog0: I have everything but the blue air conditioner filter material, just can't find it locally. What is it made of and is there some place I can buy it on line?    Thanks

MOVIEMAKERSIII: That looks good I am using 2 , 150 plus a Bakki. I should say building. But the pond looks to small ? I have started to dig and I got a 14 foot stream, goes to main pond which is about 10 foot deep and goes up to 2 like a beach. Then a 6 foot water fall drop. And a stream to second pond which is 6 foot deep .. I don't know the gallons cause I just keep digging. But pond 1 is 10 foot deep by 20 ft. By 9 ft wide .. Pond 2 is about 6ft deep and 12 x 12 ... One 14 ft stream and a 2 ft deep by 5 ft length to connect the ponds. That is what I got so far. How much gallons is that? 

Richard Stallings: Best design I've seen for an efficient filter, (DIY) I whish you could have published a list of the PVC parts you used.  I'm spending a great deal of time and several hundred dollars to put this together for my pond because I just went thru a big problem when my two other filters ceased to function. my fish suffered and I lost one of my largest fish (24") Butterfly Koi. Thanks in advance

Bryan Mills: I know this in an old post but commenting anyway...simple is always best! I have a small pond at my front garden. I use nothing but live plants in the pond. From the pump the water goes into the bottom of the 20 gallon spliiway/waterfall. I filled the waterfall container with red lava rock and was done. RINSE the lave rocks firstI have crystal clear water all season!

Kevin Jones: I really like your entire setup and want to copy most of it for my pond I have a 1000 gallon pond and I need to build a better filter system and a waterfall for it.  Could you breakdown and give me a list of your parts please.  Great Job!!!!

marshall886: Why can you hide the fountain in the water if you just want to aerate the water instead of having out as a feature, you know like a jacuzzi jet.

Don Cericola: You are just as nuts as me. I've been designing mechanical filters and pumps for over twenty years and I like what you've done. If anyone wants a clear pond, go mechanical. People aren't patient enough for bio. There's no magic pill for nature. So, go mechanical.

PalJoey1957: I like your basic setup.  Only thing I would do differently is lose the screen bags.  Let the polyfill expand to the edges of the tub.  As it stands, the bags create a path of least resistance for the water to channel and avoid the denser polyfill.  Then the furnace or air conditioner screens on top of that and a plastic leaf screen at the very top.  For reasons unknown to me, many people avoid polyester fiber.  But it has infinitely more area than rocks or gravel to make a bacteria bed and is easily changed at an ultra low price in case of overload emergencies.  Bacteria already in the pond will re-populate the filter very quickly.  Nice job.
DIY Pond Filter 5 out of 5

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Sir-Herp: To those asking what to use the dots for, you could decorate things with them, or use them for costumes. They'd work decently as little gems or buttons. I'd imagine you could get oval-shaped silicon molds and make giant Princess Peach-style gems or something.
Igor Lomba: fala em portugues , eu apoio !!! :) vc sabe de alguma bb gun semi auto ?
Maverick: Why do I still have to move the Sight horizontally, why is it not enough to move it once in line with the string? Shouldn't that be the final alignment?
supu p: wrost brand dont buy
Brian Mc Ateer: The Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 blows this phone out of the water. With specs such as a 1080p 5.5 inch screen and a Snapdragon 615 processor, this phone's price tag of under 200 dollars makes the Moto G seem overpriced.
Tommy: oh i thought it said 2 HP, lol sorry

DIY Pond Filter