DIY Pond Filter

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002 - Homemade Pond Biological Filter
002 - Homemade Pond Biological Filter
DIY Aquarium Bucket Filter. Fish Tank/Pond Canister Filter. Home Made Bioball Tower filter.
DIY Aquarium Bucket Filter. Fish Tank/Pond Canister Filter. Home Made Bioball Tower filter.
DIY Pond Filter
DIY Pond Filter
DIY Submerged/Underwater Biological and Mechanical Pond Filter
DIY Submerged/Underwater Biological and Mechanical Pond Filter

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spencer f: egad...what an eyesore.

gary cannon: Just plane ugly...

Trebor Lebaz Vapes: hi koi and sturgeon keeper for past 35 yrs.One thing i notice you have no Aeration
system installed.Think your really see a difference with that installed.

Heidi Martin: On your pump that is in the pond, how do you keep that from clogging?  This is the problem I have, pump in the water keeps clogging and no water flow.

Rafael caceres: Great video just a quick question the UV light what does do and does it have be on all the time 

David Rickards: I wanted to hear what you were saying but all I heard was some music playing the entire time you were talking. Very distracting!

Carol Scott: I dont understand how the water is getting from the stock tank to the pond-I see the water coming into the tank but dont see pipe going from tank to the pond

Prepper Angel: Please no music. It's hard to hear you. :)

techtiptricks: those 40 watt pondmaster uv clarifiers are the best on the market

Mike March: I have rebuilt my filter using gravel.  Here is that video:  DIY Gravel FIlter

Mike March: Here is a video of my Kio Pond.... underwater with the fish.

Koi Pond Underwater

Mike March: I just did a small upgrade to this filter system.  I am trying a gravel filter now.  My mother is STILL using this system on her 3,200 gallon pond and it is working great!  I will put up a video of the new layout soon.

rockydog0: I have everything but the blue air conditioner filter material, just can't find it locally. What is it made of and is there some place I can buy it on line?    Thanks

MOVIEMAKERSIII: That looks good I am using 2 , 150 plus a Bakki. I should say building. But the pond looks to small ? I have started to dig and I got a 14 foot stream, goes to main pond which is about 10 foot deep and goes up to 2 like a beach. Then a 6 foot water fall drop. And a stream to second pond which is 6 foot deep .. I don't know the gallons cause I just keep digging. But pond 1 is 10 foot deep by 20 ft. By 9 ft wide .. Pond 2 is about 6ft deep and 12 x 12 ... One 14 ft stream and a 2 ft deep by 5 ft length to connect the ponds. That is what I got so far. How much gallons is that? 

Richard Stallings: Best design I've seen for an efficient filter, (DIY) I whish you could have published a list of the PVC parts you used.  I'm spending a great deal of time and several hundred dollars to put this together for my pond because I just went thru a big problem when my two other filters ceased to function. my fish suffered and I lost one of my largest fish (24") Butterfly Koi. Thanks in advance

Bryan Mills: I know this in an old post but commenting anyway...simple is always best! I have a small pond at my front garden. I use nothing but live plants in the pond. From the pump the water goes into the bottom of the 20 gallon spliiway/waterfall. I filled the waterfall container with red lava rock and was done. RINSE the lave rocks firstI have crystal clear water all season!

Kevin Jones: I really like your entire setup and want to copy most of it for my pond I have a 1000 gallon pond and I need to build a better filter system and a waterfall for it.  Could you breakdown and give me a list of your parts please.  Great Job!!!!

marshall886: Why can you hide the fountain in the water if you just want to aerate the water instead of having out as a feature, you know like a jacuzzi jet.

Don Cericola: You are just as nuts as me. I've been designing mechanical filters and pumps for over twenty years and I like what you've done. If anyone wants a clear pond, go mechanical. People aren't patient enough for bio. There's no magic pill for nature. So, go mechanical.

PalJoey1957: I like your basic setup.  Only thing I would do differently is lose the screen bags.  Let the polyfill expand to the edges of the tub.  As it stands, the bags create a path of least resistance for the water to channel and avoid the denser polyfill.  Then the furnace or air conditioner screens on top of that and a plastic leaf screen at the very top.  For reasons unknown to me, many people avoid polyester fiber.  But it has infinitely more area than rocks or gravel to make a bacteria bed and is easily changed at an ultra low price in case of overload emergencies.  Bacteria already in the pond will re-populate the filter very quickly.  Nice job.
DIY Pond Filter 5 out of 5

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DIY Pond Filter