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Joshua Prince: Hands down the AE86!!.. Compared to the 240,. the corolla lurked up into the 240's parallel way more times, than 240 ever did. Brisk gain ins, and attacking for the switch nicely. Good drivers, but the V8 might be a bank of torque to withdraw from,.. but that torque clearly has a delayed build, needing to get those extra 4 cylinders up to speed,. While the f20c already a rev happy engine, and boosted!!! Short courses are a cinch!!.. Thanks for putting up the video man!!. Enjoyed it!!.
Fielden McMillan: flip was here. Love the pocket clip on that knife- extra deep carry and I prefer tip down. Always love pillar construction. Though I'm spoiled by the Spyder-hole; not much of a fan of thumb studs. I might be on the lookout otherwise… even late in the game. Good review.
Rosaluz H.Sánchez: *6.50* XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD que carajos con los gritos :v 
MrCaelan987: The Judge is rated R in the US? It's rated M here... (Australia that is)
Stephen Hallmark: I watch this every christmas! anyone else?
tomek wilczyński: wzmocnij łyżkę przy mocowaniu tłoka bo szybko się pokrzywi !
unbee73 .: i have seen the SP-800 UZ on your table... why dont u say somthing about it???

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