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JamesOhGoodie: I actually became Facebook friends with the guy who screamed "HIS NAME IS AANG". Awesome guy.
Russell Gonsalves: Top of my wishlist! Also love the soundtrack in this video.
Toothless The NightFury: Didn't like Lego movie dont want to watch.rio2 nah not my favorite. I never ever want to watch nut job,box trolls ,planes and book of life. BEST MOVIE ever!!! httyd2 WATCH RIGHT KNOW!!!!! . big hero 6 nah it's all right no big deal. Want to watch penguins of Madagascar 
Sean Bruen: I don't know why there was so much hate towards this, it was a brilliant movie in my opinion as you can see in my rating/review of 5 out of 5 stars When I was a kid, I watched this so many times cause I loved it so much. So adventure-like and so musical. Songs like 'Shining Time' and 'I Know How the Moon Must Feel' and also 'He's A Really Useful Engine' made me really like it, Lady is a great model of a train that was never made before and it was a great piece of artwork. Unlike most of these critics who didn't have a childhood were being negative about this movie and saying kids better off watching the tv series, well nearly all kids these days are liking movies that are to do with magic and fantasy adventures and this a great example. This was my all-time favourite movie and no one will change that!
VeryPink Knits: MsLady TX - you have your YouTube/Google+ comment and reply settings setup so that I can't reply to you directly, hopefully you'll see this! Any time your knitting looks much looser than you intended, you should try going down a needle size or two. Size 9 US needles are two sizes bigger than I use in the pattern.
Rick Trojacek: Thanks for the review, the 154gr looks perfect for a coyote round. I have found that the 124gr SP good for it as well, hit one at 175 yards standing still (aiming for the shoulder and it hit her in the right neck) and one at 30 yards running (in the ass) with a WASR 10/63 in a 10mph headwind using a cheap green dot. It would be interesting to see a gelatin comparison between these two SP rounds at say 200 yards with a nice gun like yours.
temococo1: @55leoskapo sabes mas ingles que yo y no sabes eso si es de kinder brother ---hermano broterhood hermandad vos sos el que no sabe pelotudo

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