Fusil Baikal Sporting MP18 / IJ18 / IZH18 - Armurerie Pascal

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Fusil Baikal sporting MP18 / IJ18 / IZH18 - Armurerie Pascal 5 out of 5

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GIjoeFan1976: Cools:D!,,Yes,thanks its funny how I 'out grew" them and yet something made me want to come back to joes? what about you did you "grow out" of having a collection? Oh yes poor cousin did not have joes:(?,oh good glad you were able to get two back, but yeah boo on loosing Zartan I never had him and have yet to own that version if the original? or the officer I did have muskrat and the swampmasher though:),,oh cools you bet:D, so did everything turn out okay with ebay do you have it displayed yet?
Thelitegaurd Walkthoughs: Yo Jag it even works on xbox as i have modified it so it even looks beter then the one you designed but still keep going bro video are very helpful. love the intro bro it gets me every time lol´╗┐
AresX Gaming: 3 stars from daily´╗┐
cstishenko: Nice! Quadra Trac II is working well in that vid! It looks like the tires were packing up with mud, and not helping your situation. Nice Commander
ravengurl92: I think there is another version of the watch bumper. if you have it, can you upload it? Thanks!
Danny Acuna: I can replicate everything other than the spout in the pan? I'm guessing drill press to make the whole, but where did you get the spout?
dsoupashis: We have got Ronnie Coleman visiting us at TitaniumGym London on the 21/5/12 5-6 pm! So if you want to see an 8 time Mr Olympian you better come and see us. Free to our members and just 10.00 pounds walk in fee for non members! Remember Titanium Gym South Woodford London!

Fusil Baikal sporting MP18 / IJ18 / IZH18 - Armurerie Pascal