Charter Arms Undercover .38 Special Snub Nose Revolver - A Classic Snubby

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MidnightFUn12: Whats better taurus m85 or this?

robert egloff: Mine is reliable, accurate and affordable. With a lifetime warranty. Made in the USA.

Glock Lover: son of sam used a 44 mag.

Minor Bob: also used to kill john lennon

Roy Rodriguez: double action is 5 yards in your face body shot , point and shoot , NO sights are used ... single action take your time use the sights ..its for up close smell their breath gun ..light carry, .... ..

Sckarekrow: j...j....j....j.....j....j....j.....junk. freak charter arms.

Slinkylabcat: Yeah, that play with the open cylinder's visible, not a good thing (assuming the ejector rod is torqued properly).  A decent revolver shouldn't even rattle when shaken, save maybe the hammer block mechanism.

yank1776: I have carried a Charter Arms .38 but mine is labeled Off Duty Have carried it for 40 years.

lfouse232: 44 special 

Justin Prather: Do these fit in serpa snubby holsters? 

fungas4201: its not a Ferrari dude, is it reliable and can i save the bank by going with this instead of a S&W.. just looking for something reliable for the old lady u know haha.. thanks, much appreciated.. good vid. 

ww321: I have the UC Lite, weight is 14oz. I use graphite lock oil on the trigger and hammer parts to reduce the double action trigger pull. Great guns for the price. I would have no problem relying on mine in a life/death situation . 

ThatTokenGuy: I just put one down for a layaway. When I get it I think I might just bob the hammer to make it double action only so I can see the sight better. 

Joe Primal: Got one the other day.  Love it. Absolutely love it.

Tom Nelson: Good video. Thank you.

Douglas Plante: Thank god you let everyone know the gun was unloaded at the beginning of your video. It made me feel at ease knowing that I couldn't be accidentally shot.

Garett Castle: I own one, and I have to say, for a everyday CCW, its great. Not designed to be a combat pistol, its a great defensive revolver. If I am going to open carry, Id carry something else, but its great, light weight. At the range, it fires fine. No issues with the cylinder or anything. However, after firing it a few times, putting about 20 rounds through it, the gun powder residue started to make the cylinder stick when trying to open it to empty it. Cleaned it up, and kept on firing. I can wear this all day, and not worry. For the price point, and for its intended purpose, its great. I bought my wife one too.

Chris Brown: the type that killed john lennon   I hate that gun

MrStephensegarra: Mine is very smooth and absolutely zero play

MrStephensegarra: That 38 was dirty and abused that's why the revolving cylinder was loose and bent like that.
Charter Arms Undercover .38 Special Snub Nose Revolver - A classic snubby 5 out of 5

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Charter Arms Undercover .38 Special Snub Nose Revolver - A classic snubby