Supernatural Season 9 Episode 9 Review - Angel Civil War

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Valerie Krueger: I guess I'm kind of an oddball in this regard, but I live for one-off and "monster of the week" episodes. I usually don't enjoy the seasonal story arcs that much, and I always love seeing my favorite characters in varying situations (especially absurd ones.) Perhaps it's because I have emotional/family issues that have been going on for a long time and I like to see problems/situations resolved quickly, contrary to my reality… whatevs.

Playfulpanthress: I don't want Supernatural  to be like Arrow. I want Supernatural to be its own show like it has, with a mixture of one offs and overall arc. When Arrow gets to be in its sixth or seventh season you could bring up something like that but my answer will still be the same.

Hugh G. Rection: bahaha this guy is hilarious. So monotone to the point that it's funny

Bobby Singer: I feel like as Supernatural comes to a close (probably in season 10) the serialised episodes would be a good idea. In the last season the story needs to be focused.

CoffeeGang Entertainment: I think supernatural read my mind I always loved super natural detectives who are smart brave and funny and can freaking fight my dream film dnt stop makingb this 

Marie T: i say they should leave it how they have been doing it for 9 years! obviously it works, if it ain't broke don't fix it.  everyone is used to how it is, and some of us like their "filler" episodes.  it keeps it more comical, like with say french mistake it was really funny and they still got a bit of a point.  i think that if they take out the more i guess comical parts the show will get even darker.

smokiemirrors: Booger as god. lmao. It's Gadreel, not Gadriel. A grigori or 200 watchers that mated with women. Kinda explains why him and Abner got locked up. Supposedly taught men about warfare. Castiel using a stolen grace. Is it me or do you get the feeling it's going to come back and haunt him with a backfire? Kevin Tran as the last prophet?
What about the author of the books? Another type of prophet? Where's the archangels that would hear the death call of a prophet...on earth?! Break canon? medic angels? I don't think it's the last of Kevin Tran tbh. oh. run offs ok. but it has to hook in later on where we don't see the connection right now.

Ahmed AbdAlaa: hey E 10 is out 

Green Binder: I came here for Doctor Who, Arrow, and Sherlock but holy crap - you do Supernatural too? I thought that was just a sleeper cell. Awesome!

Kurinto W: I like the one-offs. But.. The Serialized episodes are the enjoyable ones. I'd be perfectly fine with it being all serialized at this point.

cboehm24: I like the current, X-Files/Buffy-like format--where you have one-offs, season-wide arcs, and then series-wide arcs all combining.

KHWendy28: you know what makes me sad is that the next Ep there going to F-up Sam's body to get Gad out and no one cares what will do to him in the end just get Gad out don't care what it does to Sam. And really poor Kevin please and poor Dean really I am like what about Sam when he finds out what happen this is going too send him overbored . he wanted to die so no one will get hurt because of him and that did not work and he failed to close the gate of hell you know it just sucks right now ok and I am not happy with this.

sara s awwad: metatron really can picked theo theo is best one he can do good he can do good in heaven to i think theo should run heaven

JH: I really enjoy some of the episodic episodes including things like fairies and other creatures and dimensions, but at this point I feel like Supernatural needs to focus more on the serialized style of plot, or at least a little more than they are. I feel like there are so many places to go with current plot-points and characters that they could easily fill a season just by looking back at past seasons and bringing back characters and events that were forgotten. For example, Sam's friendship with the Kitsune Amy, and how Dean killed her. Amy's son could come back, they could visit purgatory and have Amy help them escape, etc. At this point in the story one-shot episodes don't seem to make much sense in terms of plot. Sure, maybe you can justify Sam and Dean taking smaller cases when they can't find any angels or demons to fight, but at least try to keep the main plot relevant to every episode, otherwise the show feels disjointed and it makes it hard to stay interested.

Altairific: Where were the attractive and smart women this season? I'm a hetero nerd, and I need my distraction. They need to bring someone like Kathleen Munroe, then I won't even care if they do fillers. I hope that's what they plan to do with the next prophet. Dean and Sam felt like male strippers this season, more than ever, yuck.

Belissma: I personally think a healthy mix of serialized and one-offs are awesome

Steelix32: I like Supernatural the way it is. Too many "supernatural" shows are too intense, and too focused on the overall story, it can become stagnant for regular viewers who watch the show more for the characters than the story itself.

ben roberts: Hi loved your video btw looks like your into a lot of the shows i'm into. In answer to your question yes they should copie arrow and every other supernatural fan i've ever spoken to thinks the same way. Get rid of the fillers 
Supernatural Season 9 Episode 9 Review - Angel Civil War 5 out of 5

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Supernatural Season 9 Episode 9 Review - Angel Civil War