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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Angie Gtz: Thnks for showing the acrylic box's it helped a lot :) now I know which one to purchase 
Anthony Cardoza: That's really nice man. 
Faafetai Aiava: Thanks for the Video instruction... I noticed the oil coming out when you pry out the old housing, I never heard you mentioning anything about replacing the oil? Do fill back up? And with what type of oil? I'm in the process of installing posi-lok on my 97 1500. 
Bryan Payne: it's stupid that the crimson typhoon is only in like 3 minutes of the movie
Marcela Ribeiro: issu ajuda mt -.- presiso de saber como fazer issu n d ver praticamente um desenho dissu
FaTaL WaVe: Blakeulrick200
Jhonbxl: Funny it comes from a belgian agency, where snow happens so rarely. Clever app !

Lenovo A390 With ROM 316 + Root + TWRP 2.5