Lenovo A390 With ROM 316 + Root + TWRP 2.5

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Lenovo A390 With ROM 316 + Root + TWRP 2.5
Lenovo A390 With ROM 316 + Root + TWRP 2.5

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Sam Eltringham: Does it make it slow?

Amri Syaifurrokhman: Where can i get that rom?

J0c0nk: ini official rom yang saya upgrade dari official rom 315, Gan. Coba kumpul di official thread lenovo A390 kaskus aja.

Layon Zem: cho xin caj link

Andreana Ramdhani: thanks gan :d

Tyo latif: batre cabut gak gan??

Zexta Axelo: Guna framaroot aja
Lenovo A390 With ROM 316 + Root + TWRP 2.5 3.6 out of 5

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Sebastian Tristan: is it easy to use this phone without a stylus pen?
Josh Reitze: oh adam. how i remember your hair with such nostalgia

Lenovo A390 With ROM 316 + Root + TWRP 2.5