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tehjamez: grimm thanks for all the videos

James Harris: Successor... Would you consider this the best mod?


Daniel Miller: I'm getting a kit and three drip tips plus 3 bottles of juice from a guy who thought he wanted to vape but then didn't like it. He has had this thing for less than a month so I'm getting an almost new mod kit. Which is 130 alone plus two now 10 dollar tips and three bottles of liquid for 100 dollars. Hell yeah 

DanielWillis1982: Just upgraded from disposable ecigs to a vamo v5 with nautilus mini v aping on 8- 10 watts. I like it alot but want a higher class mod thinking am torn between the lavatybe v2.5 and provari v2.5

method978: Stoned , drunk, and studio dis no way to get device reviews dude....I feel, readable forums offer more in depth intel. Being stoned, or blazed certainly makes me question your opinion 

method978: Looks stones and like he has pre promo version what a crapty mod

Curtis Jackson: Would like to see a short review of a nimbus rda on the lava tube 

chris badtrekkie: great video as always grimmgreen

Galaxybr88: Hiya Grimm, I've noticed with the Volcano V2 that the main switch gets worn out rather quickly. I took a jeweler's screwdriver, pried up the retainer cap on the switch and placed some thin sheets of mica between the actuator and switch itself to get the ' Click'.. Anyway , after a year and a week off analog ciggys I've invested in a Smok SID. I'm hoping that my Tubetank will fit on it. Anyway keep up the great vids!! Peace, Dan

Sloth Mc: HAve you tried the steak flavored juice?

kyleflicker: worst mod i have ever owned 

Bobbo Tron: 100 percent agree about air flow. it is my vaping pet peeve

Michael Breier: I have a question for you. I ordered a lavatube 2.0 a couple weeks ago from a supplier. What I got when it arrived was a lavatube ald 606. I tried it out and it seems to work great. It pulls smooth, is v v and i can read the ohms on my tank. I would be pretty happy with it if i kept it. Is there a big difference between how this vapes compared to the V2? 

Chris “FACEHUNTER504” Dat: Just getting back into vaping..  I still have my ProVari, should i keep it or upgrade to this or another one you're really liking.  Any tanks, mods or anything you suggest?   Thanks i would really appreciate the help.

Xtal0: Volcano has a store like 2 blocks from my house, I should stop by and see what they got.

JuicedUpVapes: I'm dreading the next 2 hours of work. But your videos are making it paradise right now lol 

Jaaahhh: yo you look stoned in this video

stwarek1: I just purchased the 2.5 and got it today. It's my first try with an APV -- I've had some smaller models before this one and my biggest concern is safety. Can something like the VapeSafe2 be used with APVs or are they only for mechanical mods? I had it on my Lavatube and it worked fine for an hour or so, then stopped working. The Lavatube still works fine and doesn't appear to be having any shorting problems without it or producing any abnormal heat.

Al de Bres: what was the cartomizer you where using 

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skaiter1007: quit teasing us about the exhaust notes and revv that baby up!!! :D
Naon: You can get the crack in spanish????
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Ms. Beverly: Thank you so much!! I try very hard to keep everything 100 when I do reviews! People want someone who is honest and straightforward who doesn't sugar coat everything! I really appreciate you taking the time to watch!
Namek Warrior: Nice intro!
Zack Wade: good work! subscribe back we're in this youtube game together!