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Lava Tube 2 Review - VV E CIG MOD
Lava Tube 2 Review - VV E CIG MOD
Volcano eCig Coupon Codes   Volcanoecigs Reviews   volcano Inferno E Cig Lava Tube
Volcano eCig Coupon Codes Volcanoecigs Reviews volcano Inferno E Cig Lava Tube
LavaTube Version 2 Review by Field of Vapor
LavaTube Version 2 Review by Field of Vapor
The LAVATUBE Version 2.5   Electronic Cigarette
The LAVATUBE Version 2.5 Electronic Cigarette
Provari vs LavaTube: Best Ecig Mod Review
Provari vs LavaTube: Best Ecig Mod Review
Lavatube Ecig v2 Review   Lavatube e Cig 2.0 by Volcano Electronic Cigarette
Lavatube Ecig v2 Review Lavatube e Cig 2.0 by Volcano Electronic Cigarette
LavaTube 2.5 From Volcano E-Cigs Review
LavaTube 2.5 From Volcano E-Cigs Review
Lavatube 2 Review - Volcano Ecigs
Lavatube 2 Review - Volcano Ecigs
Lavatube V2 Full Review
Lavatube V2 Full Review

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Xtal0: Volcano has a store like 2 blocks from my house, I should stop by and see what they got.

peter oganesyan: I'm dreading the next 2 hours of work. But your videos are making it paradise right now lol 

Bobbo Tron: 100 percent agree about air flow. it is my vaping pet peeve

Michael Breier: I have a question for you. I ordered a lavatube 2.0 a couple weeks ago from a supplier. What I got when it arrived was a lavatube ald 606. I tried it out and it seems to work great. It pulls smooth, is v v and i can read the ohms on my tank. I would be pretty happy with it if i kept it. Is there a big difference between how this vapes compared to the V2? 

Chris Dat: Just getting back into vaping.. I still have my ProVari, should i keep it or upgrade to this or another one you're really liking. Any tanks, mods or anything you suggest? Thanks i would really appreciate the help.

JahvsIsTheBest: yo you look stoned in this video

Yohei Mizobuchi: can you put in any kind of rechargeable battery?

Bryant Schubert: Good videos man. I have the Marquee from gotvape what is the difference between those two. And also have you used any volcano e-guice? If yes is it good? I'm looking for some good E-guice Flavors. Thanks 

Daz Wadman: Wouldn't the air flow be affected by the tank/atomizer not the battery? 

sampsonsimpson: Whats the lowest ohm it will fire?

morgan cruz: Is thare any attachment for the top to make it rounder.i think it looks weird.any that is compatible with any tank.i need to get a new tank,my friend turned it up to 15 and broke mine

chongo666: I've got mvp2 and looking for another and I'm kinda torn between this lava, ITAZTE SvD , vamo 5. Which u prefer? Oh and thanks for vids you taught me to rebuild very easily.

David Meeker: The word you're looking for is successor (:

Al de Bres: what was the cartomizer you where using 

Jaime Aguilar: What's the best mod for just wanting huge clouds 

stwarek1: I just purchased the 2.5 and got it today. It's my first try with an APV -- I've had some smaller models before this one and my biggest concern is safety. Can something like the VapeSafe2 be used with APVs or are they only for mechanical mods? I had it on my Lavatube and it worked fine for an hour or so, then stopped working. The Lavatube still works fine and doesn't appear to be having any shorting problems without it or producing any abnormal heat.

darrel808db: Im gonna put on a aspire nautilus tank u heard of it

darrel808db: U think it will fire good and have a lot of vape?

UKSID1: No info about the menu functions? :(

markrcb: If you could pick one, what would be your favorite? I'm a daily smoker that wants to find an alternative. I tried vaping before and liked it..I had the volcano v1..what one should I purchase?

darrel808db: Can the lava tube go down to a 1.6 ohms?

alloutquickscoper: ive had this mod since its came out I love it absolutely great! thanks for the review!

Vernon VonHinkelschmidt: Quick question here. I am going for my first mod. I am looking at the Provari V2.5 or the Lavatube v2. Which is a better mod for the money? I will be using a dual coil atomizer on this beast...

renegadepb263: And if so what are the performance differences? Is it worth it to switch?

StraightScrap808: Quick question again why does my device blink the number 82? What does that mean

xSKx Torso Kila: Just ordered a Chrome LAVATUBE starter kit today! Didn't you get the travel case with your kit?? I can't wait to get it! Been using the INFERNO for the past two years. Love vaping! Keep on VAPING, man!

radiator0: totally agree the airflow is crap, is there anything that can be done about it?

Anthony Girardi: predecessor - successor

GrimmGreen: Should be fine IF you keep your rebuilt coils above like 1.5ohms

GrimmGreen: it's a clock from PixelBreaker

GrimmGreen: Man I have no idea, honestly. I can't seem to find an online manual. I'm assuming it's a short, or something causing that error

Rracer300zx: Hey Grimm, thanks for the reply. I'll take a look at the Vamo. Have you done a video on it yet?

Terranscapes: I just saw on a forum that many others were having this problem. I would love it if grimm would do a follow up vid to address this concern. Actually, thinking about it... I would be great if you (Grim) did a periodic follow up video. Say once every other month where you revisit older mods and share how they have been holding up. :) Of course, I'm glad to get any vids, but its a thought. :)

BenjaminGib: OKay, I'm watching the PBusardo for now.

GrimmGreen: ha ha , right on man. It was clicky deliciousness :) thanks for watching buddy

Patrick Vaden: Yay, no more having to send version LV1 back because of top-cap separation, broken battery-cap posts, or junked threads. Looks really nice.

TheFreelancetroll: You get a like and subscribe just for having the Transformer movie poster. :) Thanks for review, I have the original lavatube but use 1.8 ohm atomisers in my vivi nova minis and a 510-510 adaptor to fix the airflow. Just hit at 3v and it's epic imho. The threads are going now so need a replacement. This vid sold me on the V2 (black), many thanks.

Rracer300zx: Hey Grimm. I really dig your videos and I have a couple of questions. I'm torn between the Tesla and the Lavatube V2. I currently use an ego c twist 1000mah. I'm really interested in the VW of the Tesla and the button placement doesn't bother me at all. I'm also very interested in this mod. But I'm a little concerned about the airflow issue you mentioned. My vape budget hands are telling me I can inky afford one quality mod for awhile.

GrimmGreen: Performance is going to pretty pretty even... might go with the VAMO for the ability to do variable wattage

GrimmGreen: The LavaTubeV2 is a great mod , maybe not as durable as the ProVari but still very nice. If you have the cash, pull the trigger

GrimmGreen: THE BAM

Bruce Bolin: Grimm, I'm currently on a Legacy mini, and I want to kick it; but PS seems to be way slow with getting the extension tube I need. In the mean time, I've been thinking about adding a non-mechanical mod to my line up. After watching this, I'm torn between the v2 and the zmax mini (only because I already have a few 18350s laying around). Does ether really stand out above the other in your mind, or will it be mostly personal preference on size, vv/vw, etc?

MrsMartini215: where do you stand on liquids? Do you have a favorite?

GrimmGreen: any 510 tank should work just fine , I like the cartomator tanks from vaperfexion

doublesockhead: I have an ego c twist with with an atty. thinkiing about switching to a lavatubev2, mainly cause i can get

fluffyholland: hey whenever i use my lava tube v2 whenever it gets cold i will turn it on i usually use it at about 4.0 volts but when i turn it on and try to take a hit no smoke comes out and it shuts off and resets the volts to 3.0 it only does this once the battery gets to about 3.7 also ive never used a atomizer and really want to try one which do you recomend?

Matthew Mirow: Ordered a Lavatube v2. Got the fedx 2 day shipping free and never received it. Fedex driver stated package was left on porch. Called Valcano had to file a claim. Fedx denied my claim, Valcano not Willing to call fedx as to find out why. I had to do all that. Mind you I'm the receiver not the shipper so that was an issue in it self. But anyhow fedx honored the claim and only refunded me $100.00 not $134.-- Ordered this Dec.15th its now feb.22nd. Will never do any business with them ever!!!!

StraightScrap808: When you charge the battery for the lava tube V2 how do you know when it's fully charged and how much volts is it when it's fully charged?

xdjnoclux: I'm a noob... I went from the magma, to the inferno, to the lavatube v2... and Now i'm using a Mechanical Mod with an IGO-L RBA that has been bored out to a 1/16 hole and added a hole to the other side, 3mm silica wick, kathal a 30 gauge... And I agree with the air flow on the lavatube... sometimes you gotta suck on it hard. No homo. LOL and at times the lavatube is glitchy too... Imo I wish I could of started on the mechanical mod =[ and it's cheaper too!

dillonlepolo: Also what is the difference between a 1.5 & 3.0ohm carto.does that mean I can set the volts on my mod higher than the other
THE LAVATUBE V2 FROM VOLCANO 2013 4.9 out of 5

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