Fiskars Fuse Creativity System How To Use Accuquilt Dies & Chipboard

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Fiskars Fuse  Creativity System How To Use Accuquilt Dies & Chipboard
Fiskars Fuse Creativity System How To Use Accuquilt Dies & Chipboard
Fiskars Fuse  Creativity System How To Use Sizzix Dies
Fiskars Fuse Creativity System How To Use Sizzix Dies
Fuse Creativity System: How to use
Fuse Creativity System: How to use
Fuse Creativity System: Endless Possibilities
Fuse Creativity System: Endless Possibilities
Fiskars Fuse - Cuts Thick Material. Fabric. Letterpress & Emboss
Fiskars Fuse - Cuts Thick Material. Fabric. Letterpress & Emboss
Fiskars Fuse
Fiskars Fuse
Fiskars Fuse
Fiskars Fuse

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Naticris Tellavi: Hi, can you tell me who's die is the one with flowers you use to cut the thick shipboard? Thanks

Susan: I've been die-cutting mostly - made a few small books (like the ones made on HSN on launch day). I bought a bunch of Sizzix dies on Ebay so I could cut more shapes. And I am looking to buy more of the Fiskars dies but can't figure out where they are available. It's fun - my students are loving the hearts and birds I've cut so far. I need to clear off my desk so I can set up a production line!

bickhamp61: By the way, keep your dies facing up! It needs the pressure against the die as it passes the bar to push the foam back to expose the blades for the best contact to get great cuts. When you have it facing down, you may not always get the required pressure needed for accurate cutting. So remember, always keep it up!

materialgirl338: Yes Thank you for that piece of info I thought it wasn't correct when I was doing it.

Sigrid Warren: The thin rubber mat can only have one purpose: for embossing. I don't have my machine yet, it's supposed to be here by 11 July, and I will run it through the paces like you did since I have a LOT of very intricate dies plus of course Spellbinders and lots of embossing foldes.

materialgirl338: Thanks It makes sense. I screwed this one up! I was very happy with the cutting of the thick chipboard. Let me know when you get yours make a video on embossing i would love to see that. Thanks for your impute

gs300michael: just to let you know the flimpsy one is most likely for the impression plates or embossing folders. looks like you use it when cutting a die and that's why it's torn. thx for the video. also people don't have to watch every step u can scroll through just saying.

Sigrid Warren: keep forgetting to thank you for the thorouh review! The machine is not cheap and I've been sitting on hot coals waiting for reviews to help me decide if I should cancel or look forward to its arrival. Can't wait now!

materialgirl338: Thanks for your easy tip.

materialgirl338: Thank you for you impute I loved the way it cut the chipboard. Especially the thick one. This machine is going to take the place of all the other machines. That's what I love it. BOY oh BOY the other company's are going crazy now.

Elizabeth W: Hi materialgirl338. How thick is the accuquilt die? And remember the adapter kit sheet you are reading from shows the "sandwich" order from bottom to top. For accuquilt it is from bottom shim A, die with fabric/paper, and cutting plate on top. Thank you for the accuquilt die test!!

rebecca ednie: Shame you didn't demo the letterpress or dies or emboss plates that came with it!

materialgirl338: It came with one black ink it's amazing I love it I don't need my sizzix big shot anymore. well maybe I will save it for crops. GOOD LUCK

kweunique: I really like it haven't played as much as I like one of my dies came out the oval the cut part but fiskars sending another said there were problems loving it though

julieg20004: Where did you get the large adapter and the shims? I went to Fiskars site but could'nt find them. Thank You for making a great video.

materialgirl338: You know I didn't try and ink it yet will do it this week and get a video out on it. Looking forward to making lots of great projects.

BlackCatNoni: glad to see if cuts thicker chipboard...but...did you read the instructions to know which plates to use with which material or are they not labeled that good? Good tutorial video in actual use...I was cringing when you were putting your TH die through...LOL!

ummi94ar: Thank you! You did great reviewing the system!

materialgirl338: I'll be waiting to see what you think.

KINDERKRAFTS: Hi again Sweetie Pie... Could you please tell me how much you paid for this machine... Also ~~ the mat you taped up is probably an embossing mat... And an easy way to clean your dies from material and paper is to use a piece of packing takes off all the residue soooooooooooo quick and easy... Have a fun fun fun summer day... Surie

prettypaperz: Yes I like the mistakes because I am new to die cutting. I learned alot from this video. Creativity is being brave with your tools, ideas and putting yourself out there. Keep doing what your doing Materialgirl. You are brave and we appreciate it!!!

prettypaperz: I think it's good that she was experimenting because that is what we all do. I like that she didn't totally know everything and was finding out just like the rest of us. We learn by one anothers mistakes. I learned not to use the black flexible sheet. Like to see more of her videos on this.

materialgirl338: HSN Sells them

Susan: Just got mine today also - thanks for your video. Will check back for more info.

materialgirl338: Yes let me know what you think I am intrested in hearing from all you people who have ordered it. Let's all give our input with HSN too.

materialgirl338: Thanks so much for clearing that up DAH!!!!! I am new to a lot of this I so appreciate when you help me out with your comments.

materialgirl338: To "Rebeccacell" it seems like all you are doing is knit picking this video if you have a problem with it, please don't watch it. Why don't you take it up with the Company not me. Sorry your so unhappy. Remember Crafting is suppose to FUN!!!

materialgirl338: I think I replied to you about that complaint. Contact HSN They should tell you what to do with the plates but give your review to HSN on the FUSE.

Sigrid Warren: I will definitely let you knowthe results of my tests and will make a video if time permits. I rehabilitate wildlife and right now am bogged down with animals and birds and constantly have to feed or stuff beaks or clean cages or make formula or plates of food... And it's only June!

materialgirl338: Don't you think your comment is a little "HARSH"? When I made this video, I was just tying to share my new fiskars with the scrapbooking community. I mentioned that I am new to the scrapbooking community in one of my comments, I don't know too much about using different tools, SO GIVE ME A BREAK, sorry you didn't like it. I only wanted to show a video on the machine and what I thought it could do. I am not a professional I am just a crafter learning new techniques.

Cassandra Saunders: Hi just got my Fiskars Fuse today. Tried it out on paper only. thanks for the video on chipboard & material. I also have a the Sizzix BigShot. There is a video by Fiskars on the basics of using the machine. thanks again.

materialgirl338: HSN Sells the Adapter I purchased it when I purchased the Machine.

GramaMonie: I got the Fiskars Fuse and I have used the Momento cats eye inks and they work great because they have fabric pads instead of foam. I am not too pleased with the adapter plates quality, one of mine is starting to bend already and I have not used it more than a dozen times.

materialgirl338: Your welcome

materialgirl338: I certainly understand take good care of God's precious creatures.

materialgirl338: I told someone else who had the same concern as you. If you don't like it HSN will refund your money within a month. So you really get one month to try it if you don't send it back. Let me know if you like it.

materialgirl338: I don't know the thickness I didn't measure it. But you could go to Accuquilt and see the size of their dies.

Kitty Cat: where are you from? new york? your accent sounds different. (this is not an offense, just curious.) lol

materialgirl338: Yes but like the rest of us I read the instructions when all else fails.. LOL

materialgirl338: Why don't ou try to use your other plates by sizzix and let them company know also HSN has a comment and review section on their site I would tell them that. This is important they need to hear this.

rebecca ednie: You really need to figure something out before you demo it. The black thin plate you ruined is probably magnetic to keep dies like Spellbinders in place. While Fiskars should have labeled all the non cutting plates with DO NOT USE TO CUT it should have been pretty obvious with it being so thin. And you wondered why the Tim Holtz die didn't cut the first couple times? In the other video you already put a sandwich thru with a shim so why try it without? Fiskars needs a video but they sure won't e

materialgirl338: I don't know if you will like it or not but I like it. Because of the adapter plates I don't need the accuquilt any longer. This machine dose it all.

materialgirl338: Go to HSN they have the prices there.

materialgirl338: Thanks

Andrea P: Thanks for the video. I ordered one. I got the adapter plates but the machine won't be here until Monday. Did you try the ink? I didn't buy the extra ink I wanted to try the CTMH inks I already have.

materialgirl338: Let me know if you make a video I would love to see what you create. Thank you sooooooo Much for your reply.

materialgirl338: Thank you for looking at me video I am making a project and busy with the fam and holiday events can't seem to scrap.

bickhamp61: Just found your video while looking for an answer to my question. Is it possible to use Sizzix dies on the Accuquilt Go? Well, when watching your video, you weren't sure of the placement of the plates. You should place one on top and one on the bottom. This will help insure even & complete cutting. I wish you much success. Happy crafting!

creativeplanetjanet: Thanks for the video! The ability to cut thick chipboard is very impressive. I didn't notice, but trying to feed extra plates so it is tighter seems like too much guesswork; is there a way to adjust it like a pasta machine? - you know, so the feed space is adjustable for thicker and thinner materials?
Fiskars Fuse Creativity System How To Use Accuquilt Dies & Chipboard 4.1 out of 5

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Fiskars Fuse  Creativity System How To Use Accuquilt Dies & Chipboard