Fiskars Fuse Creativity System How To Use Accuquilt Dies & Chipboard

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Fiskars Fuse  Creativity System How To Use Accuquilt Dies & Chipboard
Fiskars Fuse Creativity System How To Use Accuquilt Dies & Chipboard
Review of the Fiskars FUSE Creativity System
Review of the Fiskars FUSE Creativity System
Fiskars Fuse  Creativity System How To Use Sizzix Dies
Fiskars Fuse Creativity System How To Use Sizzix Dies
Fiskars Fuse creativity system - demo
Fiskars Fuse creativity system - demo
Fiskars Fuse Creativity System®
Fiskars Fuse Creativity System®

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WIRELACE Sales and Services: good day! can i ask where can we buy the spare gear of this fiskars machine? Because I have one that is badly damage the teeth of the gears... thanks for your help...

Denise Forsythe: I bet the chip board will dull the blades rather quickly but it is still a cool thing. They should make dies that will last longer with regard to using chip board.

Luis Donado: I have two of these new with all the accesories.  If anyone needs one, I can give you a good deal :-)  PM me.

2JobsStillPoorUSA: LOL  Bless you MaterialGirl  READ the instructions on the back of the package for the adapter set... it tells you exactly what to use.  

Naticris Tellavi: Hi, can you tell me who's die is the one with flowers you use to cut the thick shipboard? Thanks

materialgirl338: Thanks

bickhamp61: By the way, keep your dies facing up! It needs the pressure against the die as it passes the bar to push the foam back to expose the blades for the best contact to get great cuts. When you have it facing down, you may not always get the required pressure needed for accurate cutting. So remember, always keep it up!

bickhamp61: Just found your video while looking for an answer to my question. Is it possible to use Sizzix dies on the Accuquilt Go? Well, when watching your video, you weren't sure of the placement of the plates. You should place one on top and one on the bottom. This will help insure even & complete cutting. I wish you much success. Happy crafting!

ummi94ar: Thank you! You did great reviewing the system!

Kitty Cat: where are you from? new york? your accent sounds different. (this is not an offense, just curious.) lol

prettypaperz: Yes I like the mistakes because I am new to die cutting. I learned alot from this video. Creativity is being brave with your tools, ideas and putting yourself out there. Keep doing what your doing Materialgirl. You are brave and we appreciate it!!!

prettypaperz: I think it's good that she was experimenting because that is what we all do. I like that she didn't totally know everything and was finding out just like the rest of us. We learn by one anothers mistakes. I learned not to use the black flexible sheet. Like to see more of her videos on this.

gs300michael: just to let you know the flimpsy one is most likely for the impression plates or embossing folders. looks like you use it when cutting a die and that's why it's torn. thx for the video. also people don't have to watch every step u can scroll through just saying.

materialgirl338: To "Rebeccacell" it seems like all you are doing is knit picking this video if you have a problem with it, please don't watch it. Why don't you take it up with the Company not me. Sorry your so unhappy. Remember Crafting is suppose to FUN!!!

materialgirl338: Don't you think your comment is a little "HARSH"? When I made this video, I was just tying to share my new fiskars with the scrapbooking community. I mentioned that I am new to the scrapbooking community in one of my comments, I don't know too much about using different tools, SO GIVE ME A BREAK, sorry you didn't like it. I only wanted to show a video on the machine and what I thought it could do. I am not a professional I am just a crafter learning new techniques.

materialgirl338: Your welcome

rebecca ednie: Shame you didn't demo the letterpress or dies or emboss plates that came with it!

rebecca ednie: You really need to figure something out before you demo it. The black thin plate you ruined is probably magnetic to keep dies like Spellbinders in place. While Fiskars should have labeled all the non cutting plates with DO NOT USE TO CUT it should have been pretty obvious with it being so thin. And you wondered why the Tim Holtz die didn't cut the first couple times? In the other video you already put a sandwich thru with a shim so why try it without? Fiskars needs a video but they sure won't e

Creative Planet Janet: Thanks for the video! The ability to cut thick chipboard is very impressive. I didn't notice, but trying to feed extra plates so it is tighter seems like too much guesswork; is there a way to adjust it like a pasta machine? - you know, so the feed space is adjustable for thicker and thinner materials?

kweunique: I really like it haven't played as much as I like one of my dies came out the oval the cut part but fiskars sending another said there were problems loving it though
Fiskars Fuse Creativity System How To Use Accuquilt Dies & Chipboard 5 out of 5

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Fiskars Fuse  Creativity System How To Use Accuquilt Dies & Chipboard