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2009-2014 Audi A4 A3 Q5 VW Jetta GTI 2.0T tsi motor oil change and level check DIY by Edge Motors
2009-2014 Audi A4 A3 Q5 VW Jetta GTI 2.0T tsi motor oil change and level check DIY by Edge Motors
VW MK7 GTI Oil Chage DIY and Kit
VW MK7 GTI Oil Chage DIY and Kit
How to Change your Oil (VW GTI Mk6)
How to Change your Oil (VW GTI Mk6)
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Top 5 Failures ~ Volkswagen Tiguan

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Jeff Puddester: this guy is a idiot

The1crazy4u: where can i find the drain plug?

schooder: The Zen of Automobile maintenance .. thanks for the silence

Joe Dietrich: Thanks, just what I needed to know about the filter.  Nice video.

Andree Gutierrez: Thaks, I Have a Seat Leon 1.8 TSI 2012 and its the seame engine.

I only have one doubt, where you buy the new screw, that you change under the car.

Whats the name and serial number?

Thank you so much.

Jorge Bustos: I think you're supposed to be using 5w40 

Stantonv: At the VW dealer that I work at we use 5W40 synthetic oil.  We also torque the drain plug to 30 Newton meters.  Oh, and if you remove the filter first or remove the fill cap before draining, the oil won't "glug" out of the pan like yours did.  Good video though!

serge vivier: Xcellent video
I have the same engine and I use the 0W40 oil.
I also use an oil extractor so I dont have to go under the car -)

noel calhoun: You want a 76mm oil filter wrench for removing a GTI's oil filter.  I think your graphic says 27mm, assume that's a typo.   Good video though. 

teknodogg: what's the tool you used for the oil filter removal???.....

Mark Bartlett: It's nice to see someone really taking care of their car. It makes me mad when I see people with a motor, maybe only 6 months old, that still hasn't even been washed.

I have a neighbour here who would drive around with one tyre, almost flat for a few months. Now, the neighbour has a brand new Audi A1, really nice motor, still not been washed and had it at least 6 months. Even IF it was a company car, I still couldn't drive it like that.

Alex: 1.Warm the engine  before draining the oil  but not to much.
2.Unplug the washer and while waiting open the top mouth   and you will see more oil draining  down ;).
3.Change the filter.
4.Put the new washer.
5. Put the new oil  Motul (the best).

vincentjmc: Very nice and informative video.

VWGTI: hey do you wash your engine?

Bartosz Krawczyk: using wrong oil my friend

Alexey Kazakov: BEFORE DRAIN, SEE OIL LEVEL. by this way you can know if you have oil leaks :)

hotstreak864: What exhaust system is that. Sounds nice. Love the finishers.

britishav8tor75: ECS is a tuning company that also sell OEM and aftermarket parts. Some people love them some hate them Ive never had a problem with them. However some of the parts are made in VW mexico and not Germany.

britishav8tor75: I've changed mine ever 5K even though the book says 10K - the stealership shouldnt say anything about a quickvalve. I've had one on my car since it was new and they never said anything.

britishav8tor75: Nope that should be OK - besides Turbo motors burn/use a little more oil than natually aspirated motors you should see it go down in about 750 -1000 km
2011 VW GTI 2.0T TSI DIY OIL CHANGE 5 out of 5

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