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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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ANGEL ONEAL: my berserker predator has strap problems too it sucks not the figure the straps
pim1234: WTF are you driving ? Some kind of irritating electric car ?
ProSupply PSC: SCHLUTER REQUIRES non modified thinset mortar for their shower kits and Kerdi membrane. All of our Pro, ProVa and Pro Advanced kits using Dural Durabase WP, Pro-Matte or ProSource Center membranes can be installed with either type thinset. However, high-quality modified/polymer-fortified is highly recommended for a superior installation and is fully warrantied by our membrane manufacturers. Mortar cure time is longer but good airflow helps speed the process. The benefits outweigh challenges.
Mr Legxcy - All Things Minecraft & Redstone!: I realize I DID NOT put the screenshot in this video, it was a editing error and I AM VERY SORRY! I shall leave a link in the description to the screenshots which I referred too. Again I am very sorry. -Legacy
Keisha Carter: Try proactiv especially the dark spot corrector but u should really work on her weight
Jason Larkin: This was originally a 250cc Chinese gokart.
snake262A: @Coraliepengy I kinda just taught myself, I've been making and painting stuff since I was really little, so I've just kinda made my own little techniques and things along the way. I wasn't even sure I'd be able to do this, I just attempted the sunflower and was surprised at how good it came out so I continued haha

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