My Mossberg 500 12 Gauge Shotgun With Top Folding Stock And Pistol Grip

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ATI Top Folding Stock with Pistol Grip Installation for the Mossberg
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Joshua Wright: Hows that stock feel when u shoot mines the pistol grip

Joshua Wright: I just got one :-)

SKKC1986: I like your set up!

myron donaldson: You need to learn gun safety!!!!!!!!

Hunterman841: I don't mean to interject, but unless you live in ny, CT, or Cali, you can sell a gun to anyone you want to legally. If you think they are a criminal, you probably shouldnt, but if you wanted to sell your guns to a private entity, you can

Silvester Weber: You did not buy this for home protection . You going to roob somebody or a bank . People like you should never have guns .!cracker plz that sound ain't going to scare nobody

CARL Barre: you ready brother

24601Robert: NICE!!! DEAL!!!!!!

Hunterman841: If you buy a gun from someone who is not a licensed dealer, you do not have to do any paperwork unless they ask you to sign a bill of sale, which is not necessary. It is called a private transfer

Ace Camper: no

Ace Camper: Mossberg DOES make a 500 with a 20 inch barrel and a magazine tube that extends all the way to the bore like this one. Still, it could be the 18.5 inch barrel. Holding a tape measure up to you computer screen won't help much

Ace Camper: Private sales are legal. No paperwork is necessary, but it is recommended (for the seller) that you fill out a bill of sale.

ZombiesDontBite: Common misconception with shotguns for home defense is you don't need to aim. Not true. The spread is not the wide at close range. So unless your home is very large and you are aiming from one end to the other, you still need to aim. Great gun tho. Plan to get the same setup.

Captain HighHorse: Lol ok two more inches, Facts are still facts buddy. You need to aim a shotgun, Btw the shotguns 7+1 means absolutely nothing in this argument and doesn't change. I still don't believe that its 20 inch and me getting a tape measure out wouldn't help anything... The reason i don't think its 20 inches is because the magazine tube is the same length as the barrel. Bird shot still doesn't spread out like that buddy.

Captain HighHorse: The maker of this video is mistaken. 1:21 is bullcrap, Especially with that 18" barrel you got on there. You have Do have to aim any shotgun unless it doesn't have a barrel in which case it would just be a pile of crap because you couldn't get any velocity.

Captain HighHorse: Are you joking?

MimicMiles: Question, Is that an extended loader because i noticed it matches up with your barrel? also how much do those heat shields go for? I bought my Mossberg 500 12 guage shotgun/First Firearm yesterday. o Yeah I love what you said about if someone came in your house unannounced, as soon as they hear that specific sound KA KLACK!!! there already haulin ass in the direction they came from lol :D

lukeb52: do you really need a sights on a shotgun?

R.: Actually here in Georgia, you can just sell your friend your gun. You don't have to run a background check to do a private sell. Dealers have to run background checks.

gixxerlouis: That's a plastic fold over stock? Get a chote fold over...their metal...
My Mossberg 500 12 Gauge Shotgun with Top Folding Stock and Pistol Grip 5 out of 5

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My Mossberg 500 12 Gauge Shotgun with Top Folding Stock and Pistol Grip