Configuration Of UBNT Rocket M2

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Configuration of UBNT Rocket M2
Configuration of UBNT Rocket M2
Ubnt bullet m2 access point configuration mode in urdu/hindi
Ubnt bullet m2 access point configuration mode in urdu/hindi
Ubiquiti airMAX Bullet M Range Video Review / Unboxing
Ubiquiti airMAX Bullet M Range Video Review / Unboxing
Configuration of UBNT Rocket M2
Configuration of UBNT Rocket M2
NanoStation M2 - Access Point setup
NanoStation M2 - Access Point setup

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yulianus ambay: bagus

Tony Gore: You CAN NOT !! Understand that guy for NOTHING !!

Benjamin Martinez: wtf...still lost..

Anil Yadav: bed .....

Paul Durano: After reading several set up in ubiquiti. I am amazed that I still figured out what he is trying to do even though it was explain in foreign language. Thank you for showing us the software configuration of rocket M2.

Evelyn Kunkuta: please use English.

Sharvil Saraiya: Sir I Want To Configure NanobridgeM5 Kya Mujhe bata sakte hai video bananke

Junaid Bhutta: Dear ye btaen k ismain hm kisi apny user ko track kesy krty hein or kia ismain koe url restriction bhi lg sakti hein kia

Vikas Puri: sir pls show the step by step configuration of ubiquiti airgrid m5 

Dota puber: Как создать удалённый доступ для rocket m2 для управления клиентами из дома?

Mohit Jaat: adeel bhai ap to gajab ho........ kya ap rocket m5 configuration ki video upload kar sakte ko

fouad daoudi: freak you

Ramiz Raja: Adeel Bhai plz ye batayen k Rocket M2 k Lye Sab Se Best Chennel konsa hay ????

Sohil Agariya: slaam i am sohil agariya plz told me how to ubnt loco 2.4Ghz ko wifi access karne ke liye kese config kare or uski rang kitani ho plz tell my moblie no +91-9067693259

Globalization _: Adeel thanks for the video, I have a question if you could help me please, i have M5s, i want to give one of them a public IP in wan, which will act as router, and use the second one as a bridge, how can i go about it? thanks in advance

Novi Chad: bro .. after setting ,, how can i go test for its range .. when its run in AP with Moden ,,, and its configuration ,,, ,,,xda

Big Rocky: Is there an English version of this video?

dtelsawyeko naung mya lwe: dtel network

izhar ahmad: bro rocket m2 k sath tplink ka 15db omni kesa chalta hai 9(and rocket main 2 rf connector hain kya us k sath 1 omni kam karta hai ya 2 lagane hon gay? reply me soon

uchenna Okafor: please can u give me an example of grid antenna and wat is the network structure or diagram like with nanostation????
Configuration of UBNT Rocket M2 5 out of 5

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Configuration of UBNT Rocket M2