EOS Remote App | Canon 70D 6D | Wifi Wireless | Set-up & Basic Shooting

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Canon 6D Wi-Fi + EOS Remote App Demo
Canon 6D Wi-Fi + EOS Remote App Demo
EOS Remote App   Canon 70D 6D   Wifi Wireless   Set-up & Basic Shooting
EOS Remote App Canon 70D 6D Wifi Wireless Set-up & Basic Shooting
Canon EOS Remote App with Canon EOS 70D
Canon EOS Remote App with Canon EOS 70D
Canon EOS 6D Wifi / WLAN Konfiguration für EOS Remote App
Canon EOS 6D Wifi / WLAN Konfiguration für EOS Remote App
EOS Remote   App Reviews
EOS Remote App Reviews

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Alejandro Bohorquez: Hi. Is it possible to watch at the histogram through the app?

fauspro45: link for the app? android

Tanya Allen: hello....just locked my smart phone up!!! need help unlocking

Martin Wallgren: +MichaelTheMentor you should really check out Panasonic's LUMIX cameras, they all have had extensive 'Image App' connectivity for several years now, cameras like the GH4, GX8, LX100 and all other current Lumix cams can do very extensive professional features that Canon could only dream of. Like recording 4K to the SD-card all the while you control AF, pull focus, even focus peaking for manual focus, during video. Shoot RAW into networked folders on NAS/computer etc. :) Like you said in the descritpion, it took 5 minutes into the video just to get the connection up. The Lumix cams connect in a snap..

Bevin Smith: This is awesome! How does this effect battery life?

john wainman: Too bad you can't use it with data on. Limits it's usefulness

Veronica Robinson: Thank you so much!

Stanislaus Family Channel: You are the man! Learning so much from you. Just purchased the 70d crash course and going through it now. Keep the videos coming. 

Dave Schoenblum: Thank You Maven , very informative and nicely done.  I have a problem each time getting the camera and phone to recognize the other.  Any hints there?  Also do you sell a video of a 70D, that is what I am using 

morenz elank: So, how to conet wifi via TV?

Mathew Varghese: Maven, I am still confused with Canon 70d and Nikon d7100 . I saw in snapsort site about the pic quality 68 vs 83 . Does this make a real difference ? I am not a proffessional , but I always long for the best . The remote shooting does wonders in Canon d70 . Does Nikon have the same option if connected with external wifi adapter? Please suggest me the best .

Adrian Cardozo: Hi Michael, thanks for your videos. I have  a problem about eos remote control. I have a cellphone that I think is not compatible with it, the sony z, and I can't find the app in the app store. Is there a solution? Thanks. 

‫ורד הדר‬‎: I installed the EOS ramote and I really love the app 
When I was asked to move the email accidentally clicked the picture and I've set up all the time to email. 
I do not have the option to choose where to send the email or to Facebook or whatsapp it automatically goes to my email. 
I have a canon 70 d Galaxy Android 4 
I'd love to get help

Douglas Rogers: What technology does the "Connect to Smartphone" use as a backend? Is it DLNA of some sort? I doubt it's FTP...

nudnik1123: Is it possible to use s self-timer or interval shooting with this app?

Monique Perera: can we use this same app for Canon 5D Mark iii? And is this quicker to view images on a tablet that the eye-fi card option?

Lithfkn00: When you are simply shooting tethered via wifi to a smart phone / tablet, once you click the shutter how long does it take for the small jpeg to appear on the tablet?

VidaSwe: Good Explaning... it helped me realy....  I just wannna thank for this video.. 

cambike: Can you connect 7D with wifi WFT-E5 to this app? Looks great

Ammar Al Mahmood: I can't download EOS remote from my iPhone app! It's not shown! I don't know why? I have canon 6d, iPhone 5. I'm from Bahrain Can you help please?
EOS Remote App | Canon 70D 6D | Wifi Wireless | Set-up & Basic Shooting 5 out of 5

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EOS Remote App | Canon 70D 6D | Wifi Wireless | Set-up & Basic Shooting