EOS Remote App | Canon 70D 6D | Wifi Wireless | Set-up & Basic Shooting

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EOS 70D - Autofocus. Shutter Speed. Wifi & EOS Remote App
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Canon EOS Remote App with Canon EOS 70D
EOS Remote App   Canon 70D 6D   Wifi Wireless   Set-up & Basic Shooting
EOS Remote App Canon 70D 6D Wifi Wireless Set-up & Basic Shooting
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Canon 6D Wi-Fi + EOS Remote App Demo
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DSLR Remote iPhone App
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Canon Eos 70D DSLR - Unboxing & First Look / Review
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Canon EOS 6D Video Test
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How to Connect an iPhone to the Canon 70D using Wi-fi and the Canon EOS Remote App
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Canon EOS 70D First Review HD
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DSLR Controller App on Android Tablet (for Canon EOS Cameras)
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Canon EOS 6D
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DSLR Controller - Android + Canon EOS - LiveView

Did this video help you?

paul best: I heard you cant save raw files or transfer raw files ... that's my wishlist

Turtleboy: Hi, I am just wondering if it is possible to upload cannon images straight from the camera to the computer? (through WiFi of course.)

nudnik1123: Is it possible to use s self-timer or interval shooting with this app?

Dinu Sorotchi: hi, can someone give me an extra link to download the EOS Remote? in my country is not possible, the reason is unknown, thx.

Monique Perera: can we use this same app for Canon 5D Mark iii? And is this quicker to view images on a tablet that the eye-fi card option?

Lithfkn00: When you are simply shooting tethered via wifi to a smart phone / tablet, once you click the shutter how long does it take for the small jpeg to appear on the tablet?

VidaSwe: Good Explaning... it helped me realy.... I just wannna thank for this video.. 

cambike: Can you connect 7D with wifi WFT-E5 to this app? Looks great

Ammar Al Mahmood: I can't download EOS remote from my iPhone app! It's not shown! I don't know why? I have canon 6d, iPhone 5. I'm from Bahrain Can you help please?

hackersage: what if i have an iphoe, an i pod and a ipad, and want to use my 70d's wifi features with those 3 devices without having to "reset" the settings each time i wan to connect them to the camera? can i save different profiles for each device i want to use with the 70d? Thats an issue for me... :/

Tiffany Ziadie: which app is this?

Mark Red: Hey, when im trying to save images to smartphone (Under Camera image viewing), it says :: Acces to the Picture is not permitted. In [settings] application, from privacy, permit access to the Picture. how can i get access ? 

zdenek sopousek: I have tried this Eos remote app along with 6D for the BULB. It works fine except that you have to hold the shooter button on the smart-phone screen as long as you have the camera lance open. This is very dysfunctional. 

Renato Schetter: Nice tutorial. Any way, the cable still faster and save the battery. The wifi mode drain your camera's battery in 2 or 3 hours...infortunately! :(

Alx4722: Hi Michael, thanks for the video. Is it possible to connect two devices at the same time? Ex: iPhone and Goggle Tablet? Thanks

CanecaProductions: Can you lock the shutter and shoot in Bulb mode with the app?

Darrell Nutt: Thanks for this video. I was up and running with wifi remote in minutes.

Sam Polley: Mine does not have he focus button because I have a touchscreen focus so you can touch the screen on the iPhone and it focuses where you touch!

gustonator: Hi, when I trigger my 6D via a phone, my external strobes via radio are not working. When I put my Speedlite on the Hotshoe, its working ok. But when I put there a radio transmitter fot my studio strobes, they not working. can you help me?

Dik Haneline: Would love to see a Windows compatible app! Canon....can this happen?

Sam Polley: Another great tutorial. Just hooked up my camera with my iphone and it works brilliantly. Perfect for pictures of just two people together as well. Hide your phone and hit he button behind you. Wonderful video. Please keep them up!

tphalex: I have a Canon T3i and EOS Utility on my computer. Can I connect through wifi instead of USB cable by using a wifi SD card?

Rick T: Great video BUT when I go to my iPad and select the wi-fi connection [mine is 70D] it does NOT ask me for a password. It says "Cannot Connect" and kicks out. Suggestions?

Studat: I can connect to Wi-Fi, but how do I connect to phone when I am on the street? Using mobile data? Thank you

nfect: is it possible to still trigger the video from the camera once you're set with the remote or does the eos remote allows you only to setup picture shooting ?

2parkway: Cool app. Using it on my iPod. Unfortunately, it is not available for iPad mini.

Joe Magrino: I upgraded from a Canon 20D and I'm pretty upset they changed the connection for an remote timer. Anyway this Remote App can do what an that does so i don't have to purchase a new one for timelapse?

henrooo: Good overview of the app. Shame about the omission of a remote video trigger. Knowing Canon, an update will take a year or so.

Veti Pie: Hi Michael, is there a way to do exposures longer than 30secs using this eos remote, for e.g.: a two minute exposure?

madearisp: how do i connect this camera to a laptop with eos utility via wifi?

Strandflat: Thanxs for this exciting video! Any idea of the maximum allowed distance between the 6D and the smartphone to keep a good wifi connection (open space)?

Danny Molns: Awesome review! Question: What if I wanted to shoot in a burst mode, or self timer? Would it still work with this app? Thanks!

MichaelTheMentor: It will work in remote locations. The 6D has its own WiFi transmitter, so as along as you are within about 30 meters, you are good!

Lee Fazzani: This looks pretty cool. Does the app work with the camera in bulb mode and allow you to set long exposures (over 30 seconds)?

Tavis Glover: Hat's off to having such a hot model ;) So, this won't work without wifi? Just wondering, because I'd like to use it on location where wifi isn't an option. Maybe I can use my phone signal? Thinking of using it on my iPad too, have you tried it yet? Thanks for all the great videos!

Han Yin: Go to settings and turn it on. It's OFF by default

odinata: Me too! Damn i-phones....

GamutPhotos: HI Michael- Thanks so much for the tutorial it made my set up super easy. My live shoot view does not have a focus button. Is there only a focus button in certain setting or does the camera have to be set a certain way? Yes my lenses focus button is on AF. Thanks and I am looking forward to this app being updated.

Luis Quinones: Hi M. Can you record now video using the app?

daniel sevdal: Canon 6D i love it.. test it

xcess1979: So my app doesn't have a focus button for some reason. Any ideas on what might be wrong there?

Bruno Valente: Can someone tell me if its possible to use it on t5i (700d) and SL1 (100d)? Please answer me and thank you

Arsh JaiKrishan: Sir i shall also be grateful for your kind advice, i am an indie filmmaker and an upcomin Photographer.. confused between Mark III & 6D' thoough i have a my few budget constraints.. yet i am drifted towards Mark III, for its Non-liasing and No moire.. as compared to the rest.. which i fear could pose as a problem during shooting in the future. Please guide me.. Thanks, Regards, Arsh JaiKrishan

Felis Neva: Mine doesn't have the focus button! :(

MichaelTheMentor: It should. Star ratings in camera import to LR.

Ryan Robinson: but can you use it in bulb mode? and get a 23" exposure? 17" exposure, that kinda thing, just looking to see if I can control the exposure for fireworks, lightning, etc

MichaelTheMentor: What exactly are you trying to do?

Richard Altenburg: One of the settings in the app is whether you want to show the focus button or not (default setting is to hide it).

Lord Sword: can i work with the T4i ?! there is no WiFi in

MichaelTheMentor: Which focus mode do you have? If on face detection and there is no face in the shot...this could be a problem! ;)
EOS Remote App | Canon 70D 6D | Wifi Wireless | Set-up & Basic Shooting 4.7 out of 5

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EOS Remote App | Canon 70D 6D | Wifi Wireless | Set-up & Basic Shooting