NextBook 8 HD Tablet NX008HD8G How To Root

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NextBook 8 HD  Tablet NX008HD8G How to Root
NextBook 8 HD Tablet NX008HD8G How to Root
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Tech Clan: @TrunkMike666 If your device got ruined thats on you buddy. I did not force you to try this and you must have done something wrong as other people here have successfully rooted their tablet. The link in the description brings you to the website with full step by step instructions which i really would hope you read before trying this. Hateful comments wont change anything and have i nice day.

Brett Culley: your not being specific enough on what to do, whats sad is i can tear windows apart lol, what exactly needs to be downloaded and put on the sd card

Tech Clan: I am gonna post a new vid tonight to clear up a few things

teresa lopez: For next book 7 to rooted there's a app on the Google play store they will tell you the full details to root next book 7

Tech News And More: hi i have the older 7 inch model but i am wondering if it is the same procedure as this one?

CJGAMING2014™: i got the nextbook 7 nx007hd8g can u please help me rooting it icant find any videos to help me can u please help me with that dude

John Rogers: Thanks Dude, It Worked Perfectly. =) Haters Going Hate. 

Miguel Ramirez: I root my tablet but i want to unroot, how i can delete the root?

teresa lopez: I need some help I buy this tablet at Walmart I downloaded antivirus t says my tablet is rooted when I check it says your device is not full rooted

Michael Drake: my nextbook freezes on boot help

luis quintero: has someone unbricked this tablet?

Joker Tyler: Can I root without sdcard 

Brenden: you need to be clearer on what the heck you do for the people like me who don't understand how to do most of the things you said.

Wolfos Games: um mine bricked and wont turn on. is there ANY way to fix this??? please, i really need it for school. im a very poor person and so the one source of my happiness breaking is really terrible.

Amy Ponce: My brother forgot his password on his nextbook 8,can u help 


Dawn Treader: My tablet is at the screen where there is a flower and a finger and it wont go off of it!!!

Brilliant Centeno: this works on me.. but when i installed chainfire it got bricked... so i made some research and found it's stock rom they said it's modified.. but i don't see changes it it for those who bricked their tablets go to this link and download it put the zip on your sd card flash it using your recovery then wait for a few minutes then it's done

Robert Clark: Rob, I followed the procedure, but can't download any applications. It appears the INTERNAL STORAGE (on the tablet) shows the Total Space is 0.00 B. And I have about 85 MB of apps and media content. Thus the settings show that I have 0 B of storage available. When i USB it to my computer, I can see the original files under the NAND STORAGE. Thus the INTERNAL STORAGE appears as 0 During the ROOT process, when I get to the 3e screen, should I have selected the 'EXT' line? Also, I tried the original Recovery ZIP file, but no joy. Thoughts, Robert

Luda Warren: I dont care your awesome bra it worked on my nextbook 8 too yayyyyyy....not my first but first tablet

Hector Manuel: Hey guys use a program call root master it will root your tablet without brick... cuz i use this method and i brick mi first tablet so i buy another one and use root master now my tablet is rooted...

angel jara: Hey friend I Might pass files recovery mode mind is that accidental delete those files and Might nose to 

Richardbuen1: Do we need to download stock Internal ad card or is this just to get the apps that the tablet comes with and also if I root would this solve the google services battery drainage problem 

stephen dean: your mouth sounds like you are super thirsty

Jonathan Gomez: hi i have the same tablet , can u help me to root my tablet .... but i need more details

teresa lopez: I downloaded the three files it didn't work :(

teresa lopez: what kind of HDMI cable do you need for this tablet

kyle finn: This is all a moot point since the links have all been taken down.

Darien Traha: How to install apps on an nextbook 8 without a SD card plzz help me someone

Adam Vanegas: Do you know if this will allow me to use Bluetooth on the device? I see that my device mentions something about Bluetooth but its not enabled and it doesn't "exist" so will rooting help unlock and turn on the Bluetooth feature

Marisa Mancini: I tried rooting but when I go to reboot it gets stuck on the 2nd screen (picture of woman with headphones). What happened? And can it be fixed? I know you are not responsible for what went wrong but could you please help me fix it? Thanks

Dredogmor1: Your Video Do not show what option to pick so I just pick reset to get back to the normal an that Brick my system froze on the girl with the headphone do not try video do not give you full instruction.

Don Shep: This video is fine instruction up until 4:37 when you get too the dam recovery screen you dont say wich option too use too flash, you seem very uncertain there, very unpro. the correct option for others trying this is Update from EXT... then select from Sdcard, then select the kyser zip.

Mike Zarogoza: Great Thanks Man got a question though i have been trying to stall a couple of games on my tablet and it is telling me that it is not compatible with this version. What does that mean??? And now that i am rooted is there a work around so i can play it. The game is need for speed most wanted. I just think its funny my motorola atrix hd plays it just fine but this tablet wont even install it.

David Paduano: I just bought my nextbook 8 around Christmas time. I Went to the freaktab link and there is a warning on the page that if the device was made after August of 2013 that it might not work. Mine was made in November of 2013. I see that there is updated links as of 11/5/13. Would those be the correct links to use for my nextbook 8 or is there another place I should download them? Thanks.

Randy S: nice video, been looking for this for awhile, i may be trying this later this week, I do have a question hoping you may be able to answer. Some apps don't install, are not compatible with the next book 8HD, will rooting change that or will the apps still be in-compatible? the boy likes Despicable Me Minion Rush and it wont install from the app store and when installed form SD it wont run.

ButteredPopcorn903: What does "bricked" mean because I'm concerened about the word.

teresa lopez: Do you need a computer to root this tablet

condew HacDC: This is a bad idea. It will likely leave your tablet useless, possibly even unrecoverably useless. DON'T DO IT. The video does not give enough details to assure success.

Adam Vanegas: Do you know if this will allow me to use Bluetooth on the device? I see that my device mentions something about Bluetooth but its not enabled and it doesn't "exist" so will rooting help unlock and turn on the Bluetooth feature

Andy Iker: I have a next book nx007hd is there any root for it pm me please tell me

Medo Hassan: it dose not work power+volume up

Erwin Francis Laroza: hi i download the 3 thing that you told and i still don't get it

BudgeTech Reviews: Nice Vid man

Raking nova: thanks n.n, I was worried about my internal storage. but you have the answer :D

Melinda schexnayder: TY

TrunkMike666: freak you! Thanks for ruining my price of crap next book fag

kevinfrmkdz: maybe you don't cause it worked in 5 minutes for me without a single problem. is it hard bricked or soft bricked? maybe I can help fix it if its soft bricked

Vicente Zavala: Hey man thanks for the video. 1 question once the tablet is rooted can I switch the sd card with the custom recovery and put another sd card and keep the root? I think I should be fine doing that because I already wrote super su privileges but I still wanted to ask you though

Melinda schexnayder: Which option or options do you use after booting?
NextBook 8 HD Tablet NX008HD8G How to Root 4.4 out of 5

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NextBook 8 HD  Tablet NX008HD8G How to Root