NextBook 8 HD 2013 Tablet How To Root

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NextBook 8 HD 2013 Tablet How to Root
NextBook 8 HD 2013 Tablet How to Root
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Debra Kroeker: Will this work on my NX008HI8G?

shavennnn1: Rooting is not something the average Joe can do! I am not a computer genius, I get frustrated every time I look at one of these videos!


Johnathan Stmary: 2015 model how???????

Johnathan Stmary: my tablet wont let me flash it.....i press apply update fromm external storage ans it gives me an error..... --install /storage/sdcard1/ findinfg update package openiung update package verrify update packag E:failewd to verify whole-file signature E: signature verification failed instalation aborted

Angel Singer: If your serial number start with fyg1113 don't use this it will mess up your next book

Edward Martinez: sabes como istalarle una Rom customizada ??

PoisonFrog: I have an old next book would it still work?

GARRETT Delong: Absolutely terrible... AHEMMM!

Jhonny Polanco: i would like that you talk about this but in spanish please because i need that information is very important for me if you can please

Kross Lee: When I turn mine on it sits on a Load screen and won't do anything

karola benavide: Hello i have a problem with my nextbook 7 i try to reset my tablet because the screen is block with the automatic repairing n diagnosing your pc title y it goes on n on i can reset it even if a push d + vol n power button w what else can i do????

Ramzy ar: i have nextbook 8 nx008HI android 4.1.1, it's gonna work with these files or u can help me with other files ?
thanks (: 

Deasia Henderson: Help

Josue Martínez: what can I do if my tablet is a newer one? The serial starts whit YFG1013

seth hazelwood: +Rob Escobar Jr

seth hazelwood: Hey it said no command when I tried to hold both the power and volume up button to flag I am confused please help

Joe: Those who screwed up can repair following instructions here:

Bethwel Villa: Thanks Bro.. it works for me

JayTheKid26: Ok so I tried to use the root Rom and it didn't work. So I installed the stock Rom I got from the website, now my tablet won't even turn on!!! It's sad. My dad just gave me it, and it was the best device I had. Now its broken. And thanks for making me look up which option to press to flash!
NextBook 8 HD 2013 Tablet How to Root 5 out of 5

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NextBook 8 HD 2013 Tablet How to Root