Free Word Publishing-Libre Office App Review

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Free Word Publishing-Libre Office App Review
Free Word Publishing-Libre Office App Review
Free Word Publishing-Open Office App Review
Free Word Publishing-Open Office App Review
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DN5229: Wow this little boy is pretty smart

Fyuesiy: @abnercus Cool thanks

Airplane RS: @Fyuesiy In the video I was using Cinch, but as of now I've switched to Flexigalss

Fyuesiy: @abnercus what window snapping add on do you use ???

Ograws: I have a problem with LibreOffice 3.4.3 on Mac OS X. When using Impress the text seems to be all over the place like not on the page of the presentation. It happens after I save it

Airplane RS: @thehispterbebop Sure thing! Glad I could help!

Aj Smith: Thanks, good series of reviews

Omar Dajani: sorry not keynote its quickpick! check it out!

Omar Dajani: Hi guys I have a video about how to get keynote for free! The link will be in the description so please please check it out!

Omar Dajani: Cool video :)

Airplane RS: @Laloloop Thanks for commenting, plus giving feedback! Means a lot!

TLCM: Well as libre office is an Open Office fork it has a bunch of old and deprecated code that the developers removed in the last releases. Pages is a native (cocoa) app so it should be faster. Luckily the developers are doing a great job with libre office and they are removing the java dependencies inherited from OO. Hopefully they will end up with a more than considerable alternative to the paid apps. Anyway thank you for reviewing open source projects (Y).

Airplane RS: @blackoutworm Thanks for the constructive feedback! My apologies for introducing wrong information. I just hadn't done any research like you have, and I can't believe it hadn't occurred to me the Libreoffice was work of the same developers as Openoffice! Now I really recognize all of the similar features. Thanks!

BlackoutWorm: And also, you do have all the "paid" features from MS Office in libreoffice as well, but not out of the box. But if you go to their website you'll see a whole bunch of extensions you can add to libreoffice. All the templates and the other features you are used to from MS Office.

BlackoutWorm: Libreoffice is an OpenOffice fork. And the developers of OpenOffice have stopped the project and moved to libreoffice. Also when you said paid apps are better than free apps, not true. When they are free, they are also open source which means available for every programmer and developer out there who wants to make the software better. So just because a software is paid, does not mean it's better. But most people would probably trust a paid app before a free alternative. Wrong logic right there.

commercialsaremywife: 0th view? Awesome
Free Word Publishing-Libre Office App Review 5 out of 5

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Free Word Publishing-Libre Office App Review