Sig 1911 XO - An UnBoxing

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GolfBallWackerGuy1911: I'd be happy with 10 days. new York doesn't have that. I've been waiting 2 weeks and have np idea when I can pick mine up. I got the sig sauer 1911 tacops.

zakkrick: Just got minds, 10 days waiting period. Feels a lot better than my kimber raptor 2. The look and feel of the Sig XO is almost the same as any 1911 that would of cost around 1700.00.

Northwoods Patriot: In Military lingo, XO means Executive Officer. Not sure if that was Sig's intentions?

SlipperyScope: Good review, sounds like you just came back from a jog

Billy Webb: Excellent Review. I gave you a 'thumbs up'. I usually give 'thumbs down' when I have to watch through the entire review and find the most important data missing. As I do the research, I expect to be given the price and the date of purchase, so that I can compare prices between different models. I have subscribed to your vids. You did good.

The Gun Channel: I got mine for $625 with a Sig Sauer XO holster :) Boom.

TSniper79: I just got my XO. i love it!!!!!

imgaryk: Congrats on winning the auction. I know you will love the gun.

TurkXII: For those who just want to see the gun, skip to 3:13

imgaryk: @splinterman9 It is all the D.O.J. fees, plus sales tax that really add to the cost.

Carlos Silva: Nice gun, I own one :-) MSRP 970.00 you got it for 902.00 out the door with 80.00 discount I got mine for 840.00 out the door but you live in "commie land " congrats on your purchase enjoy ! BTW Mccormick mags work well with this gun

pv107: "Hug & Kisses 45" LOL!

RegressMeNot: @imgaryk Thanks for the quick reply.

imgaryk: @jnjoblon Only one small ocasional problem. After 260 rounds, 4 times, the very first round in the magazine gets hung up and´╗┐ does not fully chamber. Give slide a little push and round chambers. All 260 rounds, once chambered, have fired without any other problems. Slide locks back after last round perfectly. I think gun needs a little more break in time. Very happy with purchase.

RegressMeNot: Beautiful gun and great review... I think this is going to be my first 1911 purchase. Hey can you give me an update/response to how those mags are working out for you? Are you having any problems with feeding, locking back, ect?

imgaryk: @MrThinblueline Thank you.

MrThinblueline: Beautiful 1911. I own 2 Sigs, had recently traded in a third for a shotgun. Now I'm on the prowl for a 1911 and enjoy those Sigs so much I may have to get an XO of my own. Great gun, happy holidays to all.

imgaryk: @KAS8208 Thanks for stopping by, I'm really liking the Sig.

KAS8208: Wow. Beautiful pistol. I saw my first Sig 1911 this weekend, and I was impressed.

imgaryk: @23mrcowboys I really like mine so far. Glad to hear you are thinking of getting one. I think for the quality and the cost, Sig has some great 1911s.
Sig 1911 XO - An UnBoxing 5 out of 5

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GolfBallWackerGuy1911: I'd be happy with 10 days. new York doesn't have that. I've been waiting 2 weeks and have np idea when I can pick mine up. I got the sig sauer 1911 tacops.
Daniel Morgan: Teri, what are you using to apply the drybrush with? Looks like a sponge tip but the video was moving so fast to make it out.
robert blak: Heard you guys can do any modification can I get a sport Fairing done for my apache 180.
Tom Morrow: Thanks for posting!!!
Matthew C: Very informative! I took some ideas you mentioned and am pleased with the results
derRaphi: War geil die Folge
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Sig 1911 XO - An UnBoxing