Pelco KBD300A In Direct Mode, Controlling Esprit PTZ Camera

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Pelco KBD300A in direct mode. controlling Esprit PTZ camera
Pelco KBD300A in direct mode. controlling Esprit PTZ camera

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Jonathane Condez: I have 14 esprit camera which is connected to pelco dvr that has dcs control point and I have remote pc that has dcs control point also, the kbd300a is connected to the remote pc I've installed the kbd300usb kit driver but still the camera is not moving using the kbd300a. the camera is moving using the pelco software. can you advise me what should I do. thanks.

cole Parker: Please may you send me a video of your Esprit showing off all of its Features, Functions, Benefits and it going full speed to please, thankyou

MrHamkiller: hi i got the same camera just dont know how to set it up please help

Apillbox: can you buy that ptz enclosure separately?

Ecli C.: Hello! are you able to enter the camera setup mode with this controller? I have the dome drive IV version and I want to be able to change some setting in the camera itself. currently I am using this camera with me qsee dvr but I am not able to enter the camera setting mode, I can only control it and do live view thats about it. Thanks

percyk2: got the same Pelco, and its got 4 cameras hooked up. stuck on camera 1 and if I touch the joystick it starts spinning the camera, and none of the other cameras work. Any ideas on how to repair??

JIME692: Hi I have a system Camcorder pelco and I have a problem with KBD300A do not respond quickly and very slow Does it have Software return it to its original condition

jcp411: Thanks for the great info and channel! Awesome!

Giovanni Fiorini: Does the KBD4000controller require some sort of programming to get it to work on the genex multiplexer server?

Video Security Services, Québec: Yes you can

Video Security Services, Québec: Hello, yes, you can access the the menu in all pelco cameras by entering preset 95. Just go to preset 95 and you get in to the menu from there :)

Video Security Services, Québec: Send me a message through the Facebook Page or by private message on YouTube

muhammed fouzad pc: hii how to setup multi ptz in a matrix n joystick?

Video Security Services, Québec: You need a controller that will allow you to input pre-sets

Video Security Services, Québec: Contact me via the facebook page or leave me your e-mail

jonny franci: Excellent video...Congrats,,,Well DONE...! I have a question ,,You really know your stuff...I have just picked up a Pelco dd53cbw camera and am trying to run it off a pc with a rs 485 adaptor ,I have hooked up the rs485 leads to t- and T+ on the adaptor and R-and R+ on the camera. I get NO response from the camera when I pan or tilt.The camera self checks and then the info stays on the screen,Thats it...Do I have to program the cam first before it works? How do I do it PLZ Help Thanks

solo sass: Hi i have abouth 75 of this camaras at the company where i work in Mexico, do you have the belt band fot move verticaly and orizontaly for replacement?, and maybe a software thah you recomend me to operate al the camaras throw wireless, thanks for you help.

Video Security Services, Québec: thanks! Check out the videos I recently uploaded

Video Security Services, Québec: where did you see them? usually they are at a security desk or something...

Ecli C.: What would be the right model and thats not too expensive for my pelco spectra IV? Thanks. Whats your model?

fette10: I have a few questions in regards to the Pelco KBD300 controller. My name is Lafayette Woods and my number is 8703295652

sonkarshe: Excellent video. Awesome equipment I see you use ONLY the BEST cctv equipment on the market PELCO excellent choice i found it to be the best great videos !!!!!!!!!

Video Security Services, Québec: I have a KBD300A you can get one on ebay for 100-200$ but you can also search for PTZ controller and buy the chinese one that has the controller and the wireless remote. It works with RS485 but you can program and control all functions of the camera, look at my earlier videos. You can get that little controller for about 20$ total if you look hard

Ecli C.: did you ever get the camera working?

Video Security Services, Québec: @sonkarshe THANKS! yes I do! took your advice! no asian crap hahah pelco is simply the best

Ecli C.: hello! thanks :) I have a qsee dvr and I am not able to enter the menu from dvr. is this a good crontroller for me to use and change any settings from the camera? what type of connection does this use from the controller to the camera? Thanks by the way, great videos ;)
Pelco KBD300A in direct mode, controlling Esprit PTZ camera 5 out of 5

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Pelco KBD300A in direct mode, controlling Esprit PTZ camera