Yamaha Waverunner FX 140 2004 And FX 160 HO 2006

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Yamaha waverunner FX 140 2004 and FX 160 HO 2006
Yamaha waverunner FX 140 2004 and FX 160 HO 2006
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2004 Yamaha FX 140 Waverunner
2004 Yamaha FX 140 Waverunner
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corey ralph: uncle paul you show of

Paul Gamblin: no the salt will be fine on it just flush out well when you get it back. I had mine for 4 years now and when I have my serviced at the end of season they always say it look like new. no sign of corrosion caused by salt water and I have done about 50 hours in the sea. Yamaha's are a well engineered bits of kit. Just go and have fun in the sun. Enjoy the sea !! And jump some waves. And have some good times ;-)

Cody Green: great vid! love the ski's. I just bought a 2003 FX 140 cruiser, i can't get enough of it! i was thinking about taking mine to the coast of florida, but isn't salt water hard on your impeller?

Kien Tran: Which one do you prefer more?

drgreenthumbgt4: @ demonrose your a moron great vid lads love the fx

demonorse: Ya ever go to a beautiful lake with no houses or nothing and then have some jackass show up riding around on one of these? Scum.

Paul Gamblin: yes the 140 will pall more then 2 person tube

Nick Heim: will the 140 pull a 2 person tube?

2manreds: @antharding yh these are really good for towing wakeboards and rings, also fast and very fun , i would advise getting a yamaha HO or SHO , or you can check out the seadoo wake , they built that focusing on wakeboarding

Paul Gamblin: hi yes these would definately be a good choice. yamaha are very reliable and have got a lot of pulling power. the high output will give you instant lift for a skier but uses a little bit more fuel than the 140. i go out all day and i usually use about £50 - £60 worth of fuel continuous riding. hope this helps. it's a great sport you'll love it.

antharding: Hi There, great vid! Me and my girlfriend are after a jet ski to mess around on this summer, it has to be able to pull a skier/ wakeboarder. Do you think any of these would be a good choice. How many litres of fuel do you use on an average day out. many thanks, Ant

Paul Gamblin: @loansharky Hi the 160 high output makes a big difference to the initial acceleration from stand still and has a slight edge on the flat out and top end about 3-4 mph more makes it a bit better to jump the ski with a sharp squeeze on the acceleration and the 160 HO is more economical than the 140

loansharky: What are the differences between the two (other than 20 hp)? Do you notice much of a power difference really?

Paul Gamblin: @Bladeus99 Hi Bladeus99 thanks mate thay are good ski's the FX 's I have had no mods done yet ! but i get 57 mph flat out. Have you had any mods done to yours if so does it make much difference to the top end ?

Bladeus99: Nice ski's mate. I've got exactly the same 140 myself (2004). Great ski ~ what do you get out of yours flat out, and have you done any mods at all?
Yamaha waverunner FX 140 2004 and FX 160 HO 2006 5 out of 5

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Yamaha waverunner FX 140 2004 and FX 160 HO 2006