Dillon XL650 Reloading Press

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HaveFunLetsAuction: 99 cents for a cookie sheet? I just steel a cookie sheet from my wife's kitchen whenever I need one.

Kenneth Thomas: Great video. I do believe you've encouraged me to save some sheckles and get a dillon.

muffemod: Progressive presses are recommended for beginners now.

Ron Lykins: I have been deciding whether to get a single stage press or progressive and whether to go Dillon or RCBS and I think you have convinced me that the extra money is well spent on a Dillon.    This will be my first reloading experience, but I am good at setting up routines and doing detail work.   I like what I see in the XL650.   I guess the only other major components I will need are a good scale, calipers, brass cleaning setup and brass trimming setup,  various boxes and of course, brass, powder and bullets.    What powder to you like for small handgun rounds (9mm) and what powder do you like for large rifle (.308-  7.62 Nato)

Ron Lykins: Thanks that was informative and helpful

DrJimJam111: Can't hear it either, worst part starts around 6:43.  You are using the mic on the camera no?  When you move away from it or face the opposite direction it's having a hard time picking up your voice.  Remote mic? I'm hearing most all of the other videos quite well. Full size monitor w internal speakers. Both the youtube volume and the computer volume are turned all the way up.

PaulsWackyWorld: Check out my latest movie.  Reloading safety with Muffie  LOL


Adrian Lindsay: Excellent video thanks for taking the time to do it.

Mariano Mollo: add some volume to you video dude, i cant hear crap!

Miguel Jose: With this video I know what type of press I'm going to buy because is so helpful

freddiemercurious: Fine job, Paul.  I have an XL650 on the way.  It should be in my "mailbox" in two days or thereabouts.  I'm VERY excited.  Like you recommend, I've been using a Rock Chucker for about 5 years; although I had the Hornady Pro-Jector (remember the one that preceded the LnL?) for more than 10 years.   

I really came here to see some specifics about how the primer indexing system works on the 650, but I'm sure I'll have no problem finding it shortly.

Just wanted to comment and say that your video was well executed, and informative.  Thank you! 

Jhovanny Oliveros: Best detailed video sir, keep them coming.

FrozenguyRS: I started with the XL 650 because you can use it as a single stage until you're ready for progressive. However great video! Really enjoyed it.

bwspyder1: Great video ! Did the press come with the case feed tube or did you have to buy the case feeder?

PaulsWackyWorld: Do what you want but don't give others bad information

Jim Kohn: Liked the presentation. Newer shooter (2yrs). Looking at the 650 as a first time loading machine. I have family that loads and will help me set things up. I really liked the full auto reloaded 1050 but don't think I really need all that right now.

philip Anninos: Very good presentation but you left out the flaring part when the powder charges and you left out the crimping step.. thank you for posting this.
Dillon XL650 Reloading Press 5 out of 5

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Dillon XL650 Reloading Press