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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Wolf: I came here because of the Favela map preview for Ghosts.
V Blame V: Can you get them in uk they are hella tight 
Raquel Barouh: alcandynamicswayde 
ilangshot: damn i wouldve choked on clip 2 haha
Biancaviolin: I made the Lego figures but as earrings, love earrings! :)) Picture of them : http://i.imgur.com/RpkDsOp.jpg It was more of a challenge for me, and the first time I got to use Isopropanol to clean everything up (which I had to import via ebay, it was impossible to find in my french town here, I mean, why?!). Felt so good to melt away the fingerprints :) But DUUUUUH!! I completely forgot to cut the legs before baking, I took them out the oven but the clay already hardened... Was really fun, again, very inspiring video :)
NWGJulian: what a huge exhaust! looks so much different to mine!
BattlefiendHrush: I believe the whole thing with the Vector's very high cyclic rate of fire is to show just how well the action reduces the muzzle climb of a relatively heavy recoiling cartridge (at least for a submachine gun) that's being fired very quickly. PR mostly. I'm sure KRISS realizes how much more practical a slower rate of fire would be, but they want to "show off" for the time being. Really, if I'd like a low recoiling, fast firing SMG/PDW, I'd probably go with something like the P90 or MP7 instead. They are even more controllable than the KRISS Vector.

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