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JaeMinJaeHo: I love your video and the books. The Logan character is perfect!!
saberman121: i feel the voice actor for bryce based his voice more on kenpachi rather than jiraiya
Wenly Seow: SO MATCH!
millysunny: 恭喜黑咪 !你由幾百個subscribe開始我已經follow你,你所有video我都有睇:-) 好開心你一直都無改變 !超欣賞你呢 ! 多謝你咁有心送giveaway, 希望可以得到啦! 因為最近既challenge係………失業, 大概一個月了,但 未搵到新既工作,都好努力去搵到自己理想既工作,原來現在想搵一份合理人工,又係你自己有興趣既工好難,所以要加油,以前番工忙都好少護膚,最近我都想改變,由自已皮膚開始,想好似你皮膚咁好:-)
jefthereaper: lol, all those lines in the vid prove that any game related judgment is just pure bullcrap, everybody always gives a 9/10 or sais its "impressive and ahead of its time" show them pokemon blue from the gameboy today and they will say its amazingly mind blowing. the game has a terrible story, and lots of bugs, the only reason I'm buying this is due to being a rpg fan, and they are the only game I know that actually got the magic system right, along with open worlds just being fun regardless of how bad the story is.
platiny senedo: COMO ATEVAR SIM DE NOKIA RM980
陳勝偉: 大同感,原本以為是探討人類起源,卻又扯到異形,超討厭那種異形,噁到爆,片名完全騙人進場,連預告片也是,根本可以告詐欺,整部片爛透了,誰在乎異形的起源,去死吧

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