How To Cut 3 Layers Womens Hairstyle- Lots Of Layering And Volume

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Sue Doe: i bought this 5 yrs ago b/c i was tired of paying $20- to have an inch cut off . & when i get tired of my long hair i will try layering it. ;-)
(nothing against hair stylists)

mir hashmi: thanxxx

Savanna Whitworth: I an a cosmetologist and there is no such thing as 3layers not trying to be rude

Setyani IndonesiaGD4ever: She had beautifull hair....:)

Merry Kay Milam: !st two cuts were not even..

IB: Thank you! Beautiful happy and fun loving.

Venus Bee: I've had this for 3 yrs now and I love it! Never again will I pay a ridiculous amount for a haircut! (Not bashing hairstylist so don't give me a lecture.. I love my former hairstylist, he just charged way to much for my long long hair!) It is an amazing little gadget. I'm happy with it! 

Connie Anguiano: This is the first time layers comes with numbers. Lol oh my. 

Darien Thoemke: I think is is such a lovely idea for people who are on a budget or simply can't find a hairdresser who really understands what they want.
I know "3 layer haircut" is a humorous term tossed around between us cosmetologists; as it is the reason I clicked the video. (I wanted a good laugh) But you know what? Give the people what they want. I would never look down my nose at a client who cuts her own hair...ever. And honestly, some of these haircuts are beautiful.
And also, please don't make assumptions about my lifestyle because I am titled as a cosmetologist. I am not pregnant, I make really good money, and I chose to skip out on college because cosmetology is something I love to do and I learn more and more everyday. I do volunteer work all the time with my salon, go to classes at least once a month, and have made such great friends with both my coworkers and my clients. Anyone on here who is shaming hairdressers better take a step back and think twice. Didn't your mothers teach you how to treat others?
Lastly, I am not worried about my profits decreasing because of this device. While I'm sure a lot of you would love to see the hairdressing world crash and burn, it's only going to get bigger and bigger.
Much love to all,
A cosmetologist

dori Villarreal: I would never cut my own hair , I love going to the salon and getting y hair done and being pampered . I love my master stylist, he always does an amazing job , and very fun to talk to 

sarah anderson: this is so painful to watch. absolutely awful looking.

vanessa11421: Can u show one with shorter hair by shoulders

Lilah n Jay: I went to school for hair and I think this is so cool !! Doing your own hair is awsm.

Victoria Dilorenzo: I have really curly hair, can I cut my hair this way they show here????

Cat Weber: I just bought the clips and used them tonight. I didn't go by this demo, but the one I did go by was similar. Hands down the best haircut I've ever had. I finally received a cut that I wanted, for the first time ever I might add. I'm so sick of these little, pretentious "hairstylists" that sincerely think they know what they are doing because they apparently attended a "school" for a few months. They're just pissed because they couldn't go to an actual university or they got pregnant at 13 and couldn't take their kids with them to live in the dorm. If this many people tell you that you suck, well then maybe you actually suck. This product wouldn't be so popular if you actually did your jobs w/out the damn attitudes. I wish I could take back any tips I ever put in any of your grimy hands after reading some of these comments. I'm pretty sure McDonalds is taking applications if any of you are interested. 

Jerry Delano: I have been using this for 2 years and I LOVE IT....BETTER THAN ANY HAIR CUT I GOT AT A SALON,for $50.00!!! The stylists are just pissed they are losing money...I'm sure mine is!!!

Sierra Barron: Your old

tina sheppard: yes you can see her hair was long layers before she cut it ,but she cut into a style and tiedied it up again for the demonstration.AND YES IT DOES WORK AND IT DOES SAVE A LOT OF MONEY, ive got one and i use it on myself and my mates,im sure if you had invented it ,it would be the best thing since sliced bread,envy is such a evil thing  ;o(
How to cut 3 layers Womens hairstyle- Lots of Layering and volume 5 out of 5

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How to cut 3 layers Womens hairstyle- Lots of Layering and volume