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puneet basra: @WCchillin i will trade you a micheal jordan for it but the jordan is not a jersey card and plus you have to give me one more card because thats an unfair deal
Anthony Li: omg! i want this song but i can't download it anywhere can someone tell where they get this song...i just love the voice n i have Angel's Feather
Sharay Gordine: 10
Caren Moore: Blur,Blur,Blur and completely omitted the top half & of showing you how to put the hi hat cymbals on it. Useless! The bottom half is the easy part!
TW BAO: I have HTC One M8 and HTC Desire, both are great phones.
toheed5: Will it still work on my Windows 7 computer? Processor: Intel Core Duo CPU 2.93 GHz 2.94 GHz RAM(Random Access Memory): 8.00 GB Rating Processor: 6.5 Memory: 6.5 Graphics: 4.4 Gaming Graphics: 3.5 (Yikes) Primary Hard Disk: 5.9 Please tell my if this is enough.
LeonRussia: "амд и асус" пиздец, вот херню несёт.смотреть невозможно.

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