Gamo Varmint Hunter Review

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caesar99z: Hi how is it roostered ? 

Call_Me_Mad: Webley And Scoot: Webley Patriot .177 1992 best airsoft in the world and it still now a good one ! 

Thatotherbrownkid: Where did you get the bi pod

grayson anderson: I saw this gun at academy for $99.99

1990ryanalba: what type of battery is for the flash light can not find the right size and its annoying as hell 

Mtb Life: Great video could you subsribe back to me so I can show you my air rifles 

NOBOX7: awsome gun , i recomend it , sounds like a 22 cal when you shoots pba ammo

NOBOX7: yes by all means a m16 has more kick then this gun but the scope accelerates faster for a far shorter duration on a spring powerd air rifle, lets say hypotheticly that this gun had an impulse force of 9.8 newtons for a duration of 1/1000 of a second , an m16 rifle would have a force of say 4.2 newtons but for a duration of 1/10 of a second almost 100 times longer so the m16 buy far has a greater overal effect but a spring loaded device putts a higher load on the scope fore a very short instant 

NOBOX7: gun cotton or nitro cellulose has a very low brissence this means when it explodes its a gradual increase in pressure with impulse forces that are very long in relation to high explosives, but htis are gun generates 2 very rapid shockwaves that have a brissance higher then that of a m16 assault riffle it happens so fast that the shock wave takes place much faster then a nitro cellulose explotion, i recomend you tightn down your scope with a small amount of "goop" for "traction" on the smooth run

NOBOX7: hey bro i looked into this problem extensivly it turns out you aint the only 1 having this issue, beleave it or not the kick from this gun is very violent to such an extent it will damage sum rifle scopes only air gun scopes should be used from what ive red, they have a higher brissence then guns ,yes a real rifle has more kick but the brissence of that kick is much lower the math involved is on a forum i found this gun has so much power it exceeds the bracket configuration 

Taylor Collins: freak you faget

MrBuBBy222: did you have any troubles with the scope falling off and did you have a hard time zeroing it in

Ramon Santiago: a guy is selling this on craigslist for 75, should i get it? seeing that the original price is alot more than he's selling

moumujai: @Mrjack45241 What do you mean it is pretty accurate? Someone says Daisy red rider is very accurate even though he gets 1.5 inches group at 30 feet.

Mrjack45241: @SuperSmallgamer The match ammo is really made for close target range practice, and yes it is pretty accurate. 

Mrjack45241: Im sorry for anyone who bought the same bi-pod for this gun and it didnt fit, it was a tight fit for the barrel of the gun but i managed to make the clamp go down. If you could find a different bi-pod thats a little bigger that would be great! let me know and put the link in the description for everyone! thanks!

Mrjack45241: If you have the same gun and the same bi-pod then make sure you unscrew the piece on the bottom all the way so it has the maximum amount of room to fit in onto the barrel. Then push the clamp on and it should work. 

Austin Christopher: bipod didnt fit mine

AdamDguitars: @Mrjack45241 yeah the same one and the guns are the same i dont know why my barrel clamp was small i dont see hot it could fit on any gun

Mrjack45241: @RomeowIsFluffy uhh.. i believe its a 20mm barrel. how big is yours? did you get the same bipod?
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Adkins Latoyia: Thank you for your video. I like it very much. I have purchased the hair from ms lumina hair you refer to. Great hair. I dyed it to match my natural hair color. It didn't dry out are anything it kept the original texture. I'm loving it. Thanks so much for all your video and letting me know what is the best hair i can purchase. Very professional company and I will be purchasing from them for now on. here is the link below:
Liam Nash: This keyboard was only unboxed once, I did not re-unbox the item for this video. Thanks - L
4u6imoto_123: Can I run it on 4.3 ??
Parul Bansal: Aah sala loladh ja samjhda ki h apne aap nu. Tu bht syana h??? Bht akal h tainu??? Tucha banda....
Loonygirl23: Anyone know how to change the speed of the trackball?
Brittany Bevan: I recently purchased a corset which fits me perfect from the waist up but the lower tummy and hip area I feel is way too small I cannot get it done up for the life of me there is about a 4-5 inch gap I can't close no matter how much I try to squish in. My question is can I fix this with longer laces or a different lacing style? I think right now it's done up "shoe lace" style or should I just send this thing back and get a bigger size/completely different corset?
Brooke Logan: how is this literally the only tutorial i can find to make a dress like this

Gamo Varmint Hunter Review