Gamo Varmint Hunter Review

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caesar99z: Hi how is it roostered ?

Call_Me_Mad: Webley And Scoot: Webley Patriot .177 1992 best airsoft in the world and it still now a good one !

Thatotherbrownkid: Where did you get the bi pod

grayson anderson: I saw this gun at academy for $99.99

1990ryanalba: what type of battery is for the flash light can not find the right size and its annoying as hell

Mtb Life: Great video could you subsribe back to me so I can show you my air rifles

martinlopezjr: Mine was 125

NOBOX7: awsome gun , i recomend it , sounds like a 22 cal when you shoots pba ammo

NOBOX7: yes by all means a m16 has more kick then this gun but the scope accelerates faster for a far shorter duration on a spring powerd air rifle, lets say hypotheticly that this gun had an impulse force of 9.8 newtons for a duration of 1/1000 of a second , an m16 rifle would have a force of say 4.2 newtons but for a duration of 1/10 of a second almost 100 times longer so the m16 buy far has a greater overal effect but a spring loaded device putts a higher load on the scope fore a very short instant

NOBOX7: gun cotton or nitro cellulose has a very low brissence this means when it explodes its a gradual increase in pressure with impulse forces that are very long in relation to high explosives, but htis are gun generates 2 very rapid shockwaves that have a brissance higher then that of a m16 assault riffle it happens so fast that the shock wave takes place much faster then a nitro cellulose explotion, i recomend you tightn down your scope with a small amount of "goop" for "traction" on the smooth run

NOBOX7: hey bro i looked into this problem extensivly it turns out you aint the only 1 having this issue, beleave it or not the kick from this gun is very violent to such an extent it will damage sum rifle scopes only air gun scopes should be used from what ive red, they have a higher brissence then guns ,yes a real rifle has more kick but the brissence of that kick is much lower the math involved is on a forum i found this gun has so much power it exceeds the bracket configuration

Taylor Collins: freak you faget

MrBuBBy222: did you have any troubles with the scope falling off and did you have a hard time zeroing it in

Ramon Santiago: a guy is selling this on craigslist for 75, should i get it? seeing that the original price is alot more than he's selling

moumujai: @Mrjack45241 What do you mean it is pretty accurate? Someone says Daisy red rider is very accurate even though he gets 1.5 inches group at 30 feet.

Tzilla18: thats a nice bipod but n the reviews it says it releases easily if you bump it how does it work on that airgun because i have the same and am thinking of getting that bipod

SuperSmallgamer: do you know how many ft/lbs it has?im trying to dicide what to get.i want to know how strong it is or what was the biggest game you ever took with it,and how many shots dod you use...

Mrjack45241: @SuperSmallgamer The match ammo is really made for close target range practice, and yes it is pretty accurate.

Mrjack45241: Im sorry for anyone who bought the same bi-pod for this gun and it didnt fit, it was a tight fit for the barrel of the gun but i managed to make the clamp go down. If you could find a different bi-pod thats a little bigger that would be great! let me know and put the link in the description for everyone! thanks!

SuperSmallgamer: you forgot to show your last shot with the gamo match pellets how accurate was that pellet?????
Gamo Varmint Hunter Review 5 out of 5

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Elizabeth Bender: Luv sunny hill I will be there Halloween weekend
Darshankumar Dave: Dave what antenna these radios are hooked to ?
DAN PROWSE: I have a 7310 (7300 with sprayer) and the spout wont stay down, when water is at full the spout slides up against the handle body.  This might be a bad diverter or a missing diverter part?
wes olsen: around 30hz
Luís Scott: "Thanks for the heads up, you idiot!" LMFAO
UBBERTANKER: those are sway bar links lol the bushings hold the bar to the body of the jeep
thomas ankner: very nice car, i just purchased a 1972 continental and i thought that was big but i think yours is bigger, lol best of luck with it , i love it, in great shape, thanks for the video :)

Gamo Varmint Hunter Review