Home Made Wood Stove From Hot Water Heater And 55 Gallon Drum For Outdoor Use

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Daniel Richard: I want to do pretty much the same as your's but to heat water for my pool ! You just need to seal everything and put a inlet at the bottom and the outlet a the top so the water came in and around the smaller tank where you make the fire so it catch up heat then exit at the top really warm !

Bob Woodbutcher: Really, how long do you think a 55 gal. drum will last. They are paper thin. Don't worry though, when your house burns down, you will be plenty warm.

Robert Hensley: should install a fan in the duct that way its pulling the heat from the unit and then pushing it into the building. If you put the fan at the front, you will have a lot of back pressure and lose pretty much all the force the fan puts out. Heat will simply blow back out past the fan. Not to mention how hot the fan will become sitting directly over the barrel.

David Bean: Think you might want to put your fan inside garage and pull air in from air exhaust and out to garage. might save you from problems with your fan. They make inline fans for ductwork that would work well.

Gustavo Moreira: good Idea.

motanelustelistu: Good ideea.Its nice when people make from trash,treasure.So this will be transformed from a water heater to a turbocharged radiator.Nice.I've done something like this some time ago but its not turbocharged

Shemp Nutley: For those who suggested piping the heated shop air in to the stove as combustion air, think for a minute why he is making this an OUTSIDE stove! Why not just put the stove inside if there is no concern of explosion? It's the gas fumes IN the shop he's worried about. I do agree it would make a much hotter fire... Once! My thought is that you need to enclose the stove in its own insulated shed to keep the hot air hot, you won't believe how much heat your losing in the short run from the stove to

szlagjasny: you need a way to control air intake for the burner , one with a termostat would be good

Josh Bryant: thanks. im redoing the whole system so its more efficient n space saving

Josh Bryant: thats true.

H.J.D: I just seen your video it might work for a while but if it ever burns a hole through the fire box you might send flames directly in to your building through the duct work

Phillip Galey: @winnabego Always drawing in freezing air makes for most uncomfortable nights, the cold air like a 2 foot thick blanket, spreading across the floor. The best intake runs a tube from the roof, inside the stack, and down through the stove, and out, to be regulated in intake to the burn; it burns hot enough that, there's little or no smoke, . . . and no fan, the stack suction, producing a good intake vacuum, . . .

Josh Bryant: @phillipgaley thanks for the comments. i appreciate the input

Phillip Galey: @justkeepinitrealyo The vertical designs greatly simplify ash removal; and, because they burn hotter, there's less of it. Also, because of the type of steel, and thinness of it, the barrel stoves are not at all long-lived, . . . The old large commercial gas cook stove tops were cast iron; recently, I bought one off a junk truck, and then also, one of the newer mild-steel tops. With enough metal mass as a heat sink, at night, you won't have to rely on choking the fire down to a low smokey burn

Phillip Galey: @justkeepinitrealyo . . . . warmer, oven and water heater. I have made and used single and double barrel stoves, for the same reason many do, . . . low cost and ease in construction; but if you'd like the comfort of sustained heat output, use heavy steel, and perhaps fire brick lining so that—as with the 'rocket' stoves, you can get high burn temp. Welding must be both sides; and though rolled sections cost more, the curves disperse the stresses, reducing or entirely eliminating stress fractures

Phillip Galey: @justkeepinitrealyo The 'rocket' stoves are vertical in burn, and some have a near vertical feed tube, which makes it even more efficient. Also, the old pot-belly railroad stoves which were bolted in the caboose and burned coal or wood were vertical in feed and burn. If you ever use a vertical stove, you'll quickly perceive of the speed and efficiency of them. The advantages in efficiency were of course, sacrificed to convenience in large cooking area with combined oven, warmer, oven and

justkeepinitrealyo: @phillipgaley : But doesn;t your vertical rational go against the design of virtually ALL wood stoves?

justkeepinitrealyo: @somtam4eva : And you have the manners of one.

ham: dry your poop on a pan on top of the stove and burn it itll save you some money

Josh Bryant: @DanOlooney i burnt it all off when i did a trail run before i hooked it up to the outside of the shop. thanks for the suggestion
Home made wood stove from hot water heater and 55 gallon drum for outdoor use 5 out of 5

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Home made wood stove from hot water heater and 55 gallon drum for outdoor use