Bubble Wrap Window Insulation

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Bubble wrap insulation
Bubble wrap insulation
bubble wrap window insulation three years later
bubble wrap window insulation three years later
bubble wrap window insulation
bubble wrap window insulation
Insulate A Window With Bubble Wrap
Insulate A Window With Bubble Wrap
How To Insulate Drafty Windows for Winter - Save Hundreds on Heating
How To Insulate Drafty Windows for Winter - Save Hundreds on Heating

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Rick wallace: get on with it please

Face Blankets Plus: do this and use a Face Blanket and you'll be good

Lauren McCabe: Does anyone recommend using the more expensive 1/2" bubble wrap, say from Home Depot, or should any old 1/2" bubble wrap found on Ebay be just fine? (A reviewer on the Home Depot site says theirs has 6% R value. I don't want to spend money unnecessarily, but if it makes a decent difference in my crazy heating bills, it's a no brainer.)

Selena Beaulieu: Where the hell do you live in an old factory...???

Bronson Stephens: Which is better? Bubble wrap or the special weather stuff?

Lety Beggs: Talk too much

prittykitty1985: Thank you for making this video, I used bubble wrap and one of those cheap window insulation kits, with the plastic and tape and a hair dryer... My unused closet window is no longer an energy drain, and now it is warm, and the bubble wrap provides privacy, while still letting light through! Love this trick!

shaikhymx: Great, great idea, just what I was looking for! thank you

littleblondemop: Wow, this is an old video, but it's something interesting to try. I don't want to cover the whole window in bubblewrap or that clear plastic wrap. Wonder if it's a stupid idea to just wrap bubblewrap around the edges of the window and the edge of the frame (based on the window you have and the age/set up) if then to cut the draft. I see an experiment in the works;).

Naomi Bass: anyone try this? does it work? were you able to lower your heat bill?

Jess R: great idea! thanks

Alex Paulsen: Heaters are energy efficient, regardless of what you have.

100% of all energy is converted into HEAT. You're not producing sound, or light, or kinetic energy, or elastic energy, only heat. Therefore a heater is 100% efficient.

As for fan heaters, the fan does use some power, they supposedly transfer heat around the room better, but they also draw cold air across the heating elements, which results in the heater having to work harder or longer to keep up to temperature. I've had good results with the biggest possible oil column heater legally available, ignoring my power bill.

Zhou Chris: Works?

Lloyd B.: Question: what happens if you put the bubble wrap on the outside of the window? (the exterior)

Desmond Walker: this is marketable 

Heather Grant: "If ur smoking..." wow, ppl still do that indoors in rentals? RUDE&gross!

RM Hutchins: I enjoyed your video.  It was very helpful.  Thank you!

Blobby Digital: could I just put bubblewrap in between my window and storm window?

Susan Frady: Does this help with condensation on the windows??

Steve Peterson: Objective: Keeping my house nice and cool. I live in Florida and have very old (circa late 1970's) windows that allow tremendous amounts of light and heat inside. I just put Dow sheets of insulation sheathing (that I got from Lowes) behind the windows, on the inside of the window and it has really helped. The sheathing is basically styrofoam that is about 3/4 of an inch thick and fits inside the window nicely. In my large living room window that faces south, I have three sheets of sheathing in there. Only problem so far is that when I bake something in the oven, the heat stays in the house and it gets pretty hot. But I'm looking forward to seeing a lower electric bill this summer. I watched all my cool air fly out the window last summer. 
bubble wrap window insulation 5 out of 5

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bubble wrap window insulation