Unboxing & Review Of Micromax A35

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Unboxing & Review of Micromax A35
Unboxing & Review of Micromax A35
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Micromax Bolt A35 Unboxing
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Micromax A35 Bolt Full Indepth Review and Rooting - SKYTECH
Micromax A35 Bolt Full Indepth Review and Rooting - SKYTECH

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kunal sardar: hello sir i am kunal today i have flash my device and opened recovery mode and to get my stock rom backup .after backup of rom i rebooted my device i does not opened and continuesly rebooting please please help me to solve this problem my device is micromax a35

SHAON Chatterjee: in my a35 no games are supporting......
help me how i will support them in my a35.....plz plz plz

Akshay Shukla: Please tell me how to root Micromax bolt a35 & how to install its driver

Bnes Shakya: hey, in my A35 temple run do runs fine but the motion is worst i have to tilt 90 degree for motion and also motion response is late. CAN U PLZ HELP ME?

Jayesh Paradkar: Hi andrew can we update micromax a35 bolt to ics??

coalguy143: Hi Andrew, since u mentioned on flipkart tht u r using this phn I wanted more info abt the phone.....I read sumwhr tht it keeps on restarting randomly, does tht happen with ur phone too ???? n ya also wanted to knw whether the internet runs at decent speed considering this is 2g phone Thanks

Nazeer Jx: plz sir plz post more playing games videos this mobile micromax bolt a35 plz sir plz do sir

neel Parekh: does this mobile supports screen shot app?

Aadesh Borgaonkar: does this phone supports heavy games or not?????

Rijo Mathew: *you're

Ranu Chauhan: which one iis better choice ,micromax a35 or Videocon A15 mobile ? pllsss rply fast tomorrow i"ll buy .

nitin bhankodiya: how to update my micromax a35

Saravanakumar Muthu: not

Mofrad Hasan: does skype run on this phone?? please reply......my mail mofrad007@yahoo.com

suman dash: hey andrew u r using the same launcher in all videos.....tell me how to download that launcher and its version

Rajeev Srivastava: this phone is good or not

Mukil Antony: how do you get a land scape screen

Mukil Antony: how do you costomise

srujan chary: @andrew barnes.......i like the theme u have used...what is that theme?

Fearix Fellas: Sir i have a problem on this device my wi fi is not working is there any solution for it sir ???????
Unboxing & Review of Micromax A35 5 out of 5

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Unboxing & Review of Micromax A35