Castor Oil And Vegetable Glycerin Benefits For Hair Growth

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Castor Oil and Vegetable glycerin benefits for hair growth
Castor Oil and Vegetable glycerin benefits for hair growth
Mixing Castor Oil for FASTER Growing Hair!
Mixing Castor Oil for FASTER Growing Hair!
Vegetable Glycerin for
Vegetable Glycerin for "Natural Hair" PROS & CONS
Fix Dry Damaged Hair w/ Glycerine Mix
Fix Dry Damaged Hair w/ Glycerine Mix

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Hey you: can i use glycerin oil for make up remover?´╗┐

Alexanderia Jayne: I love the way you talk you are so adorable and pretty thank you for this video !! ­čĺ×´╗┐

siddhant aggarwal: Hello,

I need your help with my hair problem. I have a receding hair line. Could you please suggest some oils, whose use would help me with hair regrowth and in activating the hair follicles. 

Thanks & Regards

Ella Presley: Great video. ┬áI'm learning what to do for my 4c hair. ┬áThanks!!´╗┐

Azad English: my hair is dry can i use vegetable glycerin oil ?plz´╗┐

OneidaNativeGirl16: Would it make your eye brows grow?´╗┐

Baron M├╝nchhausen: I had some really bad cracked heels, my left heel was the worse with a big crack right through the middle of it. For years I suffered with it. I bought this oil thinking nothing of my feet, just thought for the price let me check it out. Well I put this on my feet after a shower one day and the next day my dried cracked heels were soft for the first time in a long time. I started using this daily on my heels, used a foot scraper and started to notice my heels were so much softer. After about a month of use, the crack in my left heel is completely gone. My heels look the color of normal skin again for the first time in 20 years. I have these rubber swimming shoes, right after the shower I put some oil directly in the shoe itself. Then walk around the house the rest of the day while my heels absorb the Glycerine Vegetable oil. I have now bought 10 more bottles, just for my feet.´╗┐

Mattie Graham: where can i buy vegetable glycerin oil from. ´╗┐

Cheryl Harris: What are your thoughts on biotin and MMS for hair growth? What about miconazole cream?´╗┐

semirah jewels: Really like your reviews on these two products, they're my favorite things. ´╗┐

777videos7777: beautiful spirit!´╗┐

KelsiieKetamine: You should be careful with vegetal glycerin if you live in a dry climate. It sucks the moisture from the air so if there if you live in a dry climate it can make your hair dry.´╗┐

Shanesha Gillion: Where yu get the oil from again??´╗┐

Patricia Jackson: Hello breonnaqueen, your review was great, thank you. I just wanted to know if you've ever mixed any of these oils with Coconut oil and if so what were your results?

artistNexile: I've been hearing a lot about castor oil. Is there any difference in regular castor oil and Jamaican Black castor oil as far as the benefits?

Amber Johnson: Where do you buy the castor oil and the vegetable glycerin & how much did it cost?

Keema Marie: Have you tried jojoba oil? I just started using it and I hear it's a really good oil as well

quebex: why are you talking like your in a commercial ? XD

Ashley Davis: Thanks I will have to try this ASAP!

Cristina Maria Solem: Thankyou for the tips! You are beautiful :)
Castor Oil and Vegetable glycerin benefits for hair growth 5 out of 5

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Castor Oil and Vegetable glycerin benefits for hair growth