Castor Oil And Vegetable Glycerin Benefits For Hair Growth

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Castor Oil and Vegetable glycerin benefits for hair growth
Castor Oil and Vegetable glycerin benefits for hair growth
✿ 168 ✿ Castor Oil & Hair Growth
✿ 168 ✿ Castor Oil & Hair Growth
Castor Oil For Hair Growth
Castor Oil For Hair Growth
Benefits of Argan Oil. Coconut oil and grapeseed oil for hair growth
Benefits of Argan Oil. Coconut oil and grapeseed oil for hair growth
111. Castor Oil For Hair: My Scalp Was On Fire!
111. Castor Oil For Hair: My Scalp Was On Fire!
Castor Oil Hair Challenge!
Castor Oil Hair Challenge!
Castor oil for hair growth!!
Castor oil for hair growth!!
Hair Talk: Coconut Oil. Jojoba Oil. Castor Oil  RahKneeShuh
Hair Talk: Coconut Oil. Jojoba Oil. Castor Oil RahKneeShuh
Glycerin vs. Vegetable Glycerine
Glycerin vs. Vegetable Glycerine
Oils for hair growth - essential oils and carrier oils
Oils for hair growth - essential oils and carrier oils
✄Hair 2 Inches in one month? Castor Oil Challenge 1st Length Check
✄Hair 2 Inches in one month? Castor Oil Challenge 1st Length Check
All About Vegetable Glycerin...
All About Vegetable Glycerin...
Jojoba Oil review and  Hair UPdate
Jojoba Oil review and Hair UPdate
Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair
Benefits of Olive Oil for Hair
Benefits of Pure & Natural Vegetable Glycerin Glycerine Soap for Face. Body. Sensitive Skin. Acne
Benefits of Pure & Natural Vegetable Glycerin Glycerine Soap for Face. Body. Sensitive Skin. Acne
Castor oil &Hair growth. Does it work?
Castor oil &Hair growth. Does it work?

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777videos7777: beautiful spirit!

Cheryl Harris: What are your thoughts on biotin and MMS for hair growth? What about miconazole cream?

Arsheen Shroff: You're so pretty & voice is so soft, I love it 

semirah jewels: Really like your reviews on these two products, they're my favorite things. 

Mattie Graham: where can i buy vegetable glycerin oil from. 

Shanesha Gillion: Where yu get the oil from again??

KelsiieKetamine: You should be careful with vegetal glycerin if you live in a dry climate. It sucks the moisture from the air so if there if you live in a dry climate it can make your hair dry.

pr3TTyb0ii06: Can you mix both oils together and add like sweet almond oil or lavender oil together.

BREONNAQUEEN: you can mix the two together but the it would be very very thick. I suggest adding an essential oil (I have a video about those) and/or water to the mixture.

BREONNAQUEEN: @wishywashygirl19 I would suggest putting some heat protectant serum on your hair before you straighten or dry it. This helps your hair to be smooth, frizz-free, softer and prevents your hair from getting damaged due to heat. Then after you have applied heat, add a little oil.

Keema Marie: Have you tried jojoba oil? I just started using it and I hear it's a really good oil as well

BREONNAQUEEN: yes, you can mix oils together! I have a video called "Oils for hair growth" check that out for more info about mixing oils :)

wishywashygirl19: Can you straighten your hair after putting in the glycerin also can you blowdry too?

BREONNAQUEEN: @nisey088 thank you!

BREONNAQUEEN: lol thanks, I was born in Kentucky.

Ebony_Goddess: i will definitely be trying castor oil. One question though...can OO be used as a substitute if you dont have Castor?

BREONNAQUEEN: Thank you! The great thing about oils is they are so versatile! You can mix them with so many things and can find a billion uses for each! I love my vegetable glycerin mixed grapeseed oil and water! I use it as a mist to help provide a lil sheen!

orbitalurban: Great review! Now I wish I had found your vid earlier... I just started using the Now Solutions Vegetable Glycerin, mixed with butter/oils, and it feels good on my hair. Still have not experiment with the Castor oil... I have to wait to mix it in something later. :^)

Amber Johnson: Where do you buy the castor oil and the vegetable glycerin & how much did it cost?

love heart: U dont know what your talking about. tell us what glycerine is and how to use it the right way sweety b4 u get on here and think u know what yoir talking about as if you are an expert. u are not suppose to apply glycerine directly to the hair.

Patricia Jackson: Hello breonnaqueen, your review was great, thank you. I just wanted to know if you've ever mixed any of these oils with Coconut oil and if so what were your results?

Yissel Herrera: On a previous video u spoke of Argan oil 4 hair growth. Which 1 works best Castor oil or Argan oil? Also, from watching other videos I found out that Castor oil stinks. S d 1 u use diferent or s d smell just something u deal with?

Jaden I: How do you use the veg. glycerine on your skin?

BREONNAQUEEN: @expertonmyself ooh! i'll have to try that out (vg &water in a spray bottle) thanks! :)

Texlaxed Tresses: Great reviews!

snob life: You're Gorgeous .

FemmefataleLB: I hope I'm not being tacky but what color hair do you have. It's really Gorge

BREONNAQUEEN: Olive Oil and Castor oil are two different oils. Castor comes from the castor bean and Olive Olive from olives so you can't really "substitute" them since they derive from different things but both are great for skin and hair.

BREONNAQUEEN: aw thank you!

love heart: Glycerine should be made into a mixture and then applied to the hair: equal parts water and equal parts glycerine. For some this may b a little to thick, u may want to add a little more water. So, there u go. My point was exactly what u said dear: provide information about the product your reviewing & not misleading viewers. But if u like applying it directly, hey, do it.

BREONNAQUEEN: @TheJasi3 If I do not know what I am talking about then please provide informational backup so I can see the error of my ways since OBVIOUSLY you know what you are talking about. Also, when did I say I was an expert? Exactly. Girl bye.

iloveandroidxd: PLEASE BREONNA I NEED HELP :/ I bought a 100ml bottle of castor oil from my local pharmacy and I only asked for castor oil for external use.So now I don't know if it's cold pressed, plus it was not from a brand so I can't search it.It's literally clear and thick.It smells like wood/bean or something like that.Is there a way I can find out if mine is ideal for hair eyelashes etc??

BREONNAQUEEN: @wishywashygirl19 I personally dont recommend putting oil in your hair then straightening or blow drying it. Adding oil to your hair then applying heat will cause your hair to fry easily (just like when u put olive oil in a skillet then put it on a high temperature, the oil gets hot and starts to pop) I put a little oil in my hair after Im done applying heat to add a nice shine & help any flyways.

BREONNAQUEEN: If it says external use only then its not cold pressed (cold pressed means its intended for human consumption) and that it's not "pure" castor oil. Are there any ingredients on it at all? I would think it would still be fine to apply to hair though. Maybe not eyelashes though since its close to your eye.

Cali Gurl: Where are you from? I love your accent. lol

artistNexile: I've been hearing a lot about castor oil. Is there any difference in regular castor oil and Jamaican Black castor oil as far as the benefits?

BREONNAQUEEN: @KimKIMMYPossible thanks! :)

quebex: why are you talking like your in a commercial ? XD

orbitalurban: Hey!! That is so true about oil mixing... Recently I did a mix to use as a mist on my twists with Vegetable Glycerin, EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) & Water. feels soft! Well, I now have Castor oil and waiting to get 1 more ingredient in order to mix it with a leave in conditioner. I'm still not into the leave in conditioners much... I rather use a mixture of butters for my hair, along with other oils too. I hope this mixture comes out better than my last. :^)

Su.Lee: so do u leave it in or wash it out?

BREONNAQUEEN: Argan makes your hair look better (provides shine, helps dry hair, brittle hair) but as far as your roots, which is where your hair grows from, I dont think it benefits (they do have argan shampoo & conditioner Ive never tried though). However, it does help retain length which is necessary if your want your hair to be longer. Castor oil does grow your hair & thickens it up! I dont have problem with the smell but you can mix it with a little coconut oil, carrot oil, ect to hide the scent.

rifacakez: I'm not sure if anyone has said this already but using the vegetable glycerin alone will pull the moisture out of your hair.. I mix my vegetable oil with water and other oils in a spray bottle

love heart: Chill out sweety. I didnt mean to offend u. I am a cosmetologist sweetheart. You didnt have to mention u were an expert, your actions speak loud and clear. you should kno that glycerine is a humectnant. humectant attract moisture. When u apply it correctly then it will attract moisture from the air keeping your hair richly moisterized. If u use a humectant the wrong way it has an adverse affect and draw moisture away from the hair. Glycerine, honey etc SHOULD NEVER BE APPLIED DIRECTLY TO HAIR.

FemmefataleLB: is your hair jet black or dark brown. I'm thinking about getting a similar hairstyle for the summer. A little change

FemmefataleLB: oh, thanks for info on vegetable glycerin. Mos def going to try it

Yissel Herrera: Thank u 4 d quick reply.

SantinaJohnson1: I like you accent :)!! It's welcoming.

Karen Sterling: you just described my scalp, I have to try a get some of this castor oil and see what it would do for my hair

expertonmyself: i'm natural and i love to mix VG w/ water in a spray bottle and spray it on my hair to refresh my twist out or wash & go. i like using castor oil for hot oil treatments too.

Tameisha101: can u mix them both together? would it be better?
Castor Oil and Vegetable glycerin benefits for hair growth 4.8 out of 5

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Castor Oil and Vegetable glycerin benefits for hair growth