Mora Companion HD | Bushcraft Knife | Field Review

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chan tastic: excellent knife. batons through thick and tough wood with no problem!


Albert Head: Overall length 8.86 ounces?

James Hart: I've had mine since May and I find it one of the best knives I own. And I own about three dozen knives of different brand. This knife has a blade thickness of 1/8th of an ince and if very sturdy. The blade on this knife has a 27degree grind. a bit steep, but the edge is extremely sharp and durable. The sheath holds the knife tight, and if it gets loose, heat the sheath with a blow drier until its too hold to touch bare handed, then use a spring clamp on the empty sheath till the sheath cools. Then insert the blade. Might be tight fit the first few times but it will loosen up just enough. Also you can put some duct tape or electrical tape inside the sheath at the top, this will also help with blade retention. Yes this knife is good, and very useable.

William Kister: Do you prefer the Heavy Duty to the standard Companion?

Luka Merabishvili: how much is the blade thickness?

usernamemykel: "Widdle"? Oh, bright eyes meant to say "whittle".

Caden Chandler: You Guys also have very good filming caden

Caden Chandler: I like you guys because you guys actually know what your talking about Caden

Phillip Delaney: If you look at the inside construction... I mean i KNOW the companion is in act a mora but i just would not trust the tiny bit of metal hidden in the rubber. It is not the whole "it isn't full tang" that gets me. It is just TINY. In the heavy duty, although still not full tang, i would trust handling situations more stressful. For the extra maybe like 6 bucks, DEFINITELY go for the heavy duty. If you don't believe me, go on their website and look at the 'x-ray' picture.

Turtle girl: which one do you like better? tje heavy duty or just the regular

Black Owl Outdoors: What would you like to know about the knife that I didn't say in the video? How can I help? -Krik

Ontario Northerner: wow it can widdle a stick, u offered practically no insight

Black Owl Outdoors: cale, we were actually just talking about that. now that we have a base line for the most the gear we carry, we are gonna start doing more all encompassing videos. not just ones where we show what's in the kit, but one's where we show us using our kit, whether camping, hiking, or adventuring. thanks for watching. and stay tuned. we have a lot in store. - Stony

Cale Canter: Can you by chance make a video of what you guys usually carry in your kits, as well as your standard camp set up? You guys make awesome videos, would love to see one that's all inclusive.

Black Owl Outdoors: We're glad you like our videos. Thanks for watching Joe. Are you asking why I say turtles? -Krik

Joe Hammon: Usually at the end of all your videos Krik uses the term "later turtles" or "stay safe turtles" in this video. This may sound ridiculous but I've never heard the term before so I was wondering if you would comment on what it means. Thanks Stony and Krik I love your videos.

Black Owl Outdoors: it's all preference. we dig the look. thanks for watching. - Stony

screwloose455: Also the aperture you're using seems a little low.

sj mn: Great shots, finally an outdoor channel with great quality videos.
Mora Companion HD | Bushcraft Knife | Field Review 5 out of 5

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Mora Companion HD | Bushcraft Knife | Field Review