Mora Companion Heavy Duty MG Knife Review

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Mora Companion Heavy Duty MG Knife Review
Mora Companion Heavy Duty MG Knife Review
Mora Companion Heavy Duty Knife
Mora Companion Heavy Duty Knife
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Mora Clipper Companion Heavy Duty MG
Mora Companion Heavy Duty Test. by Equip 2 Endure
Mora Companion Heavy Duty Test. by Equip 2 Endure
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Mora Bushcraft Black vs Mora Companion Heavy Duty
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How to add patina to a Mora Companion Knife
Mora Companion MG Knife Review
Mora Companion MG Knife Review
The Mora Heavy Duty Knives
The Mora Heavy Duty Knives

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Micah Barron: am i the only one who noticed he said 8 ounces for length instead of 8 inches

Joe Hammon: Ya Krik I was wondering why you say " Later turtles" at the end of your videos.....Sorry for taking so long to reply....I barely noticed the message in my inbox.....kinda stupid I guess 5 months later.

sudsmeister: Nice review. Need to get one too! Mora is getting the traction it needs plus all knife companies should take heed of its type of prices too. 

ANDY SUMAC: Great video . I've had one for awhile and really like it . I've not been gentle with it and its holding up . And for the cash you can't beat em . Sumac -miamivalleygearguys@youtube 

Caden Chandler: I like you guys because you guys actually know what your talking about Caden

BlackOwlOutdoors: Thanks for subscribing! I feel their performance is pretty much the same. The real difference is the DLC coating of the black and the black can throw sparks with a ferrocerium rod. If you have any more questions, let me know. -Krik

FlatlanderIA: Great review on this Heavy Duty and the Black from Mora! Which of these do you prefer overall? Have you noticed any difference in cutting or battoning ability between them? How about firesteel striking? Thank you! I'm a new subscriber!

Connor Moryn: what camera do you use?

mikahandels: Great camera.

BlackOwlOutdoors: haha. yup you heard correctly. krik misspoke. thanks for watching.

BlackOwlOutdoors: We're glad you like our videos. Thanks for watching Joe. Are you asking why I say turtles? -Krik

south305boy: Great shots, finally an outdoor channel with great quality videos.

BlackOwlOutdoors: What would you like to know about the knife that I didn't say in the video? How can I help? -Krik

BlackOwlOutdoors: thanks mika. we shoot on a canon 7d. it is a great piece of equipment. - stony

NorthSurvival: Great video, i love mora knives and i have many, that mora companion heavy duty looks like a very sharp and good knife for bushcraft. I am also into bushcraft and survival and i have some videos on my channel about it. Again great video. PS you just got another subscriber. Greetings from Sweden. /NorthSurvival.

Rob Davis: When you finally manage to dull your Mora, just use wet/dry 3M 1000/3000/6000 grit sandpaper progressively, glued to blocks of flat wood with double-sticky Carpet tape. Try to follow the original Scandi grind, but if you get into old knife sharpening habits it probably won't hurt and might even put on a "Scandivex" grind, which is pretty much what a genuine Katana uses.

Betmen: Yes I did. I have Companion F but I don't know how to explain it, it just doesn't feel right. Thicker blade feels much better.

BlackOwlOutdoors: A bit of a downside? I wouldn't say that. Carbon steel does require different care than other alloys. It's important to know how to care for you knives whatever their type of steel. For the price and quality of the Mora, the carbon steel is not even a factor in my mind. But Mora does offer stainless knives as well if you'd want that. -Krik

BlackOwlOutdoors: it's all preference. we dig the look. thanks for watching. - Stony

n8SWAG: I currently use my zt 0350 every day. I might get a buck 11.9. We'lll see. I love your camera!

BlackOwlOutdoors: YT doesn't allow it. I guess to keep spam down or something. Is it on your channel?

BlackOwlOutdoors: That's great Grayson. It's funny you should mention throwing sparks with the knife's spine. Have you checked out our newest reviews?? They might interest you. -Krik

usernamemykel: "Widdle"? Oh, bright eyes meant to say "whittle".

BlackOwlOutdoors: thanks north for watching. and i love the mora companion heavy duty. it just feels so much more robust than the regular companion. i'll check out your videos then. right now i'm at work and don't have time. thanks for watching and stay tuned for some more videos.

BlackOwlOutdoors: I got that sweater probably ten years at a Gap. I saw the sweater and I liked its features. I wouldn't really say Gap has the type of clothes I'd want. But they did with this particular sweater. Finding an affordable, quality wool sweater is not an easy thing to do. -Krik

BlackOwlOutdoors: Thanks a lot Seba and keep watching! -Krik

Turtle girl: which one do you like better? tje heavy duty or just the regular

BlackOwlOutdoors: Hey no problem at all. Let me know how the Companion works out for you. We have referral links on our blog to help us generate some coin so we can continue to offer relevant product reviews. Blackowloutdoors dot blogspot dot com -Krik

Caden Chandler: You Guys also have very good filming caden

Seba Walczak: Good job Bro! Thank You.

BlackOwlOutdoors: That makes sense. I hope you find the knife you're looking for. I'm certain it is out there, even if it's not a Mora. I agree though, the extra thickness will make a difference. Have you tried using a Mora with a thickness of 2.5mm for work? -Krik

snowpuppy77: Appreciate the reply. I really do not do any more detailed work than feather stick and the like so the HD would probably be fine. However I do know that a thinner blade is often better for food prep like cutting apples or raw potatoes. I order the regular because of this and the Amazon price is up higher than normal on the HD. I may get the HD later or the black one your reviewed if I like the companion. If I like it I will want more than one especially at those great prices.

BlackOwlOutdoors: Thanks for subscribing n8. Let me know how this knife works out for you if you buy it. Which knife do you currently use the most? My Moras definitely get the most frequent use. -Krik

BlackOwlOutdoors: The extra thickness and larger handle of the Heavy Duty does not really inhibit detailed work compared to the regular Companion. For really detailed work a smaller would be better than either. How detailed are you talking about? -Krik

n8SWAG: Great review! Subbed. Looking to get this.

BlackOwlOutdoors: I am a huge fan of the Scandi grind as well. Thanks for the comment. Do you have any vids of you sharpening a knife with said grit?-Krik

snowpuppy77: Which do you prefer between the MG Companion and the MC Heavy Duty Companion? Does the Heavy Duty with thicker blade and handle diminish dexterity in detail work vs. the regular Companion? Thank you.

Betmen: Mora needs to make this in stainless

seng0w4: Krik, where'd u get that green sweater?

Cale Canter: Can you by chance make a video of what you guys usually carry in your kits, as well as your standard camp set up? You guys make awesome videos, would love to see one that's all inclusive.

Roger Liu: The visual quality of your video is like of movie standard....

Phillip Delaney: If you look at the inside construction... I mean i KNOW the companion is in act a mora but i just would not trust the tiny bit of metal hidden in the rubber. It is not the whole "it isn't full tang" that gets me. It is just TINY. In the heavy duty, although still not full tang, i would trust handling situations more stressful. For the extra maybe like 6 bucks, DEFINITELY go for the heavy duty. If you don't believe me, go on their website and look at the 'x-ray' picture.

Betmen: Well, I prefer stainless because I am a constuction worker and sometimes don't have time to clean and maintain my knife. There is a big difference between 2,5mm thick blade and 3,2 and in my job more robust knife is better. That's why I would love to have a Robust or Heavy Duty companion in stainless.

BlackOwlOutdoors: I'm not certain how they choose which knives are available in stainless as well as carbon steel. Do you prefer stainless over carbon steel?. -Krik

BlackOwlOutdoors: I think you will be pleased with the knife. Let me know your impressions of it. We have more knife reviews on the way. -Krik

Ontario Northerner: wow it can widdle a stick, u offered practically no insight

screwloose455: Also the aperture you're using seems a little low.

BlackOwlOutdoors: cale, we were actually just talking about that. now that we have a base line for the most the gear we carry, we are gonna start doing more all encompassing videos. not just ones where we show what's in the kit, but one's where we show us using our kit, whether camping, hiking, or adventuring. thanks for watching. and stay tuned. we have a lot in store. - Stony

smackbitches123: you have really good camera quality. Makes me enjoy your videos even more.

Joe Hammon: Usually at the end of all your videos Krik uses the term "later turtles" or "stay safe turtles" in this video. This may sound ridiculous but I've never heard the term before so I was wondering if you would comment on what it means. Thanks Stony and Krik I love your videos.
Mora Companion Heavy Duty MG Knife Review 4.9 out of 5

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Mora Companion Heavy Duty MG Knife Review