Marvel Mystery Oil With Oil Change

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Marvel Mystery Oil with Oil Change
Marvel Mystery Oil with Oil Change
Marvel Mystery Oil information. should you use it? Claims to fame. - VOTD
Marvel Mystery Oil information. should you use it? Claims to fame. - VOTD
My DIY Marvel Mystery Oil Product Review
My DIY Marvel Mystery Oil Product Review
Marvel Mystery Oil review
Marvel Mystery Oil review

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MegaTabetha: A recent convert to this stuff, I find it amazing as tank additive, double dosed way way smoother pick up much better, emissions MUCH better, just 13ppm(from 40 last year) on MOT this week, economy same but runs so much better, idles better, used on 5 different petrol cars, used in 1 with noisy tappet/lifter and 95% better now, I use WYNNS engine flush and do 200-300 miles on this before oil changes at 12,000 miles on Millers NANO TECH oil, never had less than 250K miles from engines.
only used in oil on 1 car so far but good effect, 1 more car to try on oil, again with noisy lifter, my own lifters in my sierra cossie have done over 300K miles and silent, did take apart at 200K and clean out though.
Well worth using MMO give it a try.

Dan Skipper: Have a 35 yr old HARLEY iron head SPORSTER that would foul sparks plugs all the time . Started putting 1oz of mmo in 2.5 gal tank every fill-up and haven't fouled a spark plug in yrs , and motor is a lot quieter , great stuff

scdevon: Marvel is good stuff, but an entire quart in your crankcase is WAY too much for a maintenance dose. Yes, I know the directions say you can do it, but in my experience with the stuff, a couple of ounces along with a quality oil is all you need to keep things really clean without diluting the crankcase oil too much. Marvel is much better as a fuel system additive, but an ounce or two in the oil is a good maintenance dose to keep piston ring packs clean and hydraulic valve lifters clean. If your engine has sludge issues, an entire quart of MMO could break loose a fatal amount of sludge material in a short amount of time, too.

Bob Dobolina: Y'all, y'all, y'all, lies, oil, lies, y'all, bullcrap. The end.

Deucealive75: If I wanted to clean out my engine I would use 4 quarts of 10/30 and 1 quart of cheap trans fluid.

E Lee Kaiser: Havoline is some good stuff. True sleeper oil.

Fun King Fuss: does it work with synthetic oil?  that's all I use in my trucks.

Nestor Morales: how good would it be to use this on a turbo motor. i use 6 qts

David O: Why would you use 5w-30 well because of the tighter bearing clearances in todays engines.  Like the LS3 in the Camaro or the LS6 in a C5 Z06 for starters.  Both which require a synthetic version.

Ryan DeClue: .... Why would you use 5w30? That crap has the viscosity of WATER. 

Micah autoserv.: how long do you keep this in you motor

JayzBeerz: it states to replace 1 quart per 5 so that's 1 quart of MMO and 4 quarts of oil.

re faile: Installed junk yard engine in f150 and seems to have stuck ring? Alot of pressure in oil cap. And the engine makes funny squeaking noise, Unless egt valve is disconnected. Hope this Marvels works.

Andy Almeida: My 05 Tacoma has 245k, 6 speed manual gets the carbon cleaned out regularly and still ticks like when I bought it new... MMO and Lucas additives ftw! I recommend starting with 91/93 gas, MMO lowers octane rating.

themanshere74: I might use it before an oil change and drive it 100 easy miles. I am sure it would clean very good. Does it make your engine feel like it has more power if you put it in the gas?


Rod S: Mineral Oil, red dye, mint scent.

Chris F: You care so much about your engine, but you use a garbage stp filter and havoline oil. What a tool. 

Kris Erndt: 30 years a fan. This stuff acts like Draino in a clogged sink. it literally scrubs an old engine clean.
Marvel Mystery Oil with Oil Change 5 out of 5

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Marvel Mystery Oil with Oil Change