Marvel Mystery Oil With Oil Change

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Marvel Mystery Oil with Oil Change
Marvel Mystery Oil with Oil Change
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Marvel Mystery Oil
Marvel Mystery Oil
Marvel Mystery Oil information. should you use it? Claims to fame. - VOTD
Marvel Mystery Oil information. should you use it? Claims to fame. - VOTD

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MegaAk1972: it coast 5.99 now in 2017 its works

Chuck FiftyFive: I've got a 2009 Toyota Avalon with 145,000 miles. Changed oil and filter
approximately every 5,000 miles, 10W30 oil, no specific brand, same.
with gasoline, Mobil, Shell, Chevron, etc. As far as additives, I've never
used any available on the market. I honestly don't know whether my
positive experience is due to good normal maintenance, or good luck.
I think it's a combination of both. Knowing a good deal about engines,
both piston driven and jet, if additives are improving your engine's
performance, by all means, use them. One word of advice, never add
to much, any existing issues will become worse, and ironically, you will
cause problems that don't exist. Best of luck in all your future endeavors.

vinceje: If you use Havoline oil and STP filters you definitely need some kind of help, but I don't think MMO is the answer to that.

john hoffmann: Sorry, but you should only use one quart of Marvel Mystery Oil for a full oil change, so only one bottle per oil change, not two. One bottle of Mystery oil is 32 ounces which is a quart.

steward: It's made from the blood of the Incredible Hulk

Frank Gutowski: I have never used additives in the Bentleys I've owned, and have never had mechanical problems. They are designed for premium gasoline and synthetic engine oil. I follow the factory recommended inspection and service schedule. Doing so helps to prevent serious mechanical problems, as it should for any make of vehicle.

Randy Glass: Good stuff

Roger Wilco: I myself have used this in my NA miata. A commonality of Miata's is the lifter ticking. It's almost a constant. Even with excessive oil changes... Slacked off one time, probably had 5-6k miles on an oil change that was leaking after a crank seal went bad, lifters ticked so bad I thought the engine was gonna blow. Changed the oil and it made no difference. So I replaced a quart with mmo, drove that sucker hard for about 20 minutes, they freed up.

Azadeh R: 2007 Suburban 5.3, 100,000 miles with a tapping lifter ... added in half of pint of Marvel, tapping gone and engine feels and sounds great ... Stuff is real good

Stephen Contreras: My truck wasted oil
So I decided to put a quart an problem solved

Thomas Brooks: works very well. Also works if your engine is seized

imadude85: MMO is a solvent. When your engine has problems, it solves them.

Gregory Uccello: which I will probably try my next oil change in mid July . I'll measure it out I believe it's 24oz of MMO for my car a 2005 ex civic

Gregory Uccello: I wrote MMOs manufacturer they say I can use up to 20% in oil and run the full interval which for my Honda is 6500K.

wrdmndan akdude: put it in my gas tank and add to syn. oil every change great stuff

Blackie Chong: If your car requires 5W30 use it if it requires 10W30 use it. Change oil on all regular intervals and you never have to buy this Monkey Piss. In cases of city driving I change more often and never had a noisey lifter ot tick of any kind in any car I ever owned. I always got over Two Hundred Thousand on every thing I drove and was still running great when I sold them.

MegaTabetha: A recent convert to this stuff, I find it amazing as tank additive, double dosed way way smoother pick up much better, emissions MUCH better, just 13ppm(from 40 last year) on MOT this week, economy same but runs so much better, idles better, used on 5 different petrol cars, used in 1 with noisy tappet/lifter and 95% better now, I use WYNNS engine flush and do 200-300 miles on this before oil changes at 12,000 miles on Millers NANO TECH oil, never had less than 250K miles from engines.
only used in oil on 1 car so far but good effect, 1 more car to try on oil, again with noisy lifter, my own lifters in my sierra cossie have done over 300K miles and silent, did take apart at 200K and clean out though.
Well worth using MMO give it a try.

Dan Skipper: Have a 35 yr old HARLEY iron head SPORSTER that would foul sparks plugs all the time . Started putting 1oz of mmo in 2.5 gal tank every fill-up and haven't fouled a spark plug in yrs , and motor is a lot quieter , great stuff

scdevon: Marvel is good stuff, but an entire quart in your crankcase is WAY too much for a maintenance dose. Yes, I know the directions say you can do it, but in my experience with the stuff, a couple of ounces along with a quality oil is all you need to keep things really clean without diluting the crankcase oil too much. Marvel is much better as a fuel system additive, but an ounce or two in the oil is a good maintenance dose to keep piston ring packs clean and hydraulic valve lifters clean. If your engine has sludge issues, an entire quart of MMO could break loose a fatal amount of sludge material in a short amount of time, too.

Deucealive75: If I wanted to clean out my engine I would use 4 quarts of 10/30 and 1 quart of cheap trans fluid.
Marvel Mystery Oil with Oil Change 5 out of 5

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MegaAk1972: it coast 5.99 now in 2017 its works
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Marvel Mystery Oil with Oil Change