Marvel Mystery Oil With Oil Change

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Marvel Mystery Oil with Oil Change
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Andy Almeida: My 05 Tacoma has 245k, 6 speed manual gets the carbon cleaned out regularly and still ticks like when I bought it new... MMO and Lucas additives ftw! I recommend starting with 91/93 gas, MMO lowers octane rating.

themanshere74: I might use it before an oil change and drive it 100 easy miles. I am sure it would clean very good. Does it make your engine feel like it has more power if you put it in the gas?

Michael Samuels: This stuff works great all I can say.Had a stuck lifter at one point on this engine.And guess what?...Not no more:) realtalk

Rod S: Mineral Oil, red dye, mint scent.

MP: First off< am a skeptic of any of the "as seen on tv crap" that will fix everything and anything!! Well, MMO worked (so far). The Short story, I just got a 96 e150 van 4.9. 300 with 47k miles that sat more than it ran. It had a distinct knocking/pinging/whirling sound. I have heard these engines are pretty much bullet proof, so I was pretty sure there wasn't any damage, just probably clogged up from sitting. I tried a seafoam treatment, rislone, and changed the weight of the oil twice. Nothing made the noise go away. I saw this stuff at walmart for $3.00 ish and said WTF. I put 80% in the oil and 15% in the gas(saved the rest for my lawnmower) and ran 20 miles. Needless to say, I thought I wasted my money. I called up a backyard mechanic friend of mine who works for beer(you know the type). He is really good at what he does and can fix just about anything. Well by the time I got to his shop(total of 37 miles since MMO earlier that morning), the sound was gone. He did enjoy his 12 pack(going rate) that I still gave him to listen to a perfectly running engine. Don't know how or why, but this stuff worked. Now I know it won't fix a broken or damaged engine, but for mine with only 47k miles and gently drove by a grandpa(not me). Heck, for $3 I would give it a shot.

Chris Freeman: You care so much about your engine, but you use a garbage stp filter and havoline oil. What a tool. 

manny6584: wow 10w30 is thin to begin with. does the marvel thin it more?

keg bongHits: I pay 3 .72 $

Royal-T Butler: You put all of in? Not one but two of them? 

Kris Erndt: 30 years a fan. This stuff acts like Draino in a clogged sink. it literally scrubs an old engine clean.


manny6584: i put that stuff in my gas but nothing goes in my oil but oil. and maybe some motor koat :)

Shopster Emeritus: let thin out the 5w30 by adding this scammer crap fail.

Omar Chisolm: put this stuff down in the spark plug hoes and let sit for 4 hrs. kleans cylinders out wit live smoke show =D

BRUCE LEE: MMO saved my 2.2 engine when it was 9 years old and the dip stick would show DRY after an oil change. I'm also trained for investigative work. . " Marvel is ONLY *_*$3.75___ at the local General store here in town "........" let's get every........ little drop....OIL IS EXPENSIVE " !!

Steve Congdon: My GMC Sierra with a 5.3 has over 400k. I attribute this to using Marvel Mystery Oil when I do Oil changes. It still does not burn extra oil between oil changes.

Chuck B: There`s 86 year old lady I know that used Marvel Mystey oil in her 2 Montgomery Wards riding mowers one at her home in town ,and other at her lake cottage .She bought them in 1967. still running with alumimum cylnders on a 5 HP briggs & stratton engines. She used it every time in the fuel. That`s 46 years !!! Amazing for a alumimum cylnder engine due to Marvel Mystery oil.

JimmyBean465: Tried this for the first time today, hopefully i get good engine runs extremely well(go ford). In fact i'm sure at the end of the world there will be roaches and ford motors lol. But I'm getting into the mid 200ks for mileage and do a lot of city driving...and i didn't change my oil for about a year :/

Adam Harr: mmo may work, i do not know, however you wood have served your car better using a quality oil and filter rather than what you did. there is a reason that the oil is the cheapest

Jason Reed: I thought the same thing. I figured this might be something to add to your old oil to flush the engine for a few minutes and then drain it out. The directions say to add it to your new oil and run 'er for 3000 miles. I don't think I've found a bad review on the product.

ciscoeric: I just used MMO for the first time. The reason I bought it was I had a sticky lifter on my GMC for a few days. I had purchased with plans to add it to my oil change later in the evening. I saw I could also add it to my gas so while still in the parking lot I added a few ounces of MMO to my gas. I did not even make it out of the parking lot and the sticky lifter was gone. It worked for me better then I had expected.

george kuersten: I have seen this gum up an engine that sat for a couple of months. The stickiest,nastiest varnish ever !

TheKratos2006: Idiot

MNmischievious: What a tool

Brendan085: I was trying to find a good example of what I was talking about but I'm not 100% sure where exactly that build up should be. During break in, the piston or rings seat themselves in a way and I think engines cleaners can disturb that if used improperly. I think thats why sometimes your not supposed to use synthetic oils until 5,000 miles or after engine break in is complete. I have seen Marvel get rid of a noisy ticking noise in an old Dodge Ram over night with just a small amount in the oil.

Michael Samuels: That marvel is 16oz ,so u need 2 to =1 quart

insanekamkze86: Mmo is 20 percent of engine oil so 5 quarts you would add 4 quarts of oil n 1 mmo if the bottles are pints 16 ounce then u would be right 2 bottles of mmo to 4 quarts of oil

B Ann: Some of those old ranger motors have been known to go 450.000+ miles with simple oil changes alone .

ColtDeltaElite10mm: MMO really does work. My '83 Ford ranger has over 366,000 original owner miles on it and all 6 cylinders still hold compression. My 1978 Cessna 182 loves the MMO. I know a city fire department in San Diego county that has been using MMO in all of their fire strucks as routine extended engine life for over 30 years. It just works to Keep engines running cleaner and smooth.

ColtDeltaElite10mm: Brendan085... You are misinformed. The "don't use synthetics prior to 5000 miles" is a myth. Also, MMO has been used BEFORE, DURING and AFTER in air aspirated airplane engine crank cases to combat both sludge and varnish build up. Also, it's been used in the fuel to combat lead build up on valves and carbon build up on spark plugs.

outdoorsman310: hes right

dantheman167: so,,, is your engine cleaner now?

Brendan085: Yes I agree. Its a very thin super lubricant with some good cleaning properties. Good stuff.

Kyle Whybrew: isnt marvel a detergent ? so wouldn't it suspend all the contaminants into the oil making it dirtier than normal ? so why are you adding it to your fresh new clean oil ?

Steve Bilyue: thanks for the instruction info for mix ratio.

coolbreez666: no it is an excellent lubricant as well after go 100 miles prior to oil Chang until the oil stops turning black then start putting it in with the oil change synthetic oil has cleaners in them anyway.

B Ann: So mixing oil in your gas which 'oil' fouls plugs will help your car run better ? Do you want to buy a bridge ?

Brendan085: I've been told by experienced mechanics and auto parts countermen where I have worked that Marvel Oil is more of a cleaner than lubricant. If you have a noisy motor or a ticking then I would add it maybe about 100 miles prior to an oil change but I wouldn't leave it in there for an entire 3000+miles. I use Lucas oil for a treatment. I also use Marvel in gas every now and then.

B Ann: At 6 bucks a quart for marvel its a mystery as to what it really does I'll stick to basic oil which I've seen engines go 500 thousands with out a drop of mystery crap .

Alfonso Sun: i'm cavemen...and i do mines lol

safistafaded: I'm going to give his methods the benefit of the doubt, and guess that he just added an extra 1/2 quart to compensate for the oil filter....right?

coolbreez666: after learning more on the subject i agree with you.

Michael Samuels: yep

Deez Nuttz: If you have a CEL on, just do a MMO treatment through your brake booster line, about 12 oz will clear up any carbon build up clogging up your sensors and cat. I had the P0420 code on a Chrysler T&C that has a burning oil issue and this cleared up the code, passed inspection and light has not come back on in over 4 weeks. It's better than seafoam.

ColtDeltaElite10mm: Again, my '83 Ford ranger has over 300,000 miles on it, with 1qt MMO + 4qts of Castrol 10w-30 GTX regular oil. I change the oil about every 6,000 miles and the truck has had NO ENGINE OVERHAUL. So yeah, MMO works and just use 20% mix with your oil at every oil change. You don't need to do it the "last 500 Miles" either, that's crap. I use it also on my Honda generators, chain saw and lawn mowers for years.

LS1Heli: oh god I got one of those 3.4L turds!

Elast3l: he bought his from dollar general im sure...i work there we sell it for $3 where i live and don't carry the 1 quart container only the 1 pint...

movingzachb: Try 5 bucks for that size jug of MM where I live.

Walter Null: Do u really think this stuff works? I have never tried it but when I was in auto mech class back in my school days my shop teacher called stuff like this snake oils and said they did nothing! I might have to try it?

TRAILBLAZER02: Just use a good quality motor oil like Pennzoil in the yellow bottle, or Mobi1. No need for MMO, as those oils have a great additive package as well as abundant detergents.
Marvel Mystery Oil with Oil Change 3.7 out of 5

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Marvel Mystery Oil with Oil Change