Marvel Mystery Oil With Oil Change

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Marvel Mystery Oil
Marvel Mystery Oil
Marvel Mystery Oil with Oil Change
Marvel Mystery Oil with Oil Change
Review of marvels Mystery Oil
Review of marvels Mystery Oil
My DIY Marvel Mystery Oil Product Review
My DIY Marvel Mystery Oil Product Review

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Fun King Fuss: does it work with synthetic oil?  that's all I use in my trucks.

Nestor Morales: how good would it be to use this on a turbo motor. i use 6 qts

David O: Why would you use 5w-30 well because of the tighter bearing clearances in todays engines.  Like the LS3 in the Camaro or the LS6 in a C5 Z06 for starters.  Both which require a synthetic version.

Ryan DeClue: .... Why would you use 5w30? That crap has the viscosity of WATER. 

Micah autoserv.: how long do you keep this in you motor

JayzBeerz: it states to replace 1 quart per 5 so that's 1 quart of MMO and 4 quarts of oil.

re faile: Installed junk yard engine in f150 and seems to have stuck ring? Alot of pressure in oil cap. And the engine makes funny squeaking noise, Unless egt valve is disconnected. Hope this Marvels works.

Andy Almeida: My 05 Tacoma has 245k, 6 speed manual gets the carbon cleaned out regularly and still ticks like when I bought it new... MMO and Lucas additives ftw! I recommend starting with 91/93 gas, MMO lowers octane rating.

themanshere74: I might use it before an oil change and drive it 100 easy miles. I am sure it would clean very good. Does it make your engine feel like it has more power if you put it in the gas?


Rod S: Mineral Oil, red dye, mint scent.

Shopster Emeritus: let thin out the 5w30 by adding this scammer crap

Chris Freeman: You care so much about your engine, but you use a garbage stp filter and havoline oil. What a tool. 

Kris Erndt: 30 years a fan. This stuff acts like Draino in a clogged sink. it literally scrubs an old engine clean.

MP: First off< am a skeptic of any of the "as seen on tv crap" that will fix everything and anything!!  Well, MMO worked (so far). 

 The Short story, I just got a 96 e150 van 4.9. 300  with 47k miles that sat more than it ran.  It had a distinct knocking/pinging/whirling sound.  I have heard these engines are pretty much bullet proof, so I was pretty sure there wasn't any damage, just probably clogged up from sitting.  I tried a seafoam treatment, rislone, and changed the weight of the oil twice. Nothing made the noise go away.  I saw this stuff at walmart for $3.00 ish and said WTF.  I put 80% in the oil and 15% in the gas(saved the rest for my lawnmower) and ran 20 miles.  Needless to say, I thought I wasted my money.  I called up a backyard mechanic friend of mine who works for beer(you know the type).  He is really good at what he does and can fix just about anything.  Well by the time I got to his shop(total of 37 miles since MMO earlier that morning), the sound was gone.  He did enjoy his 12 pack(going rate) that I still gave him to listen to a perfectly running engine. 

Don't know how or why, but this stuff worked.  Now I know it won't fix a broken or damaged engine, but for mine with only 47k miles and gently drove by a grandpa(not me).  Heck, for $3 I would give it a shot.

Omar Chisolm: put this stuff down in the spark plug hoes and let sit for 4 hrs. kleans cylinders out wit live smoke show =D

keg bongHits: I pay 3 .72 $

Royal-T Butler: You put all of in? Not one but two of them? 

manny6584: i put that stuff in my gas but nothing goes in my oil but oil. and maybe some  motor koat :)

manny6584: wow 10w30 is thin to begin with. does the marvel thin it more?
Marvel Mystery Oil with Oil Change 5 out of 5

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Laura Hopkins: such a shame they changed the active ingredient .I'm a Bimatopost girl :) Cheaper xx
Lee Childs: not a ethical shot.
mikey el buen perro: Grandes recuerdos
Krystal Starks: im a single mom of 2 tween girls, and the saying at the end of your video really hit home for me!!! i just wrote it in my journal. love it!! thank u!
Hincesti07: Yes that looked like from the movie caddy shack do you rememeber that ? Also read sakoshooter48 who is claiming to be shooting prairie dogs at 1290 yards, like come on that has to be a kid saying such a thing. 98% of people on these comments are kids 13 years old to 25 years old who haven't a clue how far distance is past one city block. Ask any kid on here how far is 1000 yards they will say less than 3 city blocks I'm guesing. Lots of YouTube bull crapter here for sure.
shawn foster55: WTF is wrong with these docters I smoked 3 to 4 packs a day for forty years and i piucked up a e-cig and i havent had a smoke for eight mounths. So get on the ball docters and cheack e-cigs out they will save peoples lives
Jonathan 100%MX: Me podrían decir cual es la música de la intro? Gracias

Marvel Mystery Oil with Oil Change