Sony Xperia X1 - USA Release

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kymloh: I'm amazed how easily you opened the battery cover. I received the phone 1 hr ago and I still can't open it.

maishiranui33: Jesus, men are rough with phones.

Touchmagic: this will be my next phone soon =)

83scarface: billy mays died you picklehole

Walther62: What song was used for the intro?

ariandevroome: bought it, it's quite okay... (the Xperia duhh) ty for the vid.

maffia011: i mean which not witch haha

maffia011: witch phone should a geet experia 1 or htc damond

macbookpro57: should i get this, or the fuze?

macbookpro57: all i know is that at&t can

bladescavenger: its you can use it with any carrier i believe

Scotty D: freak SPRINT!

dickyheadfall: 'Made in Japan' = No.1 Is only work for Japanese. Japanese media still brainwashing their people. Pathetic Like Sony, Sanyo battery explode, but japanese still think their battery technology is no.1. Japanese media still brainwashing their people. LOL

dickyheadfall: Sony quality sucks... do you know 'sony timer'?

DZedT: the guys got a protective case on the iphone it must be his favourite

prorecorder21: can u and if u can how do u lock the keypad

Daumex: suck at English. At least make a proper statement... ...and now you're probably gonna try to worm your way out of this by saying that you're Italian...

dylanfuckedup: the X1 is really awesome !!! i gonna buy it next week ! :) here in Belgium it's €649

Carlitos Ramos: clumsy guy =]. but great first look video =].

sanjuacharya: Of course! lol
Sony Xperia X1 - USA Release 5 out of 5

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James M: He was great as Donnie,second favorite turtle actor next to Noel Fisher(Mikey)
Trainer Tanya (Ash Ai Shite iru): Why should I shut down the internet service? its a virus? I didnt shut off the Internet and no virus comes so I dont get it how u say that people should shut down the Internet first before making the Setup. I made the Setup with Internet and now I got the Program and tried out to put your Names and "Serial Codes" it doesnt work man. Seriously? do you want to waste the Time of the people who is really looking out for that in full version cause they dont have money they dont have a job and cannot have a job because of Illness or something else or they are not ready to and you are wasting the time of these peoples, Im one of them. Dont react bad at me, because Im not insulting you, Im just saying to you that you should help people instead of wasting their time.
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Буду очень признателен+презент с меня

Kuudere-senpai: Beginner here. Just watched your video after looking for some advice on paper trimmers, specifically the Cricut Cutter. Exact brand and style in your video. I really loved it because it was ultra cheap and light. Plus, liked the colours. However, after using it I found that my pages didn't end up even. Some were even jagged after cutting. I have yet to get a replacement blade to see if that was the problem for the jagged-ness. But otherwise, still wondering if I was using it correctly~ wonky sides and no perfect squares yet while cutting.
Repié59: mon frère avait un galaxy y, il est ridicule et tout petit. Il l'a encore mais je ne sais pas si il marche..
JJ Son: XD you talking about this girl's hotness lol  
i wouldve shook that other guy's hand they started talking about the dragon girl

LukasGoProDude: That's cool never would of thought of that
Keep up the good work ;)

Sony Xperia X1 - USA Release