Vertical Paper Bag Mini Album Tutorial

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Vertical Paper Bag Mini Album Series - Final Review
Vertical Paper Bag Mini Album Tutorial
Vertical Paper Bag Mini Album Tutorial
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Vertical Paper Bag Mini Album Series Part 1a - Building Pages
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Scrapbook Mini Album: Vertical Paper Bag Album Part 1
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Vertical Paper Bag Mini Album Series Part 5 - Decorating the Cover

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Lori Seabrook: I have been looking all over for a vertical mini!!! TYTY!! I will go and get the bags this weekend!! I want to make this style for my bday challenge mini!! Your books are so lovely!! I cant wait to try but they wont be as gorgeous as yours!! TFS the tutorial!!

lanna lane: Could you slow down on the "ummm"s? You explainations are good, that would make them even better.

Kiara Camacho: Thank you so much for this video. I was able to follow your instructions and start my vertical bag mini album. So far I am loving it. Love watching your videos.

The Pajama Crafter: I really liked the album, but I was hoping for more teaching in this tutorial. I stopped watching about 1/3 of the way through because I realized you weren't actually constructing the album in the video. This makes it extremely difficult to follow along and remember what you were teaching. I'm not trying to come across in a rude way at all, and I hope this doesn't sound harsh. I guess the bottom line would be better if you'd construct an actual album - complete with binding, instead of sending people elsewhere (you want to keep people in YOUR channel, afterall! :) ).

Misti Sanders: You received a lot of critique on your teaching style. May I just say I find your videos a pleasure to watch. You give specific instructions that are easy to follow. Your time and effort are much appreciated. Thank you for giving back to the crafting community!

Kay Jacob: Please could you put your work up about 4inches so that we can actually see what you are doing?  There are so many of you wonderful ladies who do the same thing.  You need to see your own videos before you post them for us to see.  Please

Creating Enchanted Memories: I love the details that you have!  Just beautiful!

lilsassysis: Hi there I am all new to makingbooks or anything, I didnt get a chance to see how you actually made the binding for the paper bag album, also I would like to know how you made a second flap to fold out on the right side of the album.

KAITLYN ESPINOZA: This is amazing! Definitely going to try this!!

June Carole Phipps: At last a tutorial on how to make this amazing album, thank you. How do I get on to your blog?

PaperAndStamping: love this... going to do my first paper bag mini album tonight so watching as many videos as I can :) great share!

Jasmine Patrick: Love these mini's and your instructions are so easy to follow, thank you very much, I have subscribed to your utube and your email newsletters, thanks again

Austinsnana: I love your videos, but can hardly hear you in them. 

deb anderson: thanks. it was great.!

luvglife: She says the same thing over to much and takes too long just go ahead and stop repeating so much we can see just do it'

Zuha Khan: hi!! loved your album... this is the first video i saw of a vertical was really handy and pretty...actually i need your help...can u make an album of I WILL MISS YOU...plz...plz...plz... my best friend is leaving the i want to give her something special...something handmade...and i hv many photos of i want to give her the shape of a cute album....reply soon...plz..

Amelia Ireton: subscribed to you today saw you on beckys channel auntbeckscreations :) lovely album thank you for sharing , so now i am going to stalk all of your videos hehe Amelia from South Africa xxxx

Nancy Ashmore: Adorable tutorial mimi-albums!

Petals Cottage: Beautifully done!  Great job...

yusimi barrios: Great tutorial!  Thx so much for taking the time to go through all the details.
Vertical Paper Bag Mini Album Tutorial 5 out of 5

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Vertical Paper Bag Mini Album Tutorial