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JVINTAGE1970: If you are a Lynda Carter Fan you MUST SEE "Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw" You Will Thank Me ;)
トリノ& レオ: デルベッソ君 頑張って!Dチャンネル (涙)(ToT)
DrowsyHomer: 1996年7月1日凌晨時分,細雨淒迷,解放軍越過邊界,進駐港島天馬總部,沿途沒有港人在「夾道歡迎」(聞說有一新界村校小學校長,冒雨帶領十幾個蒙懂小學生,站在羅湖關口搖動五星旗,迎接六四屠殺學生的劊子手軍隊,事後多份報章輿論指責虐童,今天大家都扮失憶了)。片中的烟花匯演,其實是1998年農曆新年的場景,淪共首年的花車廵遊表演,還應了陳佐洱的臭嘴口讖,發生「車毀人亡」意外,兆頭大壞不是小壞。慶回歸個屁啦,亂加剪接,混淆視聽,DLLM!
Epic-Fran!: THANK YOU! For what you said about that many moan about the movies. It feels like everyone wants just everything be G1. G1 IS NOT THE HOLE THING! Thank you emgo316 :)
Danner: hello !, what brand and model of tires are you using in your Koleos in this video? thanks.
Daniel McGrath: I have a special 100 euro hdmi so the graphics are amazing :-) 
Chris Nacca: +Mario Colon Highly doubt they would go to 720p from 640p , its not worth it , if they do dump the resolution , it will be a large bump 

9mm Luger - DRT 85 Gr. Frangible JHP - Ammo Test