9mm Luger - DRT 85 Gr. Frangible JHP - Ammo Test

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Daniel Casher: They'll go through a 2x4 or drywall like cutting soft butter. But when they hit something soft, they explode and fragment.

Daniel Casher: They feed great in my Glock 19, of course everything does. They also feel "soft shooting" especially for a fast cartridge. Also, they are very accurate.

Roberthurz: Thanks for sharing... I think you are right. These frangible rounds could be very lethal.

Daniel Casher: I think one or two center mass hits would end the confrontation. If you hit the breastbone, the round will go right through and explode on the other side. Instant death. Just my opinion. I EDC these in my Glock 19 with complete confidence. They are also light to carry and soft on the recoil.

Daniel Casher: I have fired these 9mm from my Glock 19 into pressure treated 2x4, drywall, and wallboard. They go through like a FMJ would. But if they hit a soft media, they explode and fragment and penetrate in pieces. So, if the bad guy is hiding behind a wall, you can shoot right through and hit him. If you hit him first, the bullet will cause big trauma, and not over penetrate. And you can shoot more than once. The best of both worlds. Bad ass ammo. One or two hits and lights out. Light carry, soft recoil

Austin Griffin: I personally believe in velocity and this bullet has it for sure. Explosion on soft tissue impact is great as I will not hit innocent bystanders and its suppose to keep form through barriers.... I think I'm in love with this ammo... Those who disagree need to read up on physics

Edubbplate: Thanks. They're just too expensive to "test out" many of them.

andreleger2001: We had no feed issues with this ammo.

Edubbplate: I just bought some of these. Do they feed well? I know they're made for semi-auto handguns, but I'm think of my Beretta 92fs particularly.

darkwriter77 .: So far, the only practical uses I've seen for frangible ammo are close-range metal plate shooting, splattering fruit, and blowing up small animals like prairie dogs. But for self-defense ... I dunno. DRT uses a slightly different design, sort of a compromise between other frangible bullet designs and a standard JHP, but it neither expands nor penetrates with outstanding ability or consistency. At least DRT ammo's not insanely expensive from what I've seen online (cheap enough to test, anyway).

andreleger2001: @smartguy104 I think a future test is in order on this one.

smartguy104: Supposedly these offer similar barrier penetration comparable to traditional hollow points if I am not mistaken in addition to fragmenting in liquid medians. It would be interesting to fire these into two by fours, stumps, or drywall to see how deep they would go.

Danny Chron: @alogusz I beg to differ. At 10 yards it would penetrate 5 and half inches of solid wood and go into the tree but on the soft stuff it did better than I expected.

AdmiralGST: @LosAngelesWeedSmoker Like your name clears you of being a tool, made it even worse.

LosAngelesWeedSmoker: Hey i'm 12GaugeLosAngeles... closed my account, i came off as a prick, ha ha. Both rounds are excellent. Peace~

jmkpns: Hornady XTP's are much better.

bigboss686: @12GaugeLosAngeles Yah yah an last week your therapist had to convince you that you weren't a Green Beret, the week before that it was probably a Navy seal, after all, you obviously keep the psych ward very busy what with them having to provide you with therapy, check up on you to make sure you're taking your meds, (although they seem to have dropped the ball the last few days) and various other things. Look little fella, it's not my fault you said something that was the apex of stupidity

bigboss686: @12GaugeLosAngeles A retarded response from a retarded man, although I suppose that shouldn't surprise me. Look little fella the point isn't whether or not 9mm is good(although ballistic evidence clearly demonstrates it is) the point is that your advice is absurd/ridiculous an your suggestions idiotic an juvenile Once again, if your hands are shaking It doesn't matter what you're shooting because you're not going to get hits, simple as that. BTW been to Thunder Ranch twice troll you=not smart

bigboss686: @12GaugeLosAngeles Just to mock your silly statements 01, who would be called mall ninja by his Indian name :D I mean, could you have made a more poser argument? 9 mm best if your hands are shaking? L.M.A.O If your so frightened your hands are shaking you won't make hits with a 22, let alone a center fire of any kind, therefore your "advice" is a complete joke with a cherry on top of that joke being chest beating about you carrying a 45. honestly, your statement is borderline retarded
9mm Luger - DRT 85 Gr. Frangible JHP - Ammo Test 5 out of 5

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9mm Luger - DRT 85 Gr. Frangible JHP - Ammo Test