Honda TRX 350 New Carb Install

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Honda TRX 350 New Carb Install
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Sub servience: my trx 350 has a tought time starting in warm weather (it shakes and quits) do you know why this is happening. BTW it does run very good when warm

Gnome2112: Thanks for this video. It helped give me the confidence to do this myself. I had one issue after the install that really confused me for a while. After putting everything back together the motor ran for only a few seconds before quitting. I thought the idle was set incorrectly, but when I pulled the spark plug I realized that it wasn’t getting any spark. So that led me to the 10 amp ignition fuse that had blown. I looked for nicks on the wires that might cause a short, but couldn’t find any. I replaced the fuse and then I disconnected the carburetor heater plug and it started right up. So I replaced the carb heater from on the new Chinese carb with the carb heater from the old carb and now it works great.

chlmarti: I love these tutorial repair/restoration ATV videos! It's a shame we ever sell any of our rides and can't hoard them all in our garage. :(

cubbeezx: There was a carb heater on the stock one that plugged into the quad.

alan barnette: thanks for the response.float bowl should be tight right.Where should the idle speed be set? and the fuel mixture be on a TRX250 recon fourstroke.stragight gas.Thank you for the help.great vids.

84tide: u probabley need a new air filter that will mess up the carb to

cubbeezx: If you do a search, there was a Honda forum that had some manuals, can't remember the name of it. Google is your friend! lol

cubbeezx: Not too sure, maybe a broken motor mount or cracked frame? I really don't know.

adam123341: what is that hose that comes off the bottom of the float bowl? it has a one way valve in it...where does the other end go?

xXBMXSAINTXx: is that carb heater stock or only on your new carb? how does it work and how do you heat it ?

Jacob Booth: I have a 2011 honda rubicon 500 it was wrecked and needs a new front bumper and top rack, the frame is not bent, but when it idles, the entire fourwheeler shakes pretty bad, why is this happening?

xXBMXSAINTXx: oh ok. how did it work? just turn the key and it heats it?

cubbeezx: They are pretty good, don't hold too much, but better than nothing!

cubbeezx: That must have sucked! It should be good now though.

cubbeezx: Thanks! Should be fine covered up. You might need to take out the battery though or keep a battery "tender/charger" on it. They can freeze. We've always kept ours outside with a cover on and they've been fine. We have a whole playlist of our Honda TRX 350's, might find a few "test" rides in there! Thanks for watching and commenting.

cubbeezx: Actually, it was the part of the carb that holds the float pin that had broken off and had been JB welded before. The JB weld had started to break down and the piece broke off again so was time for a new one.

cubbeezx: Yes, the drain should be tight. The idle, just turn it until it's idling at a nice speed. The fuel one, you would be best to check for your model in your owner's manual or try a search on line. They probably aren't all the same I would imagine. Good luck.

Kevin Chedivillie: wow fast reply .... im not sure its a brand new carb just like yours... yes gas is gettin to the carb ,,, now im thinking i may have primed it a bit too much using the pump on side the carb... gonn wait till i get the new plug tom and try again.... i dont see any adjustments other than for the idling set....but thanks Cubbe..:)

jeb721 .: Dude wheres the test ride!? Love your vids, been watching for awhile! Just a quick question. I live in Yellowknife,, I have a 2007 420 Rancher (FI), and it gets down to -50 here some times, do you think she will be fine out side under a cover all winter? I don't have a garage and I don't think it will hurt anything as I wont run it from dec-mar as its just to effin cold. It looks like you store yours out side so I just wanted to ask ya if ya had any problems maybe, restarting it in the spring.

xXBMXSAINTXx: why would someone dislike this ?

cubbeezx: Great purchase, smart fellow Canuck!

cubbeezx: I would try running some carb cleaner through it first. Maybe your fuel screw adjustment needs some tweeking?

cubbeezx: So far, so good! No problems, works great. Hope that helps.

paul100032: I just bought a 2000 Honda 350 rancher, with 400 hrs. on it and its really cold natured, would a new carb fix this? Or is the cold start built in from factory?

cubbeezx: There is a stove in our garage but no insulation. The thing is, right now we can't actually get over to the garage as the snow is too deep for the atv's and the ground has heaved with the frost so we aren't able to open our big gate to go through the yard. Oh well, what can you do. Thanks for watching.

93timberwolf: how are those gas tank bags?

cubbeezx: Glad to hear you got it running!! Not exactly sure how that heater works, lets just hope it keeps working! lol

cubbeezx: Not too sure what to tell you with that one. Mine was actually running fine, but the tower that holds the float pin had broken off before and been repaired. Well the repair finally let go and it started overflowing from the vent hose. Bolted on the new carb, and it took right off! Maybe your float is stuck or something simple. Try tapping on the float bowl a little see if that helps. Other than that, not sure just what the problem would be. Is the gas actually flowing to the carb?

cubbeezx: @snowcatns lol! Wasn't so much as leaving you hanging, as me being lazy! hahaha Maybe have it done tonight!

Kevin Chedivillie: OK CUbbe, can u tell me how you did that ... i got the exact same carb... replaced the old one ,, and also reused my old choke... too much headache to replace.... cept when i went to start mine, i primed it with the carb pump, i choked it,,,it cranked and cranked, backfired once ,,, then i ran my battery down ......wht you think im doing wrong ... the spark plug has fire but im still gonna replacwe it tommorrow... thanks...

alan barnette: Owlan in Ark. I have a TRX250 carb. problems,2007 Recon.2 screws on rightside,1 on the left down low if I break it loose gas runs out the vent tube.won't start. Can you tell what the answer is.My shutoff switch seems broke would that matter?

alan barnette: thanks very much for your time.The owners manual was lost long ago.any ideas where I should check on the net? Or make a video for us .

Heath Horton: What website did you use to buy the carb? Please reply.

cubbeezx: You know, I can't really remember and we sold the Honda about a year ago. The breather lines on our old 86 Honda join together and end up behind the handlebar mounted headlight. Not sure exactly where the ones on this model go. If you google a service manual for it, I know there are some out there that should help. Good luck.

cubbeezx: No problem, good luck!

cubbeezx: @xXBMXSAINTXx Good point, that's what we were thinking! lol Someone went on a dislike spree that day and nailed us with a bunch of them unfortunately.

xXBMXSAINTXx: thanks. the rancher has a stuck float bowl. previous owner never rode it very often.

jeb721 .: Awesome! On it. I forgot to mention I did just buy a battery tender for it. thanks for the quick reply!

cubbeezx: @Albertcounty4x4 Yes, it is a 4x4, but I did install a warn 4-2-4 so that you can switch between 2 and 4 wheel drive.

alan barnette: where should I set the idle and fuel mix screws at on A 2007 TRX250 Honda 4Wheeler 4 stroke

RickThePancho007: you need a heated shed to work on all your wheelers and sleds in the winter :)

quaddingsous: Cubbee needs a shop.

snowcatns: Great my Honda daily fix lol good one love how you left us hanging on the test drive

Cody James Backwood: Is this one four wheel drive , cause my grandfather has the same bike but its two wheel drive.

cubbeezx: Well, some people stitch it up like a Frankenstein scar lol! Effective, but doesn't look the best. On our old honda, we bough one of those cheap plastic welder kits and used that. Seems to work ok.

84tide: thats what happen when i did not put a new air filter in

cubbeezx: I guess! lol Not really sure! It was hooked up by the computer and stuff so maybe it worked on a timer or something, I honestly don't know. Maybe someone else will see this and be able to answer better. Sorry!

cubbeezx: Ya, doesn't take much with the crappy gas quality these days. A quick clean should fix you up hopefully.

Anthony V: I have a similar question as @Adam123341, I have practically the SAME model 4 wheeler you have; Recently i've replaced the Carb and I was unsure where the end hose of the "Breather" hose goes - could you please shed some light on my question? In your video, I see it is routed to the right side of the 4 wheeler going up towards where the clutch and throttle cables are being ran.

cubbeezx: Actually, it was an ad on ebay! There should be more there I would imagine.
Honda TRX 350 New Carb Install 4.8 out of 5

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Honda TRX 350 New Carb Install