How To Pick The Lock On A Sentry Safe

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How to pick the lock on a sentry safe
How to pick the lock on a sentry safe
How to pick lock a Sentry safe!!!
How to pick lock a Sentry safe!!!
Sentry Safe Lock Picking
Sentry Safe Lock Picking
Lockpicking Sentry Safe in 8.5 seconds with paper clip
Lockpicking Sentry Safe in 8.5 seconds with paper clip
Safe Cracking; How to open a Sentry Gun Safe in under 1 minute
Safe Cracking; How to open a Sentry Gun Safe in under 1 minute

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jonathan harbolt: You sir deserve a gold brick

Christa Bailey: quick tip the back hinge is plastic so get a hammer and some pationse and hammer up on the back and the whole lid pops off

Elsa Dornoff: me too

Mony Mcbeth: how u do that I have try it don't work

Zachary Rye: well I hope that there aren't any criminals watching lol

Kat S: IT WORKS! Even on a different model and I used a smaller nail file too. THANK YOU!!!

William Stellmach: Lol umm bo1 music playing I'm the backround

Jose Portillo: what happened if the key doesn't work to open it if u don't now how to open it with that ?

aek9y: Thank you! This worked on an 1160, too.

BronettiS: You sir just won yourself 10+ internets

Mc.KillaTown 15: does it re lock by itself

Roger Bush: the lock not picked the lock you just turned it far enough counterclockwise to unhook or disengage otherwise the bolt would be completely flush with the case

Sleepyflea: works perfect on the little boxes. you saved my ass man, but i cant seem to get it to close

Amanda Collins : there was a person tht commented on my comment "Amanda Collins your disgusting " in place of where your name should go it just said "Facebook user" my reply to them since there too big of a kitty punk ass bitch to put there name on here is.....freak you, piece of freakin trash, kitty ass bitch.

Jessica Mckoy: it worked thanks!! lost key to mine and don't know the model. livesaver!!

Tyler Key: I have 2 Sentry 4100 models. I successfully opened both but I can only get one of them to close....

Amico617: Good looks! You juat helped save my ass!

Sebastian Weber: dude you just saved my freaking life

PoofAllDone: One suggestion.  When doing a video please don't move the camera around.  
It really is a distraction from what you want people to focus on.   

Other than that nice.

Caleb A: I can get the greens now yes!!!
How to pick the lock on a sentry safe 5 out of 5

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Andres Ramirez: good job I just got mine too and I love it . the one issue I had and it seems everyone has the same thing is the first one I had was cracked. and had to wait for a replacement from my local dealer.

How to pick the lock on a sentry safe