GunZ 2 - Advanced Techniques - Alpha Build

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Turnip of Power: this is what gunz 2 was supposed to be

tehrunescapekid: If they made it so that you can switch weapons faster and while you dash a lot of elitists might try it. Sigh I can't play this game without k style, it just doesn't feel right.

freezonrobin: they take away the best part.... butterflying and wall cut climbing @.@

GreyException: GunZ was and always will be that *one* game that is truly unique. The new wave of GunZ 2 *fans* (I've never bothered to touch the game, no original k-style = less fun to me) think of k-style as hacking/glitching or somehow unskilled. I really, really beg to differ. GunZ separated the normal from the good, the good from the pros. Normally, people would pick the strongest ranged weapon to spray with down a narrow hallway, or spam rockets. K-style enabled user-controlled skill to a farther degree than any other game available. In fact, it was a very *fair* game, excluding all the legitimate hackers (3rd party programs). Why do I say this? Because the mechanics that K-style gave birth to allowed us to incorporate actual skill, which is execution/timing in this case. If you're level 30 and you suck, then you still suck. You're not some overpowered character who can wipe the floor with any newbie just because of raw time. You only get better, if you *get better*. It really sucks that they took most of the elements away, but it was too competitive I suppose. They're in it for the money, not for what's important to us old fans - which is understandable. I'm really hoping that some other company will develop on the foundation of what k-style was, and incorporate it into RPGs.

Xion Wong: hi

Jared Steen: you sound like the guy from that 70's show

SamoaSpider: all that seems pretty basic and it makes me sad that there is no butterfly techique anymore 

A Khun: Does anyone know if theres any possibility of getting old gunz accounts back ? (Gunz 1)

matthew barrett: Im tired of people say gunz 1 is better so if its better why do you have to put it in the comment section for gunz sake every time. I see a gunz 2 video they say negative comments. Think of the goods if you dont like this game leave simple as piez theres a portal that sends you to gunz 1 just LEAVE I look in the comments for advise not negativity :-\ :'( :-( =O :!@ #

Knee Grow: advanced techniques sounds like wishful thinking

Game Russia: видео как использовать приёмы в GunZ 2

郷原惇耶: Do u even tbf bro

Zexy BananaZ: Um.. Cysote, is it just me or did they change the style of GunZ 2 now..? The characters look different for me, and so as the game.. yours has different looks of the characters which are "Ivan, Rena, Elena, Max" ?!?

Austneal: "Go watch updated video" No links anywhere... 

John Moon: maiet got lucky with accidental glitches that made gunz so successful this is total crap compare to it. weird how glitches were the reason the game was so fun lol they should have just kept the same concept with just better graphics and little adjustments here and there and i totally would have played this. What made gunz so special is that it takes alot of time and exp for people to be good at which made it so competitive and crap. the difficult skills of the game gave people a challenge for the players to master and you feel accomplished and makes and overall better gaming experience

Haki Kitto: I wonder if I can still do the Butterfly Jump, like I did in the first Gunz.

Nuhjeea: OMG this is Cysote?... Lol I played way back in the days too. I remember you, Yoshi, Slap, etc. Those Do Dagger montage videos really got me more into d-style! :P

kenye1991: mmm good thing to know i playd it thinking there where no k style but we need to learn it again ?

Aoijinsei: I'm really liking the way that this game is turning out. It's no Gunz 1 but I really like how this version is keeping with the theme of Gunz overall. I will absolutely give this game a shot when it comes out. :D

Michael S: Gunz 2: Dash to move. Dash to attack. Dash to evade. Dash to wall run/climb. Dash to play. Dash to win. Seems pretty tedious.

Steven Martinez: Why the hell did they not keep the gameplay style like this? It's so freaking slow now.

MagicBlubber: As a Gunz 1 Advocate this vid was very knowledgeable, good commentary thank you.

Vinny: HOLY CRAP IT'S CYSOTE! I don't know if you remember me but I was in your Do back in Gunz 1 (IGN: VinnyChinny). Stumbled upon this when looking for gameplay of the mechanics in Gunz 2 before I play (or before it even gets released in NA)

CroSsXout: What did they do to my game?!?! What the crap 

Mynameispanda: Sorry this service is not supported in your region can't play if you live in hawaii?

John Moon: Things I loved from gunz 1 is the K style, ability to dodge and block bullets, because none of those things are something that other games don't have and there is not a single game that is similar to this which is what makes this game so unique and extremely fun to play. If you're terrible at aiming u can excel in skills and techniques to win. MAIET please please PLEASE don't get rid of all the pros of gunz and focus on cons of gunz 1 such as lagging, bad glitches, hackers, better graphics and make K style as an official technique instead of it being a glitch and Im sure Gunz 2 will be another hell of a game maybe even better than the first Gunz. Thumbs up if you agree with me so Maiet can see this and possibly change their game style back to the way it should be.

Kyle Lopez-Vito: Can you still exit certain animations like jumps when you slash with the sword? I think Gunz 2 still can turn out to be as deep as Gunz 1 in terms of fighting mechanics. I remember back in iGunz around 2005. Stuff like reload half-half step and DBF were very, very rare and a few years later it was pretty much everyone's staple. I think Gunz 2 just needs some time.

Dren Browning: Hello Gunz the duel used to be my childhood game but as you know it got turned down..So how and where do I download this kind of GunZ? I am frustrated by this please help or send a link below thanks.

Ace wavilind: I'm planning to play it at steam.(Haven't touch the game yet) Btw, Is there anyone till can do ReloadShot-next-gen-Chain Slashing 8hits per dash without block. Many people thought this was hack or something else which, basically we don't share. Normally, I kill beginners like that.(hahas) I wonder if it works out perfectly fine in GunZ 2.

lassr Rusty: here a code to gunz 2 close beta 7ee01da0-fdcd-0130-da12-689a8f91ad22

神帝: Gunz 1 better Butterfly XD TBF 

John E: To play this game if you're from outside UK use FlyVPN make sure you choose Europe and pick UK or German server. 

Kyle Joultz: No more K-style i guess!

Kevin D: yes

justin lekwuwa: i know right but i quit gunz 1 because the stupid hackers

Cysote: It's all good! And I'm glad to help prepare. GunZ 2 is gonna be awesome, for sure.

man14235: *Sigh* Gunz 2 is just a down-vamp on Gunz I would have just liked Gunz to have a visual update but still keep the mechanics already put in place

Bouzery: I can keep secrets *wink* :D

xvTheLastXvx: Can't wait to play this!

hunteranubis: honestly.. I never liked bunny hopping in Gunz Id prefer if it was just dashing on ground...

√47Squared: Mind explaining how to get into the alpha version?

Exel Flashstep: how do you get on the alpha?

Cysote: I've got some newer videos showing current mechanics of GunZ 2, go watch those. Will try to get some TDM gameplay up tomorrow if the beta is still running.

Taylor Wheeler: Just got on the CBT its pretty mad

GunZ is BACK!!!: but how.. it's not out yet

olit1234: dat glitchy cape.

xbinlademx: Very cool, you explained very well

Gaurnor: Why the hell is crosshair right of the character? I know that some people prefer over-right-shoulder point of view, but considering the distance camera is from player, this literally doesn't make any sense. You either put a regular straight third person view, or you put directly, close view over the shoulder, and not some mind-numbing half-assed attempt at hybrid or what not.

Cysote: Yeah, it's all server sided. If you hit them on your screen, they'll take damage. You don't have to lead anymore.

Exel Flashstep: alright downloading the 1 gig client
GunZ 2 - Advanced Techniques - Alpha Build 4.6 out of 5

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Turnip of Power: this is what gunz 2 was supposed to be
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GunZ 2 - Advanced Techniques - Alpha Build