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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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DHMSLLC: I have to hand it to you, that is a very well built machine! Nice work! Could we chat offline about your design sometime?
Jairo Puentes: Buenos recuerdos
Ikechukwu Okonkwo: Does this headset work on a mac or linux computer ?
minitigre63: super ta vidéo t explikation mé la qualité de l'image é pa top de toute fasson tu ma donné dé bonne IDES MERCI. ps:SA Fé KOI tu pren un RECTANGLE a la plasse du CARRE :]
artansaliu: Glen, show me a foot pedal trolling motor for under 500$ o Yea, a transom mount foot pedal at that, I think for a custom trolling motor on a kayak prob cost around 375 dollars for all parts and pieces, what, you think people work for free? 500dollars is reasonable, I don't even own one, but hopefully I'll be able to afford one in the future, but your blowing wind out of your ass, just because you can't afford it, don't knock it
MommyandGracieShow: Love using the beads to hold the dowel in the box. It's such a nice touch :-)
Søren Siim Nielsen: And suddenly, there is hope that I might make it through this dull and rainy monday morning.

homemade drum sander