Body Beast Results - My 90 Day Transformation

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Eric Bee: lets hope u did the lean plan the 2nd round because honestly your day 1 pic looks better then your final bulk pic

Isaac Sykes: how much did u weight when u started

crazysolo95: were you bulking when you did this program?

level27xrock: Hey man Great stuff!! I am doing body beast and I am in the Bulk phase now, but so far, I am not really satisfied with my outer appearance as far as results go. I surely am getting my ass kicked everyday with the workouts, and I am totally spent after each one, and I feel myself getting stronger, but I don't really look any bigger than I did day 1. I am taking creatine, protein, suma root, and fuel shot after every workout, I am not sure what it could be, I like to think I eat a lot, I never ate a lot before in the past and have always been a skinnier dude, but with this I have been trying to amp up the calorie intake, but sometimes I am eating just enough to get through the day

Tim Anjel: I start my workouts today mark! Thanks for the vid!

Hunter Chatters: Hey great results man! I'm a fellow Beachbody Coach and I am about half way through Body Beast...awesome program! Looking forward to following your future progress.

Marco Guerrero: amazing!! I'm on my first week... Did you follow the nutrition plan and what kind of supplements did you take?

Mark Klanac: @max - In my first round I used up to 65lbs... in rounds following that I've worked up to using up to 110lb dumbbells. If you can get the 1090 Bowflex dumbbells, get me. They'll be worth it! When do you start? Are you working with a coach? Let me know if I can help!

Mark Klanac: For sure bro! How do you think I got these results? The Beachbody Challenge is what helped me stay committed! Beast Up!

LOS V: Have you ever heard about the Challenge?

Daniel Felipe: what was the first weights you used? and the ones ending the program?

Roronoa Zoro: Holy crap man that's an awesome friggin' transformation. Great job. Might work a lil' on those pecs, they look a tad flat to me. Other than that great work and keep lifting. Good luck.

Donnell Ray: just started the program today. I'm 16 and trying to get into shape again. ive become very sedentary i my lifestyle. and i feel that this program is ACTUALLY WORKING. ive tried insanity and p90x. but this one has to be the best one (in my opinion) out there! and did you do the lean beast program?

KpopNiDontStop: I am still finishing asylum 2 I have body beast but I will def get on it afterwards.

Mark Klanac: thanks bro! You ready to Beast Up?? :-)

KpopNiDontStop: holy crap can really see the drastic change in your bulk.

geoffaree: A lot of people would be ok with your day 1 results

Mark Klanac: ha! Thanks Vic! The name of the song is Born Again by Newsboys. Enjoy!

Mark Klanac: no. Only about 2-3%

Mark Klanac: thanks Ben!
Body Beast Results - My 90 Day Transformation 5 out of 5

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Body Beast Results - My 90 Day Transformation