Major Cracking Dashboard Problem On 2007+ Chevy Tahoe, Suburban, Avalanche, & GMC Yukon

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Major Cracking Dashboard Problem on 2007+ Chevy Tahoe. Suburban. Avalanche. & GMC Yukon
Major Cracking Dashboard Problem on 2007+ Chevy Tahoe. Suburban. Avalanche. & GMC Yukon
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USSPhoenix23: they're all essentially the same car. i don't see the point of buying any of them because they're all the same. plus that cracking dashboard probably means it's a piece of junk anyway. 

Razor Kane: lol.. Government Motors

Xtragicfever: I have a 2008 GMC Sierra regular 2WD, and it has a crack near the passenger airbag and one that just happened yesterday on the driver's side, in front of the instrument panel, closer to the window.

marc1093280: GM does not care about quality at all. I know because we have had many GM cars. Toyota and Honda and Nissan are much worse than GM, though.

philip john: He just collected cars with cracking dashboard and make the crap review.

Jason Weimer: Me too 2 cracks same place. Waiting for gm to do nothing! 

maikata329: Intechdude300: Are you a former GM or tier one molding engineer? As you are aware of the common defect among this molded part, it is obvious a flaw in the design and manufacture of there molding program. Or you're a service tech who has had to deal with changing these out. Also, what part of the country are these vehicles in you have shown us? Arizona might be mortal hell on composite materials that were cheapened up by removing UV stabilizers. Just wondering. 

Bjorn Johnsen: This is terrible and after seeing this movie getting really mad. We were driving home yesterday and then it cracked right where the pax airbag starts as in this movie for no reason and the dash fell down 1 inch. My Avalanche is an 08 and only has 45K miles and did look like new before this. Shame on Government Motors. And, talk about really taking care of a vehicle. We DID! What can we do??

daniel meek: 2008 Tahoe.... Crack just appeared on the left top portion of air bag and above the steering wheel. Just like this video shows. Didn't know this was a big problem. Thought it was just my vehicle. WOW. 

pablo cramer: Got the same problem with my 2007 Tahoe LTZ. Is there a way to repair the dashboard or do I have to change the unit?

amber maddox: I have the same crack in my dash. I found it a week ago.

damon smith: Gm not going to replace interior parts I hade a 2004 buick that had dash lights going out and the dash was ccoming apart they wanted me to pay $2000 just for parts kiss my ass gm and it had 39000 miles at the time

ChrisRebellion: Can we prevent this. Or find ways to prevent this to happen. I have am 07 yukon and the paint is really worn off on dash board and the control panel buttons. I don't. I want to make them look like new but. I don't know where to go for that and is it worth it too

dwayne smith: Yup, I have a 07 avalanche that has pretty much all of these problems except the crack near the air bags. 

Zeeshan Siddiqui: I have an 07 Avalanche with a cracked dash around the airbag area. I reported this to GM but there was no serious effort to fix the issue. I think this is a serious problem since a cracked dash around the airbag could lead to unsafe situations. However as is evident from recent GM recall fiasco, they don't take action until the situation is already out of control. Shameful.

Maggie Lyons: I have a 2008 Chevy Suburban with all the same blemishes. Cracks in dashboard above the steering wheel and passenger air bag, cracked and peeling chrome on drivers door handle, chipped paint on a/c control buttons. What the hell?

Khalil Albawab: 2010 GMC Yukon, with 2 dashboard cracks. one is at the passengers airbag the other is right on the instrumentation dome. I thought I have these cracks happened because of heat. I live in the Middle East and it is so hot here. but I'm still in love with My GMC 

yellowboi121: I have a 2008 Caddy Escalade with 284k and I had to replace my dash twice. $2300 both times at the dealer. However, its a very durable truck. Will be purchasing the 2015 model soon.

Parallel Burrito: GM needs to accept responsibility and at least make the parts available for free.I've got the crack at the corner of the passenger side airbag just like shown in this video. This situation will make it near impossible to find a good used piece as replacement since most all are bad. They stand to lose a lot of customers if they do not correct this issue. 

witchert: Have a 2010 Yukon. Just noticed the same problem the other day when I was washing my truck. Had no idea how it happened. Now I see it's a ongoing problem. Looking into ordering a dash cover :(

God Mann: Wow! I just sold my 2013 2500 Suburban LT with only 4250 miles to a dealer for a whopping good price, and now I see I dodged a bullet. THANKS!

tysonmw77: My 07 avalanche has the same issue. I was waiting on a recall but so far I haven't heard of anything.

SwPiotrek: It looks like made in china :(

h8thelaw: I have a 2005 H2 and a 2007 Denali and they both have a few cracks in he dash. I live in Arizona but that not a reason for this to happened I believe its just cheap plastic being used.

Chris Sutera: What I find bewildering is that GM never put out an official recall. 6 years of this generation truck and they didn't do squat. I honestly don't know how there wasn't a lawsuit against GM.

Monte Olsen: @jose832010 Wow! Maybe Chevy has changed their way of operating. That is good to hear. We owned a Silverado and got nothing but trouble from Chevy trying to repair a transmission. I am happy to see that things have changed.

camillecntaylor: I just noticed my dashboard cracked this weekend. Very disappointed in the quality. Thanks for the video.

julius350z: wow! thanks for putting this up! Im looking to get one and now I know what to look for. Thanks for sharing this

Shivesh Patel: 2008 Chevy Avalanche, 68k miles & a CRACKED Dashboard. This video is Legit. Enough said.

Intechdude300: @Jason Snider that's actually offensive to actual owner IMO, like those who paid almost $70K for their fully loaded Denali & end up with a cracking dashboard 3 years later. In saying 3 years as I've already spotted the 2010 trucks suffering identical fate. Super won't fix the problem once over the speedometer & etc.

paul reed: does he keep it covered? his dash will crack in a couple may have small cracks above the instument cluster allready. oh BTW Dodge is having the same issues. I think they are using the same plastic formula.

Intechdude300: Not always as brands such as Toyota,Lexus, Infiniti, & Acura have their share of cracking/pealing/Melting/Warping dashboards on many models as well :P I just never got around to making a montage like done here but examples are found in some of my videos :P

Sajid Mirza: I have 2008 Chevrolete Tahoe i also have 2 cracks in my dashboard and also i can feel some play in my steering wheel not sure what it is But no sound!!

Eric Agena: 2010 Chevy Avalanche, 62000 miles, cracked dashboard by airbag on passenger side. Thankfully, have an extended warranty, and it's being replaced.

paul reed: the S10 or GMC Sonoma DONOT apply here. We are talking about the new generation GM full size vehicles. ALL GM full size vehicle dashes will crack after 3 years unless the vihicle is kept in a garage. They will ALL crack around the passenger air bag

bossman696: I have an 07 Tahoe with 44K miles with the exact cracks only much worse! It terrible that GM is not addressing this issue! I have also had the leak in the rear passenger quarter panel, the door speakers no longer work (all four went out at the same time while driving). The upper rear vent on the passenger side doesn't blow either. Does anyone have any idea how to address these issues? Gm has been no help!

Pablo R.: Sierra's dont have the LTZ trim because that's chevy, do u mean SLT? either way my uncles Sierra SLT has no cracks in it and he has over 80k miles and its an 09

flyboii escalade tahoe: Gm still better than ford

Mazoo88: This is total b.s. Consumers are supposed to be protected against this kind of shoddy production. Mine has 55K miles and looks as bad as any of these. I have taken great care of this investment and for what - GM should be ashamed.

Devon Fraz: The crack at 1:19 i have on my 07 yukon and my aunts 10 tahoe. Why is this happening?

dlh2008: After my visit to the dealership Friday; the service manager scheduled me to come back Tuesday for a complete upper dash replacement free of charge. I couldn't be more satisfied with the customer service from both the dealer and GM directly. I strongly urge for you guys to call in and speak with a rep.

Brandon Brown: if youll notice this area at the top left of the airbag expands and contracts with heat. over time after it expands and contracts a bunch of times its eventually gonna crack. mine is cracked and when the dash gets hot everything comes together perfect once it cools down the crack looks worse. mine cracked around 102K miles and its gonna stay cracked im not wasting money on something that will probably happen again

dldowney3: 3 cracks here on an '07 Yukon SLT. One above the steering wheel hump, one in each corner by the airbag cover. Paint bubbling below the middle vents. This has been since around 50kmi. I called GM and they basically told me to f**k off.

James O'Neal: I have a 2009 Chevy Silverado that has cracks and I awaiting a responce from dealer. Better be the right responce. This truck just has 36700 miles.

Intechdude300: It's pretty widespread

Santiago Figueroa: It's owners and the suns fault

HawkRockS1996: Yep count me in two cracks at around 78k... Horse crap.

lagreeneyes1216: Why are they cracked? Were looking to get a tahoe....

michael carr: if you call gm they will fix it call 866-790-5700

paul reed: I understand I have a 25 year old Chevy that still has a perfect dash. I think what has happened is a new plastic formula that is environmentally friendly that is a total failure.
Major Cracking Dashboard Problem on 2007+ Chevy Tahoe, Suburban, Avalanche, & GMC Yukon 4.4 out of 5

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Major Cracking Dashboard Problem on 2007+ Chevy Tahoe, Suburban, Avalanche, & GMC Yukon