91 Jetta TD: Motor Is Out & Governor Mod (12/16/11)

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shel bot: 8:53 Cheech?

synocate: Where'd you get your seal kit?

analog56x: and then we cheeched!!!!!

L3g4cyTT: Then we cheeched

analog56x: @canadacatalyst thanks Andy, yea, ive changed since ive started making videos... im actually like this in RL too haha, walk around talking about stuff a certain way... i just like the reactions i get from people haha! take care

canadacatalyst: i like your vids, you should try and be yourself though

analog56x: @98eck haha, yea, it was frustrating at first, but some good did come out of it :) i got to make a bunch of youtube videos about it haha! cheers bro!

98eck: Love the opening man. "Welcome to a very special daylight edition of I'm an idiot." LOL. Sometimes all you can do is laugh at stuff we do that was a mistake.

analog56x: @Jackup460 me either, BUT i did manage to get the 4runner driving in excellent shape again... it was the fuel pump AGAIN! that makes 4 pumps this 4runner has gone through... frig's sake...

Jackup460: @analog56x I didn't think it would be that easy, but I try. Can't wait to see it thrive in the beast.

HedgehogOutdoors: @analog56x I love that you put your sayings even in the comments lol. Might go look at vehicles tomorrow, I don't know yet. I have to get a book on Monday and read it and do a book report for like Wednesday or something. Procrastination backfire. Again lol

analog56x: @Jackup460 haha yea, if i had the adapter in my hands, i would! for sure!

analog56x: @thatkidsmokin yea, they are pretty freaking sweet! super easy to get more power out of these guys!

analog56x: @jfisch01 i like in alberta, eh! its freaking awesome here!

analog56x: @jfisch01 indeed. i love japanese vehicles, thats why im all about the toyota! BUT i did want a diesel, and toyota diesels are few and far between, and expensive, and the aftermarket is not so good, so i went with a vw. if i could have found one cheap enough, i would have gone with a 4bt!

analog56x: @HedgehogOutdoors haha, yea, most of the time, he doesnt even remember what he says, but everyone seems to love when my brother is in my videos, so im trying to have him in more... yea, honestly, i think i was just really angry yesterday cause of my eye being all metal-ated... but today, i got the clutch all cleaned up, everything else cleaned up, threw it back together, and i even got the car running tonight! friggin rights! i just need to make some slight adjustments and get some coolant! YEAH

analog56x: @HedgehogOutdoors why yes... yes you are.

Jackup460: Might as well go ahead and throw it all in your 4Runner.

thatkidsmokin: i want to put one of those in my 3rd gen toy truck

jfisch01: Where you live in Canada "eh". lol
91 Jetta TD: Motor Is Out & Governor Mod (12/16/11) 5 out of 5

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91 Jetta TD: Motor Is Out & Governor Mod (12/16/11)