Burris Ar-332 Review

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Richard Bristol: Great review. You answered all of my questions--Thanks!

Jose Quinones: thanks for the video good help

Kyle Rice: On a detachable carry handle there would be no point you'd be better of with qd rings on the scope mount yes. As for a2s and you saying "I don't know if I would trust it" Don't lol. But the military does and I'm half certain that's what loctite is for plus you see plenty of a2s still in service with acogs serving in Stan an iraq but yes don't trust it 😅😂😭

Jerome Jenkins: Thanks for the info got the twenty dollar fix

InfiniteNallidge: why not co-witness? looks so high...

E. White: How is the reticle size? Is it good for longer distances, say 200-400 yards?

Ash: Cool and its well magnified that your front sight doesn't get in the way. works well below 50yrds?

WHUTUPSAN: I think your only problem would be eye relief. I think the burris requires 2.5-3.5 inches of eye relief 

Nicholas Klemm: Great video! You sold me. I'm military as well and I wanted something comparable to the ACOG. Looks like I found it!

tbsmith020: how does the stack up against an aimpoint pro?

MrKZizzle: Nice review dude!!! I was looking at this scope for a while now and you just sold it to me. If I like it as much as you say, I may even buy another one for my SKS. Thanks for sharing!

awildazzloony: Thanks for the review brother! Looking to upgrade my adcore bear elite.......problem is that the trijs and eo's that I was looking at cost the same as buying another weapon system! Question.....what the hell is making that noise in the back ground?

Jessie Gonzalez: Great video!,very informative,I just recently got the same scope.thanks!

Nick Lemmon: @ MiamiNice57, thanks, it's a bushmaster xm-15 16" barrel.

MiamiNice57: By the way what Brand AR, sorry if I missed it in your intro.

MiamiNice57: Thanks! was looking at eotech and aimpoint this seems by far a better option.

Jason Garrison: Thanks man vary help full haha

MrTrainREX: Great review (I must say, that sound in the background drove me nuts lol). I'm in the market, trying to decide on which sight is best for what I'll use my AR for. 

Nick Lemmon: @jasonzbell, a guy here at my work has that same Nikon you have on yours and he's switching to a Burris now that he has used mine.

Jason Bell: Thanks for the review, I am heavily considering swapping out my Nikon 3-9x40 for this optic setup. I am not a hunter, but still want the ability to shoot out to 100 yards with more than just the irons. This seems like a great setup and a great price.
Burris ar-332 review 5 out of 5

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Irish Toast: why did it have to be freaking bill!! 😠
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Burris ar-332 review