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Amy Zhang: Hi there! Would anyone be able to help me with how to green screen a video over another video? I have a video of someone dancing in front of a green screen, and I want to replace the green screen with a music video, and this way it will look like they are dancing along with the dancers in the music video (I use Final Cut Pro as my editing software). If anyone has any knowledge of this, please post a response or inbox me, thanks!
BeatRip: It wont let me install because its only for windows 7 and higher
RC Noobies: What the freak, hoezo gaan mensen zeiken als een nederlander een review geeft haha... stelletje pannekoeke xd. Goede video, goede uitleg, mooi gemonteerd! Ik durf er zelf niet aan te beginnen, wil mn dx6i graag dicht laten. Is dit ook mogelijk zonder alles aan te passen? Zat zelf namelijk te denken aan een booster, en externe batterij. Is dit dan gewoon plug en play? Ga zo door;)
Frost Zemun: those 4$ speakers hurt my eyes
Tom: I think you can hear some transmission components running dry at 10:13 and 10:35. That is not a normal engine noise for these cars. I'd suggest not draining the transmission sump at all (the transmission fluid pump picks the fluid from the sump; if the sump it's dry, imagine what is happening). Instead, just drain 3qts at once from the radiator return, then refill the transmission with 3qts of fresh fluid, then repeat the whole procedure for another 3-4 times. Don't forget to do a transmission software 'new fluid' reset at a garage.
Christer Johansson: Fighter jet sim for Occulus now!
Stan Ley: All hate comments are going to be ignored. Does it really look like I give a crap? I don't understand Sonic fans.

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