How To Download Apps To Tracfone LG 800G

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How to download apps to Tracfone LG 800G
How to download apps to Tracfone LG 800G
Review: LG Tracfone LG800G
Review: LG Tracfone LG800G
LG 800g Cell Phone Review/Overview - Tracfone
LG 800g Cell Phone Review/Overview - Tracfone
TracFone LG 800g Review
TracFone LG 800g Review
LG 800G Review
LG 800G Review

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santi o: says page to large to view then kicks me out its my duaghters phone so the hole paying for free games with time is bull anyother way

Suhni H.: How does youtube videos run?

Elliott J: Which is better this phone or the 306g

shiftedx2: get an iphone

Klong Bautista: not android! freak

Alpha Hedge: +RideTheLighting93  Does this work with LG 236c?

Neenah Guy: Nice video. Hey, does the Tracfone 306g and 305c able to download apps as well?

Thank You.

Geo Murch Jr.: Awesome... :D


crazynotebooklady26: This didn't work for me. I have the same phone LG800G from Tracfone. When I got to the site it said that my phone was unrecognizable. I'll just have to find another way to add free apps. Thanks for posting anyway :)

za bozz harvey: If you want the android games go to 1mobile market

TheThalley: How do you set the time

Matthew McLaughlin: I have one and I call it the "not-so-smart" smart phone!...

Darel Ocampo: Sir how to unlock my lg 800g for free.... Thanks!

Val Clear: Office software, maps, gps, theft recovery, sms chat, finance calculators and spreadsheets, shopping lists, calendar popup reminders, tv, radio, news, weather, games, calculator, dictionary, thesaurus, translation, password record and manager, sendfax, secure locked doc storage and usage, backups, guitar tuner, IP spycam manager, barcode & beetag reader, remote control, remote virtual desktop, vibrator, capture youtube mp3, email, book reader....

Val Clear: Only when they use internet or 3g call. No if you get the LG840g and use WIFI.

Jarvis Fields: I have thia phone and it good

YFN Gaming: When i go on facebook it says page to large

Nicole Gustafson: I have that phone and it sucks >.<

Jarvis Fields: i'll just use my psvita to go on facebook
How to download apps to Tracfone LG 800G 5 out of 5

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Buttnuttz: Oh the gamble pun
Rodrigo Guerra: i have that phone also and it just sucks it lags a lot the knock code won't work the calls doesn't sound good but everyone has it's own opinion

How to download apps to Tracfone LG 800G