Clarisonic VS ProSonic

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PROSONIC vs CLARISONIC whatmakesusgirls1
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Prosonic Purchase (Clarisonic like Tool)
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Clarisonic Brushes vs. Soniclear – Sonic Face Cleansing System Comparison
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Rick Telfer: Thank you! :-)

Kelli Strong: Nov. 2014- the new prosonic glow has larger brush sizes!!

Jessica Alvarez: this was a VERY informative video. ive had my prosonic for 3 months and almost bought a clarisonic for comparison.. but its SO pricey -.- i LOVE my prosonic. completely changed my life!

NayomiDH: Get the ProSonic at an incredible discount via livingsocial

MalikahBakir: +wpgrahamster I am so sorry that you have had a bad time but as states I am not paid by either company and they both are still working fine.

Hair Works Factory TV: check out my new channel MalikahBakir it has lots of content thanks so much

Hair Works Factory TV: @Desig1rl can you please subscribe to my new channel MalikahBakir thanks so much doll

Hair Works Factory TV: Oh you should still change the head every 90 days though

Hair Works Factory TV: no they have two different heads

Hair Works Factory TV: yeah its me

Hair Works Factory TV: No you can not sorry about the delay on the response I have a new channel and I thought I closed this one down

Stephankne: Will the clarisonic brushes work on my prosonic?

Hair Works Factory TV: No, Problem glad I could assist.

Hair Works Factory TV: oh so sorry, to hear that. I hate when that happens to me too.

Hair Works Factory TV: oh, wow did not realize that, but you know either way you should change the brush every 3 months so that you can get the best results.

Hair Works Factory TV: No, I am not paid by either company I bought them both with my own money but, I did this because I wanted to know why the Clarisonc costed so much more. It really boils down to the Clarisonic being a brand name and the design. I should have said that I like the ergonomic design of the Clarisonic and that is why I chose that one the other one I gave to my mother for her birthday this year hope she does not read this. lol

desig1rl: I own prosonic and find the brush head bristles are harsh after a while. The clarisonic ones always stay soft.

Lillian: I purchased the Prosonic for about $50 as part of a special TV deal. I think they promoted it at the suggested retail price of $200. Had I known that it was really the cheaper of a line of similar products, I would have allocated my money toward the better product, Clarisonic.

Lillian: If you are not paid by either company, you should be. Excellent, thorough review. Thank you!!

Hair Works Factory TV: yes they are, I did not feel a difference with the one that comes with the Clarisonic, but remember that you can buy different brush firmness for the Clarisonic.
Clarisonic VS ProSonic 5 out of 5

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Rick Telfer: Thank you! :-)
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Clarisonic VS ProSonic