Crosman 2240 And 2289 Power Adjuster And Hammer Mod.MOV

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oobie2b: A lot of work was off camera. Would be nice to see every tiny bit. However it is still very informative and well done! Thanks

Просто Прохожий7: I got 2240 but i can difficulty to find your info.Can you please send me email or phone number so i could make an order?Thank you.

riseabove: Anyone know where I can find a 10"barrel for a 2240?

Brian Ridley: I can't see a thing ???

Leon Lombardoni: email address

how many FPS  or  pellet speed do you gain with the power valve  SET UP?

revwarnut: Very nice video...  I also read your replies to some questions below and I must commend you on your very sane approach to legality of mods on airguns in Canada.  Thankfully, here in the USA.. I don't have those concerns.  Nice product.. I will be looking into this for an excellently working 2250 I picked up recently for a very bargain price.

Corey Henderson: i tryed your website but nothing comes up 

northlander30: @rouelibre1, I find most of what you have said on this page to have made a little bit of sense. Then you state you have written an email to the justice minister. What did you ask him? I know what you asked him because the 2240 is a handgun you wanted to know about if this gun would be considered restricted in Canada is it is over 500FPS. Well that has been a question for some time now and my guess is yes it would be. However once you add a stock and a longer barrel to the 2240 it is no longer considered a handgun ad is measured by overall length. Just adding a longer barrel to the 2240 increases your velocity. Adding the power adjuster puts it up over 500fps. That is fine as long as you have a PAL. I hunt small game with my 2240 that has a 14 inch barrel and stock on it. I really wish they would come out with a .25 cal barrel and breech for the 2240.

Suzonka T: how many FPS  or  pellet speed do you gain with the power valve  SET UP?

Scott Simka: Why don't people work in front of the camera?

Kevys Rc & Music: i have some muzzle breaks still but that would be it for that gun , my wife is updating the website check back mid next week to see whats up there

Cisco Sintes: Do you still have any 2289 mod parts available??? I didnt see anything on your new website. Thank you!

Kevys Rc & Music: next time ill keep that in mind

bkr360: You need to point the camera towards your hands so we can see what you are doing. Great info tho...

Kevys Rc & Music: baiscly it adds and removes preload from the hammer spring so the hammer hits lighter or stronger which also alters the timing on how long the valve stays open to allow gas to come out, it works on sweet spots to add or lower the FPS of the gun, there are also many other mods so will work some wont depending on the mods done to your gun,

Kevys Rc & Music: cant be done with out letting go, this is the only way it will work properly when you use the breech with the screw to the back side. but hey give it a go and see if you can get it to work .. the other advantage of grinding the hammer or buying one predone is power increase

TigrrrTamer: instead of grinding out an opening in the hammer, how about you just shorten the screw, so that it's precisely the right length and doesn't go through to the other side?

Kevys Rc & Music: nope i only repair airguns now and thats it, i do still have some mod parts left but no power adjusters left at all. not everything is up on the site yet, we been busy with the new rc hobby shop website so the airgun one has been getting put to the side but should have stuff up soon i hope..
crosman 2240 and 2289 power adjuster and hammer mod.MOV 5 out of 5

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crosman 2240 and 2289 power adjuster and hammer mod.MOV