Celica Supra 83

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Celica Supra 83
Celica Supra 83
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1985 Toyota Celica Supra
Toyota Celica Supra mk2 drifting Helsinki
Toyota Celica Supra mk2 drifting Helsinki
1983 toyota celica gt
1983 toyota celica gt
84 Toyota Celica GT Coupe Supra  ONE Owner Orig Miles GT-S A60 Rally L 22-R 22R-E EC 2.4 Liftback FR
84 Toyota Celica GT Coupe Supra ONE Owner Orig Miles GT-S A60 Rally L 22-R 22R-E EC 2.4 Liftback FR
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TheNoobComment: Shakotan/Zokusha-style okay guys. 

pali paloza: hotter than lambo

Saru Siva: whaat the hell did u do to the shifter knob its huge

Sam Xiong: This car came along way t

TheNi9htmar: @94bdavid Hey the women got to enjoy the ride right LMAO

Garret Roberts: I need your wheels man!

shanluvstocook: I had a celica supra I loved it.

falsedeath1: Hey man what was that under your front bumper some kind of spoiler or under valence? I really want one for my supra. I was told I had to make one if I wanted it like that.

unaware101: hey bro what rims do you got on there?

TheNi9htmar: @muezza1 Justice league type beat new york city

TheNi9htmar: @Unknowngambler i got it from a 1984 Saab. it was the spoiler from the saab car.

ae861994: beautiful car looks just like mine haha boso to the max

Dalton Mullis: I have an 84 celica supra that i might sell

TheNi9htmar: @EeLaMSaRu lol i bought but i never really use the shift knob. but i gave my supra to my brother.

DalnamikDesigns: and dffntly feelin the beat

Unknowngambler: ey bro where'd you get tat lip?

DARKELLAKEL: car keeps looking worse and worse.

jmoyet: haha the oil cooler wasnt even connected.

Robert Bridge: you ruinned that supra makes me want to barf

5210supra: nice

xiiTurboClutchiix: 1:30 such a ricer move man -_ -

muezza1: whats the song..?

94bdavid: the shifter looks like a dildo O.o

Elsie Macias: a boso style oil cooler isnt ricerish at all. perhaps u should know more about a particular car culture before opening your pickle sucker

Sean Biles: where did u get this body kit at i got a 1983 celica gt and i want a body kit

Scott Easton: look at that freakin shifter lol

TheNi9htmar: @fishingbomb1 When i bought the car the past owner put them on so i don't know but try Ebay. The front lip i custom it on my car. It was a spoiler from a SAAB.

DalnamikDesigns: wow! that looks wel mean!!!! looks alot better now thanks for the update

TheNi9htmar: @DalnamikDesigns Thanks

TransAmBand1t: Any idea on who made the side skirts? I have a full Kaminari body kit I bought for my MKII but my skirts are a lot bulkier.

mrsal84: Look at suspention is it cut or heated?... Would like more info msg my name is mrsal84

TheNi9htmar: @TransAmBand1t I have no idea what kind of side skirts are they because i bought the car with the side skirts already on the car.
Celica Supra 83 4.6 out of 5

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Celica Supra 83