Celica Supra 83

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knifelover73: Lol just kidding, that's kind of interesting dude. 

knifelover73: Why do You have a dildo for a shift knob?

pali paloza: hotter than lambo

TheNoobComment: Shakotan/Zokusha-style okay guys. 

Saru Siva: whaat the hell did u do to the shifter knob its huge

Sam Xiong: This car came along way t

TheNi9htmar: @94bdavid Hey the women got to enjoy the ride right LMAO

Garret Roberts: I need your wheels man!

shanluvstocook: I had a celica supra I loved it.

falsedeath1: Hey man what was that under your front bumper some kind of spoiler or under valence? I really want one for my supra. I was told I had to make one if I wanted it like that.

unaware101: hey bro what rims do you got on there?

TheNi9htmar: @muezza1 Justice league type beat new york city

TheNi9htmar: @Unknowngambler i got it from a 1984 Saab. it was the spoiler from the saab car.

ae861994: beautiful car looks just like mine haha boso to the max

Dalton Mullis: I have an 84 celica supra that i might sell

TheNi9htmar: @EeLaMSaRu lol i bought but i never really use the shift knob. but i gave my supra to my brother.

DalnamikDesigns: and dffntly feelin the beat

Unknowngambler: ey bro where'd you get tat lip?

Darkel Lakel: car keeps looking worse and worse.

jmoyet: haha the oil cooler wasnt even connected.

Robert Bridge: you ruinned that supra makes me want to barf

5210supra: nice

xiiTurboClutchiix: 1:30 such a ricer move man -_ -

muezza1: whats the song..?

94bdavid: the shifter looks like a dildo O.o

Elsie Macias: a boso style oil cooler isnt ricerish at all. perhaps u should know more about a particular car culture before opening your pickle sucker

Sean Biles: where did u get this body kit at i got a 1983 celica gt and i want a body kit

Scott Easton: look at that freakin shifter lol

TheNi9htmar: @fishingbomb1 When i bought the car the past owner put them on so i don't know but try Ebay. The front lip i custom it on my car. It was a spoiler from a SAAB.

DalnamikDesigns: wow! that looks wel mean!!!! looks alot better now thanks for the update

TheNi9htmar: @DalnamikDesigns Thanks

TransAmBand1t: Any idea on who made the side skirts? I have a full Kaminari body kit I bought for my MKII but my skirts are a lot bulkier.

mrsal84: Look at suspention is it cut or heated?... Would like more info msg my name is mrsal84

TheNi9htmar: @TransAmBand1t I have no idea what kind of side skirts are they because i bought the car with the side skirts already on the car.
Celica Supra 83 4.6 out of 5

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Celica Supra 83