How To Skin, Flesh And Stretch A Muskrat

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"Muskrat Ramble" Played by: David Simmons. "Chet Atkins" Style
Beaver Tutorial - PART 1. Guide to fleshing beaver hides for the fur market. .wmv
Beaver Tutorial - PART 1. Guide to fleshing beaver hides for the fur market. .wmv

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trace farve: You ruined the eyes and ears look for the white part on the ears and eyes and cut further back and don't use your knife that much just pull the fur down

IISnorlaxII: Da faq did i just watch?

ImTheInsaneReality: also, what fleshing knife do you use?

SirLobsterman: a lot of the knife work can be done with your hands.

Butcher215: Also, what do fur buyers look for in muskrats

Robert E Lee: Great example of skinning bro, screw the haters. Take care, Ω†

zaxtor: @om3gadagg3r I don't play WoW nor COD. I am not PETA and stop slandering you freaking Christfag. I go out out a lot No wonder why you hick are hated you claim a meat-eater like me is a PETA member just so you find ways to bash at vegan and vegetarians. I am no veg but I oppose assholes motherfreakers like you bashing at them, freaking fascist pieces of crap. I hope an other hunter shoot you accidentally because when hunter shoots another hunter is extremely entertaining and funny.

Kronnkk: thank you for taking the time,and effort to make this vid!

FusionSnipes: thanks im just starting trapping and stuff and that was a great help!

TheOutdoorsman07: @CougarClan lol. I do know a few people that eat them, ill just stick with the fur!

gfrg gergr: I cried whatching this :( I love animals all shapes, sizes, and species!

Regina .: hi thanks i am beggining to trap an dwant to know if it is the same strecher for beavers and how much do they go for?

Gary D'Alessandro: i just bought a cheap fleshing knife, how should i sharpen it, it only has a blade on one side, and i was looking to flesh coon, not anything large scale, just a couple a year.

Robert E Lee: @zaxtor Stupider than stupid?? Keep typing, you look dumber by the minute. LOL Dumbass.

Michigantrapper: @Beardinc Thanks!

bcperry15: just take your time and then you wont have to worry about the guts.

mgm260: Guys, I am 48 years old and just trying to get back into trapping. I use to trap a little bit back in the 70's with my Dad, but have pretty much forgot everything, especially how to skin and flesh. That was a great video, I hope you put up a few more. Maybe get a few of you guys settin up a few traps and checking you line. Take care and thanks, Mike.

Eric Vanweverwyk: hello-i was just wondering-how do you know wat the prices of the furs are-like is there a website? thanx :)

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Caden Key: you sir just earned a subscriber

jumpmedic22: Great tip, Leaving some tail for the stretcher !!!

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anamericanman11: Using a knife that much only leads to accidental rips in your hide. Once you have your legs and tail started a better and faster way would be to pull the hide off like a sock all the way to the head. I also noticed they left the nose cartledge in the hide. Better to skin this out too. Other than that, Good job

Michigantrapper: @creamtt Their fur is only good in the fall/winter months and it costs more to trap than you make in furs. Its more of just a fun hobby

TheHobbyman10: Thanks for the tips man. That will help me when I start trapping this year.

historytruthseeker: you get $10.50 for a big black hide from the fur buyer? That means there is money and trappers should stretch their own rat's because it's not very hard just stretch them on a board.

Michael Richardson: you should make a video of checking your traps and were do you buy the stretchers at.

five0pd310: Those are a fat little creature. Looks like they have quite a bit of meat. Ever tried eating them?

Mary ann Foster: Yal are adorable! You made this look really easy! Clothes pins though..not paper clips..but Im old..maybe you call paperclips that offense..thought it was cute..When I was about 15 I got 5.00 each (1974) and did a really crapty job lol..Gonna look on ebay for a stretcher..back in the day I nailed them to a tree

Michigantrapper: @jtschid0910 "Cased" means that the the skin is on the outside and fur on the inside. A good muskrat habitat, you will see feedbeds, huts, runs, dens and toliets. It all depends on the area you are trapping. If you are trapping a marsh, huts, feebeds and toliets. If you are trapping a pond, runs and bank dens. For coon, pretty much any water source will have coon running it. Look in the fresh mud for tracks and also for runs in the grass going to the water. Thanks for watching!

sksushi3: try bending the scraper. thatll help take off the flesh more accurately. and takes less effort

maxsand: stink to high heaven...reeks

I Am Sh3rlocked: The eyes are the only part of the skinning process that freaks me out. They just keep staring.

dreadfulcreation: it looked like a meat ironing board lol, good video though

ZeldaZelda123123: So freaked up. What is wrong with the world

Joe Witkowski: @Dreaminstar64 when the world ends you will be begging him for muskrat gloves and hats to keep you warm

SuperHarryace: Good job guys!!

Michigantrapper: @zaxtor Someones a grumpy gills :0

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Tay Tayy: Your video is very informational I'm raising meat rabbits n want to keep the fur... where do u get the stretching wire? I see u don't use salt

76chevy: just pull the skin off...why use the knife??

Tony Fletch: Yo just pull the pelt don't cut it, you can just scrape the meet off

Butcher215: can you guys show your dried rat furs. This is my first year and idk if I'm doin it right.

henryfishinandhuntin: how much do you get per hide ?

BoynamedSally: so can i just flesh it with a knife or can i make a makeshift flesher? do i have to buy one???

Forewarned76: When you pulled it right side out, I thought you were going to do the worlds most gruesome puppet show

historytruthseeker: I've skinned about 75 a day everyday for 3 months.
How to Skin, Flesh and Stretch a Muskrat 4.8 out of 5

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How to Skin, Flesh and Stretch a Muskrat