How To Skin, Flesh And Stretch A Muskrat

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Paws For Mercy: you are whats wrong with humanity , there is no excuse to kill animals for their fur its just wrong on so many levels we dont live in caves anymore its time to EVOLVE , how would you like it if I came to your home and slaughtered you for your hair to make myself hair extensions / its no different than what you are doing to these innocent animals . if GOd wanted us to wear fur he would have made us born with it there are too many fake alternatives to justify this prehistoric practice , EVOLVE and stop poaching fur from innocent animals who need their fur and have a right to keep it . theres no excuse for this in todays modern world  

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trace farve: You ruined the eyes and ears look for the white part on the ears and eyes and cut further back and don't use your knife that much just pull the fur down

Robert Simonovich: What kind of knife are you using? Is a fillet knife ok? What do you do with the bodies when you have the fur?

evin swann: where do you sell your fur at?

Caden Key: you sir just earned a subscriber

Forewarned76: Simple, Musquash is delicious

Forewarned76: When you pulled it right side out, I thought you were going to do the worlds most gruesome puppet show

BerlingSwe: So freaked up. What is wrong with the world

hollander dutch rabbit: 444

Eric Vanweverwyk: hello-i was just wondering-how do you know wat the prices of the furs are-like is there a website? thanx :)

Bigfoot Traps Snares: Check out ROAD RUNNER WILDLIFE ATTRACTORS - GOOGLE US - We have a huge collection of YOU TUBE VIDEOS on TRAPPER EDUCATION - and other subjects. ed

Bigfoot Traps Snares: Joking ? Seriously - Beaver are cut off open, up the belly, the rear section is done the same way as muskrats, except watch out not to cut the castors - especially in the SPRING, when they are full on males - that CASTOR is worth money - CASTOR OIL - You need a beaver skinning knife, with a round blade, and a good fleshing beam. You open up the beaver pelt from vent to chin, and skin him out. Once you get the belly done, you cut around the sides and back carefully, cuts ruin the blanket.

Bigfoot Traps Snares: Muskrats brought $13 @ Indiana Trappers Association February sale - also - this video on skinning is a beginning introductory course. Professional 'rat trappers use a skinning gambrel, a muskrat skinning knife, and rip a pelt off in about 30 seconds or Leave the back feet on - just cut around the front - or off with nippers / hatchet - hang up in the gambrel, leave the tail on, make those two lateral cuts, from legs to tail, around the feet, tail, rip - cut ears , eyes to mouth - careful - nose

Jor Kath: What brand of knife do you use?

Mirage 2000: i want to make a kite now :3

Michigantrapper: Size and the primeness of the fur! We currently do not have any finished rats that we can show, sorry.

Butcher215: Also, what do fur buyers look for in muskrats

Butcher215: can you guys show your dried rat furs. This is my first year and idk if I'm doin it right.

Alexander Whitlock: So you do not own a belt, jacket, or boots either right? Furbearing seasons are highly regulated by each states dept.of natural resources....biologists and ecologists. do some research you need people like us.
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How to Skin, Flesh and Stretch a Muskrat