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Trainboy7: That Train reminds me of Old Puffa Pete.
Nicholas Zounis: As much as I dislike the state and wish it didn't exist, I would prefer Ron Paul as president over Obama. I do however agree with Stefan that political action hasn't worked out very well, but I don't believe Ron Paul expected to free the world as president. I think Ron Paul himself believes that he will be more effective at spreading the message as president. However, if Ron Paul became president, the elite will most likely kill him in the first week.
heracles3000: why's youtube hating and removing your best vid?!
BelatedCommiseration: Personally...I didn't think Arnie did too badly in end of days in terms of his acting. What spoiled the film is that fact that it just has a bit of a crap plot and Gabriel Byrne is the least threatening, piss poor Satan I have ever seen! The red guy off cow and chicken is scarier! I don't care about Millers crossing or Usual Suspects (both good films in which he does a good job) but when Gabriel Byrne is crap...he's worse than Arnold at his worst (apart from perhaps Hercules in New York...that crap was pretty bad...)
Tiffany Jacobs: how has the case held up?
Sasha Melnikova: Why isnt my lines like that?! My lines is like me using a mouse !!!!
Dabber Dan: how would one keep it clean from oxidization?

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