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Crystal DIY Design: When you opened the pack of hair did you notice like a brown gunky stuff on the weft of the hair?
Lolita Taub: Happy New Year! WOMEN WEDNESDAY. Here's your weekly women empowerment video. http://youtu.be/ITzwYy0_xs0 #women #empowerment #fshow #millennials
ShadowClonefox: ff een vraagje, je moet dus WOW wel eerst gratis downloaden ergens of kopen toch? anders heb je hier niks aan. enig idee waar dat kan?
TheChaseair: Good thing the new coils are so efficient...except of course for the fact that they will leak every 2 yrs
MR.HEART ROCKER: Hard to say. :' )
Mike Pérez: Saint Seiya Omega Capitulo 94 聖闘士星矢Ω - ¡Jabu VS Aegir! ¡Los Caballeros De Acero Alcanzan El Omega!
Mohit S: Motorola Moto E is having Corning Gorilla Glass Protection and Water Proof Coating in the price of 7000/- then why did Google didn't offered same in Android One Phones...!!! 

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