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Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

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Rados Paunovic: Hack squats... sheesh..
OITRetroGaming: @younanproductions Yes, this whole video was done on the N64.
Stefanos Alimatiris: I have the normal headlights with halogen,in BMW E87 ,can i change the headlights with xenon with angel eyes?
alex fer: what is the thing that u install in Y edge scope?
Rich Doherty: Totally getting one!
saifliker4: That's so nice dude thanks a lot for this great video
Bayan1905: I have some of the old Hydrashok ammo (before Federal bought them out), where the headstamp on the case actually says Hydrashok on top and .38 Special on the bottom. They are standard .38 Special rounds, not +P and when I tested them a year or so they expanded great, one bullet I had ended up being .62 when it was all over and kept the weight retention. Not sure if these new bullets are tougher (the ones I have are 30 plus years old) or maybe because the speed, who knows.

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