Cect Triband Sciphone I68+ Huge Price Cut In March 2009. Shipping Worldwide.

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cect triband sciphone i68+ huge price cut in March 2009. Shipping worldwide.
cect triband sciphone i68+ huge price cut in March 2009. Shipping worldwide.
sciphone i68+ 3G latest version august 2009
sciphone i68+ 3G latest version august 2009
Cect i68+   iPhone clone   $180
Cect i68+ iPhone clone $180
CECT P168 AKA iPhone Clone
CECT P168 AKA iPhone Clone
Real CECT a380i review
Real CECT a380i review

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joewizard100: how was it?

LabraInc: these guys have have terrible communication... lol i bought a phone it won't turn on...on their policy it says they will exchange it for a brand new one.... lol but its not true... they keep telling me to charge it again or press the button to turn it on lol....just wait til they see what is coming to them.... I am taking them to court...I'm 100% sure I am gonna win...I just had a lawyer come and take a look at their policies and he guaranteed me, I will win the case...See you in court!!!

ewroo: It's not i68+, it's P168

roey collignon: hii..can some1 tell me how much it costs in USA? thx

yamchong: remove your memory card and try to use memory card reader,try!

explicating: there is no way it works with Verizon. They are CDMA carrier, this phone is GSM. Your description is incorrect.

sapsarii: no sound? i can't hear anything

abdallahraul: hey the pk code is needed when u put the wrong pin in 3 times it comes on the back of the box in which ur sim came hope it helps

Emmet Donnelly: ring up your network and tell them 2 send you the settings 2 go on the internet and get pic messages ask for the nokia setting they ill send it 2 ya save 2 your phone and it should work well it worked for me anyway

Falaserio: Does it runs Mac oS?

chickenman2: haha

sem2006fr: lol

sem2006fr: definitely agree. I just bought that piece of crap, I felt being punked.

chickenman2: can you speak properly?

bitski488: i dunno why...and im not hating on the phone but it just looks like a piece of crap to me, like it seems like some piece of crap phone that the chineese slapped togather when they saw the iphone and tried to copy it for fun. I bet that phone is made extremely cheap and itll probally start fallin apart in less then a year

oxtruongxo: In my profile is a CECT P168 review that I made, check it out. It covers a lot of stuff.

GuardUrGrill: I have this phone, they said it worked with all at&t sims, but when I put my at&t sim card in it, all I got was some No service bullcrap

ken: so, does this phone have wifi? how does the internet work?

LongHuII: it doesn't have itunes lol

laxwork: no no! u don't want a such a phone.. because, ask the people that have it! Poor quality, bad camera (so poor quality). U 'll use often the charger ( why this phones have 2 batteries? ;) ) All cect and some others have the same video player (as is song a168), no need to buy an expansive like this! (for sure he will not allow my commend here) Soon I'll upload a full test for this poor quality korea phones!
cect triband sciphone i68+ huge price cut in March 2009. Shipping worldwide. 5 out of 5

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joewizard100: how was it?
Birat Mandal: what is price in the phone
quang minh duong dinh: can you make video about star build strike gundam rg system?
descenso99: It's simple, Samsung Galaxy s2 is better.
CS: May I ask what's the name of this song, album and artist?
Ali Morrissey: little bird =] by annie lenox
Андрей Лысенко: Спасибо за обзор! Хочу тоже такой набор себе купить.

cect triband sciphone i68+ huge price cut in March 2009. Shipping worldwide.