Cect Triband Sciphone I68+ Huge Price Cut In March 2009. Shipping Worldwide.

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cect triband sciphone i68+ huge price cut in March 2009. Shipping worldwide.
cect triband sciphone i68+ huge price cut in March 2009. Shipping worldwide.
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satorian: Does it runs Mac oS?

ALEKSANDAR989: why it cant be bouht in europe.. freak

laxwork: no no! u don't want a such a phone.. because, ask the people that have it! Poor quality, bad camera (so poor quality). U 'll use often the charger ( why this phones have 2 batteries? ;) ) All cect and some others have the same video player (as is song a168), no need to buy an expansive like this! (for sure he will not allow my commend here) Soon I'll upload a full test for this poor quality korea phones!

mikev0409: nope. it must use a simcard. so it doesn't work with metropcs, for example.

ken meas: so, does this phone have wifi? how does the internet work?

codyyy16: eBay Store: MPLSmobile $159.99 w/ 1GB and Car charger. Will arrive at your house in 2-3 days!!

sem2006fr: definitely agree. I just bought that piece of crap, I felt being punked.

stemcellfilms: i hear theres no wifi?

whi0019: how good is the camera?? hit me back

eatshit88: and can it play your mp3 you upload and use them as ring tones?

mikev0409: why can't i submit?

ewroo: It's not i68+, it's P168

DoctorSensitive: Could I use this with Virgin mobile?

y0utube1973: Generally people who post negative comments about his phone are people who paid too much for the real iphone and are mad that this one can do just the same or even better than the iphone. I knew aguy who bought two and they were excellent. Removable battery? cant beat that.

Fily Oliveira: you can have up to 2gb memory too. This phone doesn't work if you break it. Want to waste 700 euro more on the real one feel free. Even though the chinese do make better technology after all they were the first people to invent touchscreen.

christianherring45: hey man does this thing play music to

wintheyesneedstheno: man your thumbs are very strange...

nitrous9200: Verizon world phones come with SIM cards.

RANOKKIOZ: che merda!

vinnyware1: hi all, i have 2 of these availible for sale in the UK, an excellent phone, msg me for more info.

mikev0409: i bought it off dragonkicks com an received in the mail

chickenman2: haha

mikev0409: i bought it off dragonkicks dot com

roey collignon: hii..can some1 tell me how much it costs in USA? thx

GuardUrGrill: I have this phone, they said it worked with all at&t sims, but when I put my at&t sim card in it, all I got was some No service bullcrap

Muslim112: can u make a vid on how 2 set up internet for tmobile on ifake

mikev0409: yes sure of course it does it supports music play back AND movie. all you need is upgrade the memory card

LabraInc: these guys have have terrible communication... lol i bought a phone it won't turn on...on their policy it says they will exchange it for a brand new one.... lol but its not true... they keep telling me to charge it again or press the button to turn it on lol....just wait til they see what is coming to them.... I am taking them to court...I'm 100% sure I am gonna win...I just had a lawyer come and take a look at their policies and he guaranteed me, I will win the case...See you in court!!!

chickenman2: can you speak properly?

eatshit88: i just bought this phone.. hasnt come yet, im excited, but afraid it wont work.. and all that the dude said my carrier will work with it. i bloody hope so...

bitski488: i dunno why...and im not hating on the phone but it just looks like a piece of crap to me, like it seems like some piece of crap phone that the chineese slapped togather when they saw the iphone and tried to copy it for fun. I bet that phone is made extremely cheap and itll probally start fallin apart in less then a year

yamchong: remove your memory card and try to use memory card reader,try!

L3athaface: lol

playingiphone: For europe, we usually buy from the store online using credit cardand get it shipped via express mail. the latest model is much more advanced and sells for much cheaper.

illegalalienscrimina: thats not a real SciPhone i68+ its a FAKE

ChaosIsStrong: let this be a lesson: Apple can't make money off of just making crap pretty anymore! Other people can make the something just as pretty, sell it for half the price, and sometimes even give the phone even more functionality (DRM free music playback, being able to choose a cell phone carrier for example). I hope these products do come to the US and make US manufacturers realize they can't just keep churning out overpriced crap!

playingiphone: how much did you all buy it for? i think hiphoneshop com has the best price.

jroze345: ok thanks and i didnt know you replied to my message already so i sent you a email so just ignore it, and would u be willing to make a video on the text messaging?

The0utlaw65: i just bout it a day ago so should be getting soon :)

djpatd: mikev0409 awesome vid. i just bought it off ebay. does this phone work with NEXTEL SIM CARDS would you know its really important thanks

raymond2589: can i buy that charger

andrey162000: there is settings for this phone when you choose a network, i have seen atnt network in the list play around with it a bit, as for syncing i dont think this phone does it, the os is either some type of linux or another static fixed locked os

12000186: how can u use diz on verizon wen verizon dnt got sim cardz

dominican93rose: LOL

joewizard100: how was it?

edgar50: do you know where to get usb headphones?

Larry E.: Hi, may i ask if you don't mind where did you purchased the phone. eBay, a site or a link will be helpful:) Thanks again. Larry

mikev0409: well yeah. keyboard entry is easier with the stylus pen instead of finger.

mumu311: lame...

jaradwebb: maybe your incompetant ass didnt know how to use it. after all its a very compex phone
cect triband sciphone i68+ huge price cut in March 2009. Shipping worldwide. 3.7 out of 5

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cect triband sciphone i68+ huge price cut in March 2009. Shipping worldwide.